New Year Story Coming to You

Aside from having a list of work in progress I need to finish I also have stories that are waiting to be unleashed on the world.

I have of course got Beach Town: Survivors [Part II] which is being edited as we speak. So it’s on the horizon. Hopefully it’s worth the wait for those who will buy/download it.

Next on the list is the surprise new story. Coming under many categories or genres although horror in nature. It’s a mix of; zombies, military, war, science, alternate history and politics. It’s spanning five decades although the majority will happen in present day Britain. It’s called Battle of the Zombies at the moment and I can’t think of more to say other than looking forward to showing you all

Fist Fighting the Undead (Cont.)

Welcome to this short story post. I decided to start a story on Medium to give me something to write on that platform. It really will be a short story. I don’t usually write in first person but oh well. I am also letting you go to read the first part by clicking the link at the end of this post. Hope you enjoy. This is an ongoing story.

The foul stench of death breezes under my nose and the woman cradles my torso. Lingering fear slips beneath my shallow breath and tickles my throat. “We fight to the death,” I add. She sits up and slumps her head on her hand and gazes into my eyes. I feel the doubt creep into my mind. We should fight, and we must. But the nameless wanderer like me, had that pale look of desperation and weakness.

“I can’t fight, I’m too weak,” she says, her thick European accent is hard to figure out, could be French. I was not in the mood to ponder such thoughts so I just glared back hoping she’d go to sleep. But sleep was not easy, wolves howled, seemingly closer than before, and seemingly in larger numbers.

“Don’t worry, we will be okay.” She lays back down and huffs. I know I can’t keep myself from worrying and have to open the tent netting. The fresh cool air brushes my face and the smell of mildew is already filling the fields. There is nothing to see and nothing to do but wait. Sunrise was many hours away, and they’d have to endure the isolation just a little longer. But no, through the thick black and slivers of moonlight I see not one but several corpses sway toward us. I go to move, and the stench creeps around the tent and claws inside…

Read the first part on Medium now 👇 All feedback is welcomed. Criticism is welcomed. Fist Fighting the Undead (Cont.)

Find the back cover and blurb for the upcoming novella – Beach Town: Survivors – due for release over the summer period (aiming for August latest).

Beach Town: Hope OUT NOW

My author website is not garnering enough attention so I brought the sequel to Beach Town: Apocalypse here for you!

I hope you like the cover, blurb and hopefully the story! A crackingly frightening read, truly! No stops to this action packed adventure!

They’ve Come So Far

Harry escaped with James,

and then the danger increased,

rain became storms became floods,

awash with blood and death,

the corpses they clawed and scratched and turned that town upside down,

but a small group continues, fortified,

they defend and struggle until one day,

supernatural forces gather to destroy them,

from inside out they will crumble,

but fear not, there is hope.


(This is a poem based on my second Beach Town Novel which will be edited shortly! Hopefully released for summer but possible around September) Get Beach Town: Apocalypse @ Amazon, free on kindle currently!



The Walking Dead: Descent – Book Review


Wow what utter garbage. Overly written if anything. I am a fan of the walking dead, but this book, just wow, give me a break. I’ll try to balance the pros and cons, but after reading it, I feel robbed and I got the book in a charitable shop!

A promising book cover, the title The Walking Dead: Descent and an intriguing blurb. As a reader and writer, when I come across series, I want to be able to jump in any book and be aware of the surroundings and situation, be able to connect with characters in a standalone story. This book was not a standalone, and felt like a filler, sealing the gap with fiction and television. The world of Woodbury, firstly had little to no description and so many characters I could not keep up, nor could I visualise who they were. The writing, the actual words…constructed in breath taking length and descriptions. The length of the book could have been halved if the author hadn’t rambled on and spent half the book getting to the presumed plot.

There is no plot as far as I am aware. (SPOILERS) a large horde and maniacal cult? They are no plot material, rather, side plots that could have been used alongside something else. As I said, half the book is spent talking about supply runs with no meaning and characters who sit around doing nothing. The text was small and a struggle to read as well. One character, Bob, was probably the most interesting person, even surpassing the protagonist, Lilly. Lilly does some very stupid, unexplained things, and we as readers will not know more than she takes pills. I skimmed the last thirty pages as the book really did ramble on

I want to say something positive about it. The location, Woodbury, could have been used much better than it was. A fantastic opportunity to explore the realms of it. I could not visualise past the race track gardens? If that is what they were. This novel is overly big, uses too many words, has a boring idea of a plot (an overused plot device of a cult) and drags on and on and on. It really seems like a novel that is feeding off the popularity of the show and as such, is written poorly with the intention of making money. The book is not a worthy of being in a series or standalone as it serves only one purpose: to latch onto the walking dead and hope that young people see past the faults so it can make money.

I see right through your money making scams: Overall score: 1/5