From the thick abyss of rainforests

Reeling in their prey!

Oblong worms and all matter of food

Got to leap that tree, time is moving fast!

*It is International Frog Day! Such lovely and gentle creatures. I love my red eye leaf frogs I got.*

It’s World Frog Day, a day to celebrate these charismatic and photogenic amphibians. This Kermit-like character is a Javan tree frog, whose round, sticky toes help it to manoeuvre around twigs and leaves. Although frogs can live in both warm and cold places, most reside in tropical rainforests like this one.

“Wet environments suit frogs, whose skin is semi-permeable and susceptible to dehydration. There are thousands of species, and they come in a wide variety of colours, with croaks that are unique to their species. This Javan tree frog’s bright hues provide camouflage in the colourful jungle canopy where it lives. And if this smile is anything to go by, life seems to be treating him pretty well. He seems happy enough to pose for a close-up, anyway.”

It wouldn’t be fair to miss this song out, absolutely the most annoying thing at one point in time, also one of the most popular things at the time:

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