Dead Island (2011) Ryder White Campaign

I decided to turn my Xbox one on the other day as I hadn’t played it for a while, and fearing that I’d be swept into the abyss that is nostalgia, I riskily loaded up the downloaded version of Dead Island: Definitive Edition. I enjoyed playing it originally on the Xbox 360 back in 2011 and onward, and spent many hours replaying it because a) it is a huge game both in scale and storyline b) I loved it. You don’t find games like this, with the exception of Dying Light, anymore. Both Dead Island and Dying Light were created by Techland, although some might argue Dead Island was a split effort.

When I got the Xbox one in 2017 and played Dying Light, my 3rd game on that console, I was immediately impressed. However it didn’t have the glitz and glamour of the luxurious tropical island that we saw in Dead Island. When the campaign in Dead Island was over I was keen to explore more, so went and bought Dead Island Riptide I think sometime late 2017, but am not sure. I enjoyed it. The other day however, I found that the ultimate edition includes the Ryder White campaign which was a great surprise for me! I don’t remember playing this but recall watching YouTube videos. So I began to play.

Anyone familiar with the game will know the island is split into big sections, all accessed as individual segments, and all massive. Ryder White campaign started in the run down slums of the city of Moresby. The storyline so far has been more military focused with more guns which is great. Don’t go dump on the graphics based on the below picture. The game still stands up as being well made, great graphic, storyline, and characters. You know, this is what gaming should be. I think it is time I go and buy the new Dying Light 2, since Dead Island 2 never materialised and the trailer released in 2014… FML.

A part of me doesn’t want to go back on the console, since it just brings me to a state of mind where I feel good. That might sound strange, but if I nurture that, then I’ll be on it as a result because I feel good. You feel me? Yes. I try to keep gaming in the evening so that I am not stuck on it all day. I think my childhood game days are long gone, so are the gaming days of my early 20s, which I don’t regret. They never took up that much time anyway. Always at night!

After the disappointment that was Back 4 Blood, which I couldn’t be bothered to go back and play since December (not kidding) I don’t think I’ll review it either, I’ll probs rest my feeble hopes on Dying Light 2 after the surprise campaign on Dead Island. If I knew how I’d upload myself playing… but I don’t!

Resident Evil: Biohazard

One of the most horrifying, brilliant and intriguing games of the 21st century. The sequel, resident evil: village, number 8 in the series, has just released.

Resident evil 7: Biohazard was released 24th January 2017. I had seen many videos at the time, and waited until around June 2018 to buy and play it. An unforgettable first person survival horror video game that is in my opinion, one of the best resident evil games ever made and the best survival horror game I have ever played in the last 10 years. 2017 was a great year for this type of experience, with only Outlast 2 rivalling the success.

“The player controls Ethan Winters as he searches for his wife in a derelict plantation occupied by an infected family, solving puzzles and fighting enemies. It is the first main series game to use a first-person view. Resident Evil 7 is the first full-length game to use Capcom’s in-house RE Engine. “

Graphically this game is top notch, the re engine really stands out and is unique in so many way. It actually pays attention to details and the environment and characters movements and interactions are stunningly realistic. Sound effects and music are generally used to good affect as well.

I completed the game in a little over 10 hours. According to my save game data. I have also just started to play it again, so that the story is fresh in my mind for when I get a chance to play Resident Evil: Village. The stories of the two games are intrinsically linked.

So, here we have a simple premise: husband goes looking for wife who has been missing 3 years. She has sent a recording to his computer supposedly stating she is alive. Ethan is determined to rescue Mia and sets off to a beautiful Louisiana. We get a brief cutscene at the beginning of the game highlighting the vast empty wilderness that Ethan is trekking into. Personally, I love this kind of setting and wouldn’t mind living there myself.

Ethan turns up at a huge plantation mansion, which at first appears one building, but as you progress you quickly realise that the sets and the game are taking place in multiple building and massive gaming areas. They are linked together in a way that would allow you to explore multiple areas without having to ‘load’ into them. Again, this is the resident evil team, they have the money to build massive, detailed worlds, yet still retain that claustrophobic nightmare of not being able to leave. You can’t leave, and the only way to truly escape seems to be to rescue Mia and kill the entirety of the psychotic and infected Baker family.

Infected with what? Mystery abound as the first hour of gameplay is simple jump scares and some fighting. It is only when the mold creatures turn up that I truly began to feel fear. I mean the family is scary and the characters brilliantly acted and designed…but when you are in a dark room and mold creatures are morphing through walls I guarantee that you won’t be able to run quick enough. Another scary feature of this game, you can run, but extremely slowly, barely being able to escape. This is by design, and makes the game a survival horror, where stealth, patience and a little brain work to figure out the puzzles is required.

Inventory management is the best I have seen in the resident evil games. Some original concepts remain, like the herb healing plant and the ability to combine objects together. Ammunition is in good supply (normal mode) along with a variety of keys and puzzles that make completing some of the smaller objectives fun and interesting, rather than running around shooting everything.

