Movies to come (summer ’22)

Luckily there is hope for cinema, we can expect some real blockbusters to finally grace our screens. It feels like a bit of a scam having to wait for movies which were delayed, when they could have released direct to home video. That could of been Prime video, Netflix and the multitude of channels and apps available. Take No Time To Die (2021) which was delayed over 2 years. A bit of a joke.

But then again the movie industry has also gotten into the ridiculous groove of advertising movies up to 2 years before planned release, sometimes 3. Yes you read that correctly. I remember when movies were advertised about a month or to before they were due to hit cinema screens. Honestly this is so pathetic of the movie makers and companies, desperate to build interest because they know they are pumping out either remakes or reboots. I have yet to see something original from them.

Jurassic World Dominion was something I’d looked forward to for some time, yet it’s been delayed for 2 years. Come on! I finally saw a trailer which stated it is coming to cinemas in June. About time!

Oh wait, can you hear that? It’s the sound of Tom Cruises bones breaking as he shifts his wrinkled ass into the cockpit of a fighter jet for Top Gun, Maverick. Yes, he’s not only continued in Mission Impossible, but decided to engage in the Top Gun series once again. Talk about reboot and sequels from hell. What is going on? Tom, you will probably see this, please for the sake of your dignity stick with Mission Impossible. Heck I loved The Mummy (2017) after having the initial reaction in the first 5 mins that it would be rubbish, it turned out to be a great film.

Prepare for the ego trip that will be Avatar 2. And wait, we’ll have a 3rd and 4th film too in a few years. Don’t you love originality? If you didn’t know, Avatar was the highest grossing movie of all time. Followed by Avengers Endgame (not seen this) and then Titanic (who doesn’t want to see that one scene?). I was hoping to see Ghostbusters Afterlife, but didn’t have a chance to.

There is a little hope, with Lightyear. Based on Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. I am glad this is going to be a film. Expected to release in June. I watched Buzz in smaller shorter movies as a kid, but I think this will be worth it. I never watched all of Toy Story 4 as I just never went back to watch it after starting. I was happy saying goodbye after the 3rd movie.

And if you hadn’t got your fix of awful acting from Keanu Reeves, well brace for him to return in John Wick, chapter 4. As usual overhyped and coming out March 2023. What a joke. If the movie is complete, then release it. I wish people would stop paying to see this tripe.

One more which I think looked original. Ready? Bullet Train, expected to release in August! Starring sexy Brad Pitt (fight club, once upon a time in hollywood, world war z). “Five assassins aboard a fast moving bullet train find out their missions have something in common.” The most interesting looking movie! Based on the book.

What do you want to see this year? I’ve already watched The Batman in March. I honestly forgot I watched it, although I did appreciate the darker, more gothic tones than previous movies. Thinking about it, I’ve missed watching a few new movies.

The Batman: Movie Review!

IMDB – 8.5

Rotten Tomatoes – 85%

Total run time – 2 hours 56 minutes!

Release date – UK 4th March

Director: Matt Reeves

I watched The Batman last night. Got into the cinema and sat down by 7pm. Film started 20 minutes later after a couple adverts, not many. The film ran from that time to about 10:10pm! So, from the beginning of this review, you should know the new Warner Bros. DC movie The Batman is long and it is dark and there is actually more to this than first meets thee eye.

I will highlight firstly that this seems and appears to be a direct continuation of the franchise in that Batman is established and he is not going through any type of renewal. This is a key word in the movie, renewal. He refers to himself at the start of the movie as vengeance. He is also called vengeance throughout by others.

The movie uses a gothic castle as his home! Finally. This is brilliant. The overall aesthetic of the movie is dark and gothic it is brilliant. The architecture being used it old as opposed to new or modern. Even the subway system looks outdated.

It starts with Batman revealing how he operates, how criminals are afraid when they know he may be out in the night, how he fights but cannot tackle every problem. Understandable. Robert Pattinson is also a good look for Batman. He wears black eye makeup a lot of the time, even with the suit on. He is tall and slim. Muscle isn’t really there in one of the scenes where he exposes his torso. I don’t know if anyone else has an issue with this but the suit in the film does give the impression his quite strong and muscularly, although with the suit you can still see that slimness. But he knows how to fight, he uses those skills effectively, being able to take on 5 or 6 fearlessly.

We go to a murder, specifically in this big mansion. It leads us onto the topic of the movie. Why was he killed, who did it and why? We soon learn at the crime scene that there is more to this. It appears there is a card addressed to the batman in which is a riddle. That’s right. The Riddler is back at his sick games. Batman, coupled with commissioner Gordon, is trying to track him down all the while dealing with an elusive and mysterious woman who dresses in black at night, and has lots of cats – catwoman? We never get that information but clearly, she is. Who recalls Halle Berry in that awful 2004 movie? What about Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992 Batman Returns? Zoe Kravitz is now catwoman. And, we get to see the workings of some dark club in which a lot of police, corrupt DA’s have been hanging out.

The club forefront man, is none less than the Penguin. (This movie should have done more with him). But the Penguin, although known, is on the backburner. Played by an unrecognisable Colin Farrell. The club is a mafia run joint. It’s basically a long journey from this point of trying to figure out who the Riddler is couple with trying to expose the corrupt cops. All the while Alfred is hospitalised after an attack and more.

But in terms of character we can see that stories of the past and particularly Bruce Waynes parents death has crept back into the fold, supposedly being some sort of trigger for renewal. I should also mention that at the beginning of the movie, a group of thugs has the face paint of joker. Although it doesn’t have any attention drawn to it, when looking at the Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, it is significant. Even more so when comparing with the death of Bruce Waynes parents. You see movie makers, Warner Brothers and writers should all be familiar with previous films stories. In Joker it is suggested that Thomas Wayne is the Jokers father, and the Jokers uprising is responsible for the death of Bruce Waynes parents. In this film, the Batman, it is suggested that the mafia boss or the Riddler is responsible. At the end of the movie, we see the Joker in Arkham Asylum, so we know throughout the movie that his far reaching affects are still taking place because of the Joker impersonators. This supposed disregard to what the Joker did in the previous movies makes me wonder why they ignored it.

It is all about detective and chase work. The Batmobile makes and appearance as a loud and obnoxious vehicle with huge engine and flaming turbine on the back. It’s small but not quite fast enough. It comes in good use when Batman suspects the Penguin of being an elusive rat with wings that the Riddler is hunting. It is downplayed but the movie operates at a level of genuine sophistication and Batman genuineness. It is true to the character. He is not perfect, he is still not supported 100% by Gotham police department aside from commissioner Gordon. He is still the Dark Knight, just in a more reclusive way. Bruce Wayne is in the negative spotlight throughout as the city want blood for the billionaires corrupt dealings.

This battle is lost and Batman cannot figure out the Riddler’s last clue until it is too late. The city is in jeopardy. It is a laboured love but the movie shows and demonstrates that key element which makes us all love Batman to begin with. He gives the city hope and is a light of positivity. Although the Riddler wasn’t quite as eccentric as Jim Carrey in 1995s Batman Forever, he is still a bad guy and its fun to watch the pursuit.

The run time does seem excessive. It could have been cut down considerably, which I suspect is what already happened. Maybe they could have given us 2 hours 30 minutes? Seems reasonable to say at least 20 minutes of combined footage is not needed, a city shot here or there, or the sound of engines revving.

Congratulations to Robert Pattinson for doing a decent job of making Batman dark, strong and genuinely a force to be reckoned with. Acting is superb. The dark theme, overall gothic tones and a huge amount of visual close up fighting, with little special effects. It is so difficult to rate though.

RATING: 4.5/5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.