T in the Post!

Wow! The postal service really will deliver anything nowadays!

I ordered a brachypelma hamorii (mexican red knee tarantula) online from The Spider Shop as it had a good selection of T’s available and had a good reputation and excellent reviews.

I ordered the tarantula yesterday in the early hours of the morning after perusing for a brazilian black for a few hours and not finding any. Turns out they will be getting some so will probs order one when they come into stock. Anyway, little guy arrived this morning package well and in a little tube. I thought they sent a sling because it was so small. But when the tarantula became visible it was about 5cm and a juvenile. I have no idea if they sent male or female, my preference was female as they live longer.

Wanted a tarantula for a while along with some dart frogs which I’ll be looking at tomorrow. I ordered small black crickets to accompany my order but the store was out of stock so substituted with silent crickets which is absolutely fine with me. It’s food and it was cheap and tasty… joking! Although I might try one later.

I have the little guy in a small plastic tub which I was originally using to keep snakes in when changing tanks. But I have a spare for that. So am using this for the T!

The small hide arrived today which you see in the background. Do not worry she is not that big yet!
She is tiny! So cute, if tarantulas are cute.
This is a bit clearer, using a handheld webcam 😛

As you can see she is tiny. She has a healthy rumpus and when I was unpacking her I was a little nervous but she is a slow moving species unlikely to bite me. *Warning – all tarantulas are venomous, to humans it is not serious unless you are allergic, like a bee sting. It will however kill insects.

I didn’t want to hold her so I just put her straight into the tub when she arrived and she did move a bit but I guess the journey was stressful, she was so tightly packed she wouldn’t have been hurt, that is guaranteed. If you have seen how they pack T’s then you know what I mean.

I need to give the T a name. I haven’t thought of any yet. If you have any suggestions then drop in the comments below. I was thinking of something that would remind me of why I like them, like Aragog! Maybe something more normal like Paladin? What about Mystic H?


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