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This can be just like living in paradise

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Overview New Twitter (Online) (Worse?)

Now that Elon Musk has bought Twitter there has been a number of new things implemented into the online social platform.

One of those is the introduction of the blue tick or – a monetised account which you have to pay for. That is coming to a grand total of £1,000 a month for business.

As the saying goes if you want to make money you need to spend money. Not always. In this case the platform is prioritising its blue tick member in return for a lump sum each month and shunning, or burying all other users under the algorithm. This translates to regular users not being able to connect in the way they’d originally hoped for.

It leads to dysconnectivity as we have seen. Paid users are at the top with the most viewed content and other people, businesses, and creatives alike are at the bottom. Implementing the paid membership is a good idea if you want to be super in demand, but most people just want to expand their social media reach.

I write this to draw your attention to alternative methods such as general email marketing and engagement with business users. This includes the writing community. I do not feel the changes were justified given the lack of support. However, they have been brought in to the site.

In the world of blockchain and NFT we will see more of this digital monetisation. WordPress uses this feature, whereby users pay for premium accounts in return for ads, which will hopefully generate income. However this is not a lot of money. Twitter on the other hand doesn’t need the money and trying to make it into a paid subscription service has thus far led to backlash. If we wanted someone to promote us for money then we’d surely do it ourselves. But we don’t.

Just a glimpse at the issue are the reviews. You need to use the platform and have used it for considerable time for it to make sense. If you join now you won’t have seen the changes, including the ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ tab.

Adventures and New Story Coming Soon

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by to read my blog post. I’ve not been posting here that much but hopefully you’ll be understanding as to why.

Despite being spring England isn’t, or doesn’t feel like it. Yes the flowers have bloomed and the trees and green again but it is still very cold. I hope this incoming heatwave will change things.

I’m still writing and as promised Survivors Part ii will come out sometime this spring. Hopefully soon. You can sneak peak the cover below.👇🌟 The story takes place in the woodlands of the town. There’s some radio action, lots of zombie fighting and personal conflicts. People are quite grumpy considering the end of the world has left them stuck in the town. The undead threat is twice as bad as it was last week.

The cover has a dark bluish feel and uses a font that resembled new paper cutouts. I don’t know when it will be out but expect it soon. If you are looking forward to this let me know.

I’m also working on other stories. I’ve written a few including a novel although I don’t publish everything so who knows if they’ll ever be available from online stores.

I’m trying to innovate and create interesting characters at the moment.

All the best.

Part i – available on KU and currently on a free ebook promotion. Check it out below. To claim your free ebook simply download from the link.

Banned Brands in Russia – Does It Even Matter?

Swiss cheese, British cheese, Italian wines, French wines, German sausage, Coke, Xbox and Playstation, Hollywood blockbuster movies…

Those are a few of the things that have been banned in Russia. Or, to be more specific, the things that the west has banned from being sent to Russia. Let’s not reason that VPN exists though, which means that Russians can still in fact watch new movies. Also they can still play their console games.

But, they will have to go without the Coke and Sprite, and without McDonalds. Although Russia, being the big industrialised country that it is, has created a new brand of McDs called Vkusno i tochka. Selling replacement foods that are quite similar to the predecessor. The Tasty burger – and I admire the simplicity of the new branding – has received very good reviews.

No longer reliant on the west, Russia is sourcing all its products and some from neighbouring countries for the new franchise. They have saved significant sums of money and are making tons in the process. The restrictions and brand bans have for the most part been absolutely useless.

They have their own colas too, and brands of vodka. Not to mention production and manufacturing are in fact taking place in Russia for a large amount of things, including; bread, meat, dairy, clothes, music, film, fruit and vegetables, vodka, and a whole lot of others.

Does it matter that they were excluded form luxury – overpriced – brands? No. And to be frank I applaud them. They have one of the fastest growing economies in the world. They have such a massive production that western countries look like ants compared to them. They do it themselves, and make a lot of money in the process.

One final thought, more like a fact, is that products in Russia are still cheaper than the UK or America! Take a look at some of these comparisons! The UK price is on the left and the Russian on the right. You can also see the percentage difference!

McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)6.00 £
(599.65 руб)
4.00 £
(400.00 руб)
     -33.3 %
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle)1.49 £
(148.47 руб)
0.69 £
(69.14 руб)
     -53.4 %
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)1.04 £
(103.98 руб)
0.46 £
(45.74 руб)
     -56.0 %
Potato (1kg)1.07 £
(107.11 руб)
0.52 £
(51.89 руб)
     -51.6 %
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment197.75 £
(19,763.81 руб)
79.96 £
(7,991.81 руб)
     -59.6 %

Ladies and gentlemen, it might come as a shock to know that the only countries that are suffering from the price crisis and inflation seem to be the west of Europe, UK and America. Russia is a thriving economy and has surpassed the UK in every respect. You can get an apartment in a city centre for a 1/3 of the price of a UK equivalent!

So, what do you think? Drop a comment below. Thanks for reading.


Night is young

Embark on the causal subways of the times

Shadows dance

Figures elongated in mind

Seeking, preying

Finding the bait

Dear demon

I can't negate

Your hate

Distant screams of a broken future

Cries that cannot be found

Your all around

Yet we search for escape

And find no exit door

Daily Life

Our life

written in ink

on the walls

of the divide

never felt so strongly

as we push as one

against a tide

filled with sharks

I know daily life is hard at the moment for many. I see it everywhere in online posts, in real life and through my own experiences. Hopefully my site is a glimmer of light in the dark. With everything going on you’d think that the people in charge might try to ameliorate the situation. The truth is they don’t care and never will. You are on your own. Life is yours to enjoy. Don’t hold onto false promises

Plan to begin anew. Try to live the best you can and be happy. If you focus on the positive you will be happy. I hope you can see the good in your life. I enjoy writing so I do that to make me feel better. I like to share that with the world sometimes. I have hobbies. There’s something uplifting about being content in your own world.

Working on the you will help the world be a better place. Start to be the change you want to see. Good brings good. If we can be happy and content then the children of today will grow up knowing what truly matters. Love is free and there is no end to its supply. Light and dark are two ancient enemies yet are interconnected. We are the light in the dark. Your spirit lifts the world and others in it.

Without you, there is nothing.

Photo Drop! Day outing.

Some of you may recognise the waterfall above. I returned to Cheshire today to take some more photos. Considerably more busy than last week although still worth it. I bought a tea at the café. Bonus points for those who can guess where I went.

Notice the old gas street lights still in place in the park. I have been to other parks with considerably more of them. I’m hoping to go to Liverpool docks at some point but am not particularly fond of the idea of travelling there. I’d like to try to visit the very high Kinder Scout reserve again as there is some wonderful spots to take photos.

The top photo is of the woodland off the beaten track which no doubt you could walk through however I haven’t seen anyone do so!

What Bores You?

What bores you?

WordPress Prompt

Notice the question structure. What bores you? I am definitely not one to get bored easily however I can narrow the list down to a few things:

  1. Any discussion about politics or the current economic state
  2. Conversations or news about people being underpaid
  3. Talk of war, violence, racism and any other current political or social issue
  4. Being in the car for more than 2 hours on a drive
  5. Being stuck somewhere you don’t want to be – which makes me bored of the situation

Aside from that I don’t tend to bore myself. I do a lot of interesting things and have many hobbies.

Now, over to you!