Cake Is For Fat People

Cake is for those who mistreat their bodies. No one should eat it, because it’s full of fat and sugar. Cake in any form and size is bad. Even sugar free cake is bad because you are still eating the fatty sponge base. What is an alternative?

Drink water, eat vegetables. Heck if cake is so much of an addiction then make vegetable cake. Don’t buy cakes from any supermarkets or shops because they are loaded with additives and preservatives and chemicals with weird names. Saturated fat is high along with the hydrogenated fat that lurks within. Having cake even on special occasions is bad for you. People reading this will still eat it, and I don’t care because I won’t be. It’s as bad as smoking and drinking alcohol. The benefits are zero.

Do you want diabetes as the result of high blood sugar? Or high blood pressure or heart disease from the fat? I didn’t think so. Then again, the cake is one of those things that even gets given to kids. Yes, kids are scoffing the lot down on birthdays and Christmas and any chance they get. Today the epidemic problem of overweight people and obese people is really worrying. Why eat cake when you no it’s addictive? It’s addictive because of the sugar and fat and that makes you feel good.

Don’t risk your life for a cake, munch on the vegetables…for the love of god! rosewater-raspberry-sponge-cake




12 thoughts on “Cake Is For Fat People

  1. Dude, People know cake is bad, and also, if you only eat it rarely and your diet is all ready well balance, then it’s okay to have it sometime. And people eat cake to celebrate with friends. Eating cake every day is bad, but if you have it rarely you will be fine.


      1. What if you only eat cake once a year, and your diet is clean, and your exercise is great. Would you become “Fat” as you call it. And also the way you used fat is quite rude. Some people have “Fat” body as their body type, and it’s isn’t their fault.


      2. It’s bad in any amount, read the post properly before commenting. I didn’t say anything about becoming fat in the post, you have misread it again. I can use fat however I like it, it’s my post.


      1. There is the problem! Restaurants, Grocers, Supermarkets! Such a high majority of the food we buy contains additives and preservatives! Even food that we grow at home ourselves are contaminated by pesticides and smog fumes from the air! We can’t even breathe without consuming fumes!

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