TV Shows Worth a Peak

Welcome to this post where I rate some TV shows that you may be interested in watching. These were gems of tv shows which I thoroughly enjoyed and wished they lasted longer. I took a chance with these and it paid off. Let’s begin this list!

1)Bates Motel – 100% was worth the chance a few years ago. 5 stars!

2)The Alienist – 100% worth the chance. 5 star series, wanted more!

3) Shameless USA – Love the series, hilarious American tv show. Based on the UK version, but 100% better! 5 stars.

4)Goliath – Excellent legal drama! 5 stars! Story and acting is superb.

5) House of Cards – Watched many years ago, a real tv show that impressed me from the beginning and an addictive story! 5 stars.

There are plenty of others but I am limited the list to 5. Honourable mentions include: The Man in The High Castle which I just started to watch and is so far great. I honestly think Amazon Prime TV shows are better than Netflix, they just have all the elegance once could want, great writing, acting and more.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!

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