The game is essential a movie, you meet the psychotic family members and one by one you face them off and destroy – or attempt to destroy them. I spent a lot of time trying to kill the first “boss” Jack Baker. A seemingly immortal man who continues to return during your early time in the house. All the time we are getting information from his daughter Zoe, who seems to be wanting to help Ethan by way of irregular telephone calls. Mia, on the other hand, continues to show up whilst the Baker family continue to try and keep her hostage.

The story and game have you complete mini tasks and work through the story finding Mia, getting help from Zoe and all the while wondering who the enigmatic Evelyn is. The Baker family provide the bosses, as mentioned Jack Baker is the first “boss” and one that just doesn’t want to die, with 2 fights against him plus plenty of chase time in the house. The closer you get to Mia, the more tasks appear, and again, the boss fight.

All of this culminates into a fascinating gaming experience which allows the player to experience true fear and excitement as they battle and sneak their way through one of the most disturbing games I have ever seen! When you are against a giant spider lady who is giving birth to giant insects, you can’t help but think, ‘God help me.’

So, Ethan, trying to rescue Mia, is being drawn further into the story of Evelyn, the mold creatures and the whole situation with the Baker family. This is one hell of a creepy experience. The developers acknowledge that this game is petrifying and have openly stated that resident evil: village has been toned down, to allow people to get through the levels without ******** themselves.

I felt a sense of achievement and connection to both Ethan and the game. I wanted him to succeed and for the story to end on a positive note. He is a brave mane. The ending, extremely bizarre. All the dark sets, boss battles and shaking hands have led to a final mission to finally escape. Escape is not easy.

Give this game a try. Bonus: This game supports virtual reality headsets! I will be honest, I was terrified with a headset, so no chance will I be doing VR!

The second playthrough has reminded me has awesome this experience was. I bought the game second hand and I do not regret it. The developers and everyone involved deserve a pat on the back for this occult(ish) nightmare!

( I am genuinely interested in Resident Evil: Village for the xbox one, however, I won’t be playing it until it has gone down in price.)

RATING: 5 stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4, Xbox one game review.

“Dead Rising 4 is an action-adventure video game developed by Capcom Vancouver and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One. It is the fourth installment in the Dead Rising series. It was announced at Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference on June 13, 2016. It features the return of Frank West, and is set in a Christmas-themed Willamette, Colorado. Released on 6th December 2016.”

7/10 from Gamespot & 74 from Metacritic. Trailer:

I bought this game in April 2019, last year. I played and completed the game within a week, not kidding. I spent a lot of time on it, working through the missions, without really exploring the map, any challenges or special locations. What I experienced was a fun, stay-at-home game that I overall enjoyed. It is a return for character Frank and the idea to set the game at Christmas with snow was really good, and added a lovable dimension to the theme, not seen before in any other zombie games.

It was however a short campaign and after completing it, I went back to the game for a few more weeks and then didn’t touch it again. I am however going to play it later on, briefly. The lack of missions and short game play really disappointed me. But, there were no cases with timelines and the save system worked well (compared to the original Dead Rising). This addition felt like it lacked substance, and ultimately you are left with a game in which you endlessly make weapons, kill zombies and then…repeat until you get bored.

Graphically the play through was solid, with one or two glitches in the game that were fairly easy to tolerate. Frank has a different look, is more cocky than ever and can take selfies with his camera – a welcome addition. The return to Willamette was fun, being able to explore the whole town this time, even if it is a small place. I just hope that the next game – Dead Rising 5 – brings us to a new, long campaigned, less mindless zombie killing fun.

Highlights of the game – Great vehicles, weapon combos, fun voice acting, interesting locations and graphics.

Downsides – Repetitive, short campaign, too many zombies, need to use multiplayer to really have fun.

I think the game tries too hard, working and thriving in few areas instead of overall. If the game was longer, bigger and less about mind numbing zombie slaughter, then I think I’d recommend it to fans of the first.

My Score: 3.5 / 5





Fancy an extreme zombie survival experience, looking for a game with good weapons and realistic play? Look no further than Zombi, an extremely well made horror game that gives a hard line approach to life after the apocalypse.

You begin the game, lost in London and directed by a survivalist known as the prepper, a man on the other end of a radio guiding and keeping you safe throughout. The very first moment the game loads up you know you are in for a ride. You can select normal or chicken mode or hard mode. In hard mode you cannot come back once you die, in the other modes you can, and each time you re spawn as a new character. That could be a police man, an office manager, a plumber, a seemingly endless amount of characters actually makes you bond with yours, as I did, I didn’t want my super personal character to die! After completing the game I attempted numerous times to survive on hard mode, with disastrous results. I got very far into the game and then bang, killed. Take the advice and play normal or chicken just to adapt to the very harsh reality of the game, that it is extremely difficult.

Once you have played the brief introduction and escaped the zombies and run to the safe house, you will be established and ready. The prepper, who set up the base in the London tube station, tells you to fix the electric and gather your only guaranteed weapon, a baseball bat and collect your bug out bag, coming in varying sizes throughout the game. Already the realism is insane, stuck in a tub station, with a small bed and a crate which you can store things and CCTV monitors which guide you to your new mission.

