Autumnal Blues

Blues is good. Jazz? Even better in Autumn.

The autumnal leaves that create a golden orange hue along the cracked pavements of English suburbs.

Photo by Timea Kadar on

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  1. Persistent low mood
  2. Loss of pleasure or interest in normal everyday activities
  3. Irritability
  4. Feelings of despair, guilt or worthlessness
  5. Feeling lethargic, and sleepy during the day?
  6. Sleeping for longer than normal and finding it hard to get up in the morning
  7. Craving carbohydrates (or anything) with potential weight gain?

It’s called seasonal affective disorder. It starts to become noticeable around the beginning of autumn, more so when the days become shorter and colder.

The above symptoms seem a bit extreme. You might just feel run down, not feel like doing some stuff, spending day on sofa or bed and not getting dressed. I don’t know why weight gain is on the list. You might eat more when it gets colder and this is probably more of a biological need in preparation for winter than anything. Feeling ‘low’ can also cause you not to have an appetite. I experience the sleep issues more in autumn and winter. I have a tendency to sleep on the sofa in these months. Not all the time of course, but when I find myself brining my blanket to the sofa at night to watch tv, I know that something is starting to happen and I am getting ready for winter.

My tips for maintaining mental health and fostering personal welfare include:

a. Keep warm

Wrap up warm at night. Wearing adequate clothing in the day, including hats and gloves. Keep that house or apartment warm by turning the heating on. Don’t be afraid to wear socks in bed, nobody cares.

b. Eat what you ******* want

Yeah. Eating more can make you feel better. If you are hungry then eat. It’s cold outside and you want to feel better by indulging in hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken and fries. Good. Maybe you just want to make yourself a hot chocolate with some cinnamon?

c. Enjoy your time inside!

Yes you may sleep more and stay inside more often, but it’s autumn, cold and getting to be near 0 Celsius! It is expected that in cold weather you will stay inside the home more, and that in the autumn and winter seasons you may spend most of your time inside. Use that to create a routine and enjoy the little things! Read, write, paint, watch tv (there is an endless source of entertainment available!) play games, video games, cook, exercise, work, study, blog, take photos… endless.

It wouldn’t be a full circle without this ending.

Das Leben ist das, was du daraus machst, ja?

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