A Hike

It is such a hot and sunny day today. In the English countryside. I have managed about 6 miles. It is packed with visitors and locals alike.

Adventure grown

What did I buy on my walk to the shops?

What did I buy on my walk to the shops?

It was throwing it down with hail, as I sat at my desk reading emails, and fondly gazing into the thick stones. But, they lasted a mere few minutes. Enough time to prompt me to go out. It was fairly busy considering the miserable weather.

Cafes were open today as well and bustling with non-mask wearing peeps. I have black joggers, blue trainers, a dark black dragon shirt, a black hoodie and black cap. So, it must be me when I say I don’t like to stand out…

I entered town where more people were bustling and making ways to shops and buying the usual non-essentials, because let’s face it we need more junk in the world. My sole aim? To buy some more essential oils from a particular health and wellness store, which supplies supplements, specialised foods, oils, some magazines and lots of protein for body builders!

Purchases made at the shop: activated charcoal tablets, Tisserand rosemary organic essential oil, Tisserand organic peppermin oil and Tisserand organic lemon oil. This is to supplement the 3 oils I bought yesterday from the pharmacy (lavender, eucalyptus and orange).

Rosemary essential oil.
Image result for tisserand peppermint
Peppermint essential oil.
Lemon essential oil.

What is essential about these oils? Health effects or benefits? Yes! Indeed these oils, any type of essential oil is the plant extract taken from source and distilled and pressed down until it is liquid, 100% pure oil. This has numerous health benefits. For example a favourite of mine, Frankincense – also given to baby Jesus as a gift – has remarkable benefits for brain health, and overall physical and spiritual wellbeing, being able to give us that insight and second spiritual sight we need in times of prayer.

I chose rosemary, lemon and peppermint because I had read that they boost kidney health, and I was looking for a way to detox them, that is why I also bough the activated charcoal too. The kidneys are the single most important organs in the body to eliminate and eradicate toxins, that is why we need to keep them well fed, extremely well oiled (good hydration) and through exercise and eating right. Don’t overburden an already burdened system by eating unhealthily or by sitting around waiting for that circulation to improve! Give your kidneys the love and care they desire and need in order for them to function optimally. They control blood pressure, growth, the water system, electrolyte levels, protein levels, and more!

Activated charcoal I bought.

So with that bought, I moved toward the exit of the shopping centre, which was reminiscent of the film Dawn of the Dead, although some of the shoppers were not as ravenous. I travelled along to a book, magazine store which also supplies stationary (I am not mentioning store names but you may have already figured that out!).

New scientist Essential guide No.6 – Evolution – Darwin’s theory of natural selection and what it means for life.

I was searching for a decent movie magazine, but sadly I could not see any that appealed to me. I usually get Total Film or Empire. Today I wanted to appear slightly intelligent so I decided to wander over to the magazines about astronomy, nature, science and rocket stuff…I stumbled upon this magazine – picture above. I immediately was drawn to this as – a) I don’t actually like the Darwin’s theory of evolution and b) It was a subtle dark green that reminded me of the jungle – no doubt that is a deliberate imprint on the readers mind. I have yet to read any, but it looks well written and well presented. I wanted to try and expand my mind and stretch out of my comfort zone.

One of the coolest and newest things that caught my eye was a can, yes a can, of sparkling water! It has a resealable lid and is 500ml.

Canned at source from the Austrian alps!

It matched the black I had on, but I slipped it into my little backpack before desperately racing home to try it. Cool and easy to use with minimum on the can in terms of advert. It literally says – sparkling spring water, can’o water, don’t bottle it. On the back it states the instructions to open and that cans are infinitely recyclable. I agree. I also have a preference for can or glass over plastic. Yes the lid is plastic but comes to good use. As mentioned it is resealable and that means you could shake it after opening and it would not spill out – “I tried it.” It has a rich taste and does not overwhelm your sense with bubbles. Some products like Pellegrino are way too fizzy but this can hit the spot. Of course, there is the concern about aluminium being sapped into the source but try and forget that!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things I bought today. I hope to talk some more about what I do on days out. When I can, I will be taking you all virtually to various locations across England. London will no doubt be a highlight when I get the chance to go there.

For now stay safe and enjoy life! xox

The First Walk

Yesterday was my first walk outside. I was taken by someone out of town to a quiet trail, and covered 3 miles altogether.

At first, the moment I got into the car from coming outside, I sensed but didn’t really acknowledge something was different. Within minutes of the car moving, I felt myself panicking. I stayed calm and collected. But, I could not determine why I felt this strange feeling. I felt like crying and saying “take me back, I don’t want to do this.” It was overwhelming until I stuck a cd on I brought with me. It was a good idea, as the music I know relaxes me.

I wore my face mask at all times in the car, and when we parked up. On the walk, I kept a distance of at least 2m and sometimes more. When other people and cyclists would pass, I would put my mask back on until we were clear of them. It was a beautiful path, and endless fields basking around us in the sunshine. I enjoyed it.

It wasn’t all smiles. I still felt during the whole time, very apprehensive. I could not think properly at one point, and my memory and concentration were not the best. But I was calm, not panicking. I think it could have been anxiety, true anxiety, which I don’t actually suffer from until now. 2 and a 1/2 months inside has angered me, as the long term effects are going to be harder to overcome than the short term. For example, everyone who has been stuck inside should get some kind of support for coming back to normal life.

There were cows, and I took it upon myself to feed them some grass, whilst talking to them. They all seemed to enjoy my company, although at first they were scared. I also couldn’t help feel sorry for them. I don’t eat red meat, so knowing that a field of bulls is only going to be eaten saddens me. I wish we could all find another way to get our protein and stuff! Surely there is another way.

Here’s a quick poem dedicated to yesterdays walk, titled: WALK

When you show your face,

and get a nervous embrace,

let that anxiety fade,

kind of yesterday.

Thanks for being a dedicated readership of this blog. I hope to continue to read your posts too, they are fascinating and damned funny sometimes!