Tidy Box

In the beginning there was nothing
Now there is everything
Rich elitist's in space
Poor people struggling for livable space
Those cold calculated smiles on the bankers face

Shut up!

Stuffed into the box
Straying from the path
Halt! 20mph!
Between the lines
Between the lies
Colouring your mesmerising denial
In paper standard
To inflation
And you need to be thick
Get off your **** and work...


Saying the word to live another day, 
under your wing trying to find my way,
really, really hard fighting another day, 
very angry and sad, 
in this post-apocalyptic land, 
very sandy under my boots, 
and there you are, waiting for me to jump through hoops, 
living in this undead world.

This Lie

"But, I thought you only told the truth?"
"And I thought you could see my lies."

This lie,
growing lie,
deeper into the great divide,
not many could thrive,
through this life,
this lie,
everybody has their own disguise,
brutal washed up denial,
spin the lucky wheel dial,
this way,
that day,
your last say,
could be heard by the game sayers,
depressing nay sayers,
eating those words splitting us into two pieces,
time to pick up the pieces,
let go of this lie.


She struggled to find happiness in her life. She wouldn’t leave her home for weeks at a time, and when she did, she’d walk alone. Her life hit a wall, and she took a step back, faced herself in the mirror, and braced for change. She took a leap of faith, not to let fear rule her life.

She is anonymous> labelled X. X has been changing for a month, and in that month she has made a lot of connections, and met new friends. She’s had my help the entire time, she has been leaning on God for the courage to change and to do it her way.

She sits at the window and quietly thinks,
"Oh, what a life I am missing out on!"
No amount of television,
no amount of cursed days inside,
she has to get out of her own way,
the birds in the trees,
the jasper on the iron,
she sees the light.

Her hand guided by fate,
her heart torn by withering faith,
past the gate, a thousand pains,
leads the way,
out of the stone,
into the sea,
a droplet of water to you or me.

Eyes in the sky, to you or I.
an out of body experience, to thy,
her humble journey of self resentment,
our noble ambition to help her find her way.

At first, the lights are too bright,
at first, she is tempted not to start this fight,
alas, the fear has passed,
she's merely setting foot on the grass,
now she focuses on the day long passed,
as she faces the moon of the light of her candle bright.

Figure: "Fear, fear is a tool, not to be messed with."
She: "I have no courage, to change the day."
Guide: "Surely, as the sun rises in the sky, 
it must set again, leaving us in darkness. 
Surely, as the night meets the day, the sun will rise once again."

Let those reptilian thoughts melt into a pool of regrets,
get every single one out of that magical head,
decide not to live in mirage of dread,
your life is just beginning.

Guide: "Whatever awaits the end of this dark and lonesome path, 
will surely have you coming back. Your heart is a thousand soldiers marching through battle, likely you'll feel heavy metal.
"The journey is done, all the evil is gone. 
A sad day, a rainy night, no more cold lights inside your mind. 
You cease the day to embrace the moment, you see it through to the bitter end, coming at every sunrise...back once again."

A heart so cold, turned to gold,
your closed cabinet, open book,
a tainted thought turned into gemstone,
a twisted mind forced to look inside,
with each beaded sweat...
with each falling heartbeat...
every drop of blood...
every lonesome soul...
each pervaded goal...
each and every gasped breath...
your struggling steps...
the sunset...
the nightfall...
a coined tilted all heads...
once barely able to get out of bed...
every bitter end...
latched onto a better way...



Unstoppable momentum,
the world spins faster and faster...
...we go round and round,
till time cease and we void our debts.

A sea of creations,
in the bubble of space,
singing humane race,
of beings,

A creation of constructs,
constructed to others liking,
obey and survive,
don't bother to find out what awaits inside. 

In the burning bush, Moses guides the flock,
"Therefore I tell you, 
do not worry about your life, 
what you will eat or drink; 
or about your body, what you will wear. 
Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?"

Is it ever more than money?
past the ends of our vision,
lay endless stream of consciousness,
needing their creative way into our existence.

Creations in a time of hurt and pain,
constructs in a time of greed and gain,
imagination at a time of reign.

The Wizard is Purple

Have the courage to change,
and the faith to do it your way.

A lost light,
a lingering thought,
a fleeting hope,
the sounds of your laughter.

Torn from heaven and cast down to earth,
fallen from grace,
the path is narrow,
the veil thin,
like a river running into the ocean,
let yourself go,
forgive yourself.

Purple heart,
golden aura,
faith sheild,
sword of spirit,
a world away.

Shared dreams,
vivid connections,
dancing rainbows,
and groomed stables,
becoming untoward...

You are only as dark as your emotions,
and as light as your courage,
so pummel onward,
forgo the pitstops,
slow down, 
look around,
it's all a numbers game anyway.

Have the wisdom to embrace the day,
the intuition to face it your way,
and the deity recall your breath. 


A sea is a sea just as a boat is a boat,

and that boat rides the sea,

and the sea cushions each blow,

a few hundred men hungry and ready to go,

to sea,

being all they can be,

that adventure into the boundless waves,

enough to lighten any pirate day,

of course the sea hasn’t always been this way,

but then again…neither have they.

Drop of Blood

Every drop of blood, 
every sworded stone, 
rose on your cairn,
flop at your door.

Earnest man, cometh seek some more,
cometh the hour of your drop of blood,
a stern faced earl,
laced with laces of gold,
buckets of mold have been left out in the cold. 

And with every drop of blood,
muddies the waters flowing over that ravine,
your brave-less heart,
faceless warrior,
drowning beneath mottled waves.

A languished fairy tale,
tales of evil dragons and fearless wizards,
a kids book full of pictures,
hit and miss.


Six hour workout,
needless energy,
slipping away,
chastised into cakes.

Every drop of blood that leaketh,
my mouth speaketh,
those magic words,
a torn fantastical path,
eucalyptus hath,
spread its translucent wings upon my gaze.

Dreading every pinch of your wrath,
torn beaten path,
every drop of blood lost,
every drop of blood gained,
a reminder each and every day,
we were set in stone your way.

Pleased to meet you,
for every drop of blood coagulates,
every dry spring fills the sky,
your mouth,
awakens you and I,
in every drop of blood.

Pastel Daze

Pastel daze,
lovely hot summer days,
mysterious gaze,
of a thousand waves.

Superficial emotions,
dragging you down to the bottom of the ocean,
losing all emotion,
in the sea.

Overwhelmed, afraid, 
braving each and every day,
dying to see what you've made.

Hot summer glow,
not how I expected it to go,
for it is all a show,
and nobody really knows.

Pastel daze,
see your life wasting away,
content to sit and fight another day,
who knows?
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Your Eyes

Your eyes,
your touch,
your touch you said would last a lifetime,
your eyes gazed into mine for the longest of times.

Twas high on cloud nine,
sipping wine, wondering why,
your gaze lasted a lifetime.

Past memories are slipping dreadfully into a black goo,
the thought of losing all of you,
it was a crushing guess who,
those dwindled fantasies of mine.

Your eyes were as fire in the sky,
as sea green gems to waters past,
as a bucket of hurt and regret that caressed your deceitful blast,
into my heart.

Each verse an axe,
driving its bladed way into my back,
with every step dying to look back,
toward an empty sack of coal.

Twisted lies see a thousand eyes,
all waiting for the end surprise,
casting your blazing gazes along those lines,
thoroughly revering your blind disguise. 

Although you're hurting an afraid, you are stronger than yesterday.