New Flesh

Remember it is dawn before you know it


The one born into new flesh

new set of eyes

senses coalescing fiction

beauty in the shimmer of the lake

glint in the ripples

girl, has passed on 

by each folding cotton piece

sticky wax on the finger tips

he has gone to the skies

he returned to look in her eyes

not the same sensation 

mere temptation 

Jewel in my old hands

a glued wheel in the bands

of forthcoming oversight

the racers delightful... dream

a glean on the way to the moon

how much room did one need

to manoeuver his vessel

her wet trestle

dangling fantasist

risen in the misty, night 

Yet new born

mourning for the old being

sunken and rotten

has been forgotten

by his girl and his staff

he had the most delightful riff raff

into the afterlife

but that was before

the echoes had shown him the door

into the light

to make it right

to rejoin Her, tonight.

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