Anyone expecting fantastic graphics and insane melee combat shouldn’t play the game with high expectations in those areas. The constant hitting with the baseball bat becomes annoying but also adds to the tension. Instead, to bring the fun out in London, try looting and scanning with your pad to find pistols, rifles and automatic weapons, but be wary, ammo is sacred.

Close combat is a no no, the game is always going to win when you run into a group of 3 or more zombies with nothing more than a nearly empty pistol and no chocolate bar or med kit. The zombies are ridiculously strong and can kill you in two to three hits if not careful. This makes it a game which requires a careful approach, a planned one.

Missions are better than I expected and scary. They take part in the back streets of London to the well known locations such as Buckingham palace and Tower of London. Getting there is no easy task, keep it light and only carry the bare minimum when travelling long distances. If you are lucky you can find a sewer entrance and fast travel back to base if you get surrounded, don’t rely on this or safe houses however, because the zombies are faster than you think. Survivors are very few and extremely rare, they only appear in the actual missions themselves and make it feel like the world really has ended. After all, what is the apocalypse if it is full of people? Instead, these people have goals and missions and aren’t wandering without purpose as is the case in many other games.

As the game progresses and you unlock more weapons, some of the killing gets easier, some of the travelling gets easier especially as you scan more remote CCTV boxes, which are linked to your safe house monitors. During the game, there are notes, there are recording and other collectibles which themselves hide a story and revelations.

It’s difficult and it’s annoying when you keep dying and coming back as a new character, but that is also a driving force. It is realistic and extremely tense. The lighting is dark throughout and in some areas you cannot see at all without your limited battery torch. All these things make it a fun and re-playable game. I will go back to it because the atmosphere and story line are brilliant.

This game is worth 4/5


The Walking Dead 2018

The Walking Dead, a series that has been crying out for a decent playable game on the Xbox and PS4 is finally getting that. Having just heard myself, I checked out the website above and indeed it seems a brilliant game may be here sooner than anticipated.

It can only be speculation for now, but I would like to see a game that has a unique take and unique characters. It is set in Washington DC, that conjures up images of vast city streets paved with zombies and fortified white houses.

Weapons should hopefully include things like rifles and perhaps explosives.

This is a brief post as I am hoping people can comment and shed some light on the development of this game. It is certainly one I look forward to. Although the trailer has some superb graphics, there will always be a downgrade for the game itself, so don’t expect it like that, but expect it better than the previous attempts such as the Telltale series, which lacked considerable any sort of play ability.

Dying Light

An Xbox one game, especially the zombie type, should be awe inspiring and never ending in the games ability to let you kill zombies however you want. After a long look at previous games, endless hours of game play and a few months to dwell on it, I have come to the conclusion that Dying Light on Xbox One, is the best zombie game made up to now for the console and possible the best ever, unless of course they bring a sequel out, which fans would certainly be interested in.

From the very beginning this game shows off an impressive visual and highly detailed graphics system. It was very detailed and there were, at least when I looked, no glitches or bugs that affected it visually. It flowed well, frame rate was and is still very stable for a fast paced game. It is open world, it is up to the player to complete the missions or explore. There are hours of game play in the well thought out and long campaign, which sees players battling Rais and his men. Or endless hours exploring and completing side quests and challenges. However, when you complete the story mode, you still have the option to play open world after, which really makes this game brilliant and different from other zombie games. There are additional bounties to complete and many more challenges and random strangers to meet, all the while wielding almost anything you want to.

Weapon customisation is by far the most impressive element, it further develops on the customisation available in other games by allowing multiple combinations and upgrades to achieve a truly bad ass weapon. Try electrifying a sword and adding acid to it, oh, and throw in extra damage and you have yourself a decapitating machine. A downside is that weapons can be fixed a limited number of times and once repaired to the max, will eventually break and then it’s time to scavenge for new parts to build another. Just the mere act of looting for parts to build a weapon is a driving force in the game.

The zombies, okay, now the slow moving zombies are brilliant and you can easily get overrun if you don’t look carefully. Then there are a nice mixture of fast moving, running and even sprinting zombies which add nicely to the intense horror. One word of caution, at night, these beasts become terrifying and there are the nighttime creatures which are capable of jumping building to building, so beware.

The map Slums, is big, there are plenty of buildings to enjoy the free running element on, and enough room that you could spend hours exploring and then do the same on the second map, the Old Town. The developers did the right thing by incorporating two maps, and personally I enjoyed the landscape and architecture within both. The NPCs make it more personal, each safe zone usually has someone there and in the bigger bases you will find people going about their post apocalyptic lives. It adds to the sense of survival and realism. They could have added more missions after the campaign that focused on resource gathering for these groups, which would have made it seem like they actually needed things.

Great game, intense free running, big maps and loads of customisations and zombies make the replay ability of it comparable to Left 4 Dead.

Overall: 4.5/5