World Bee Day

The size of a marble

with the weight of the world

upon their noble shoulders



a healthy planet

It is world bee day. Bees are so important to a humans healthy and varied diet that without them, we’d lose a lot of food that we eat, like apples. They are always being killed off, yet they help to produce 1/3 of our food supply. That is so significant that without them, the world could possibly starve to death. They also provide 1/2 of the worlds fibers, oils and other raw materials. They are lovely to watch and are vibrant and colourful. Bees are also crucial to creating many medicines, and honey itself has a ton of benefits. They don’t just serve humans with a food source either, they provide food for wildlife through their roles on earth. Lastly, bees help prevent soil erosion. Save the planet by saving the bees.

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