Psychedelic, relaxing music albums.

Good day. Psychedelic wizard is bringing you a short list of very relaxing and spacey/psychedelic albums you may want to sink your teeth into. Many albums are yet to be discovered through the mystical world wide web, so get looking if you need them!

Naxatras – Recommended band. Stumbled on whilst searching for another album a few years ago. Don’t regret listening to these!

2018 album –

Yuri Gagarin – A great gem of a band, fast and melodic, again discovered a few years ago during a lovely hot summer. Sink your ears into them! 2015 album –

My Sleeping Karma – Such original music from this band. 2012 Soma album

Holy Mushroom – 2018 album Moon really blew me away, again brilliant psychedelic rock, progressive and heavy and clean! Listen!

Mantra Machine – Space rock at its most modern, very good but not as strong as other albums.

2014 album –

Thanks for reading and I hope you find an album of interest, or maybe you can find an album from these!

Edit: New 2020 album by Yuri Gagarin – The Outskirts of Reality

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