Spring ’23

Interspaced noise

static television

vision of a green field

blooming flower

rose bush

cutting hedges

fledging among the birds

transition from the past

to a new beginning

pastures that bring light

your time to shine

Photo Drop! Day outing.

Some of you may recognise the waterfall above. I returned to Cheshire today to take some more photos. Considerably more busy than last week although still worth it. I bought a tea at the café. Bonus points for those who can guess where I went.

Notice the old gas street lights still in place in the park. I have been to other parks with considerably more of them. I’m hoping to go to Liverpool docks at some point but am not particularly fond of the idea of travelling there. I’d like to try to visit the very high Kinder Scout reserve again as there is some wonderful spots to take photos.

The top photo is of the woodland off the beaten track which no doubt you could walk through however I haven’t seen anyone do so!

Don’t Be Afraid.

Welcome to Psychedelic Wizard. This is a welcoming environment where you can openly criticise and reflect without fear of persecution.

I’ve gained followers, and I’ve lost followers, which can be disheartening. It makes me wonder if I did something wrong, or if I over did my posting. I don’t intend to bombard you, rather, to post a sufficient amount of content that I like to post and which I enjoy making, and which can be reached by enough people to potentially create a bigger following. So, losing followers although sad is understandable, if the values are not in alignment anymore. What I mean by that is the people unfollowing are not feeling the site energy anymore or perhaps are fed up and not interested. I always appreciate on-going support and want you to know that. I am grateful for the audience on WordPress. Some of you have been liking, commenting and more for many years. I just hope that I have an audience in the future.

I do get disheartened when I see other blogs with thousands of followers, who probably got that in a lot less time than I even got to 500. I have tried to post consistent content for a few years now, but somehow my post counter doesn’t even seem to be close to what it should be. There are occasional glitches in WordPress sites, such as some appearing ‘unsafe’ or ‘virus ridden’ even though they are not. I suspect the content on the sites are a factor, and have been classified as dangerous because of that. I have struggled to access certain blogs from time to time because of this issue.

But it brings me happiness to see long-term bloggers who are still contributing and putting effort into their amazing blogs. I love to read them and explore new sites and topics. It always amazes me how little they expect in return. I won’t name anybody but I am so happy to be following a few blogs which have been motivational and inspirational for many years that I have been reading. You may know who you are!

My Wattpad story: https://www.wattpad.com/story/307873965-discovery-avenue

POEM called Don’t Be Afraid. It is about the uncertainty and doubt that can create issues in our lives. Ultimately, having the courage to move forward, to triumph over the unknown. My other post Into The Tunnels is also about that bravery, in different circumstances

I was a child who was afraid to look under the bed once
there were men who used to say the most harsh things to women
life was a bubble that we all wanted to burst
everyone had to quench the fear of their thirst
or their last breath that they gave
as the doors were crushed
halo of gold dust that fluttered beside me
seeing the way
and creating no barrier
a sea that is devoid of anger
replaced with content

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Coffee and Pasta @ The 6am Writing Club

Good morning and Welcome to Psychedelic Wizard. We hope you are all having a fantastic and positive, love filled awakening as you prepare for this beautiful spring day.

In the midst of April, things can be changing rapidly, both in your personal and professional life. We shift from Aries to Taurus. Daily horoscope for Taurus 20th April:

It would be understandable if you felt out of sorts. What’s going on may be mystifying. Other people’s logic could escape you entirely. This could also bring out your stubborn streak – and you really dig your heels in. It might occur to you that being part of a group or association would have advantages.

It’s the 6am Writing Club. You don’t need to have an expensive membership. I am up nice and early and wanted to be super productive. I enjoy contributing to my site which is why I am posting this! At the 6am writing club, you merely have to start writing at 6am, it can be anything… I mean anything. I am currently adding a part to my Wattpad story along with writing this post. Don’t oblige yourselves though!

What time do you get up? I believe an early rise can sometimes contribute to increased productivity, but not always. You see if I got up at 5am everyday, I wouldn’t feel that productive. I need to delay the work to an extent. Of course, early rise at 5am and then writing until 7 or 8am would allow you to pump out thousands of words, if you are like me. I managed 10,000 in 5 hours recently, with ease {ego alert}.

I am still a vegan, and finding it a lot easier than expected. Although, when I look at vegan plant based options in the supermarkets, they are more expensive – YES – more expensive than the meat equivalents. This is a complete joke and we should be campaigning to make meat free/plant based products cheaper. They are cheaper to produce! For example, a wrap plant based costs £3.00 for falafel and humous. Check this link to Coop to see the range of products I am referring to. It is not included in the meal deal, despite competitor Sainsbury’s including their plant based wraps in the deals, and they are cheaper at £2.80! The meal deal in Sainsburys works out to £3.50. So, what the hell is the higher price about in other supermarkets? There is no excuse, and I used to class Sainsburys as more expensive than Coop. Just a disclaimer, I am not endorsed or sponsored by either.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post then please like, comment and follow my blog. You can also sign up to the new newsletter, which won’t be sent until a sufficient number of subscribers is reached, which may take some time. I’d love to hear what your productive morning will be!

Continue reading my Wattpad short story which is being released one part every day. Today Part 5 is being published on the platform, titled secrets. By this point Peter has engaged with a dangerously loose woman. He is about to break the sacred bond of his relationship with his partner, Anna. What will be the result of such degrading efforts?

*update – Discovery Avenue has reached number #5 on Wattpad under ‘manhood’ stories. https://www.wattpad.com/stories/manhood/hot


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Easter! A Time of Hope

A time for hope and joy, Easter. The time of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the after. After returning, was spotted with holes in his hands and feet, wandering around. Sounds insignificant.

Looking at this a little more we can see that he returned with the help of God, who resurrected him. His enemies, afraid. His friends, astounded and happy. Still to this day we need a reason to believe. He walked among the human race once more. His form had changed, as it had done previously. It is not to suggest he was a shapeshifter, although it is likely that he was, due to his spiritual nature, he could take human form like angels.

Easter, a time for chocolate and over indulgence. The modern world, inverting everything like usual, has to turn it on its head and sin. Gluttony and lies plague Easter. We get irrelevant images of bunnies, instead of attending church in humble honour of His sacrifice for our sins. I watched an Easter service last year online, delivered by a reverend I knew at the time. I must say it sticks in my mind because it was brilliant. Very imaginative and detailed as it chronicled Jesus from crucifixion to resurrection.

The resurrection shows us that God, is more powerful than anything in the universe, for He can literally raise the dead. It proves that love, is stronger than hate and fear. It shows a fathers love for his son, saved him. Jesus was the strongest man on earth at one point, taking the unthinkable burden of sacrificing himself for the sins of humanity, knowing the weight of what he was doing.

For over two thousand years, since his death, the human race has sinned in various forms. War, suffering, anger, hate, gluttony, cheating, free reign on porn and sex, magic and bitch craft, murder, scheming, secret vows, political satire bullshit, animal slaughter, disgracing God and Jesus’ names. The list goes on.

What have we become if not immoral inherent? Are we really capable of ascension, forgiveness and true unconditional love?

I am sharing the photo below as it reflects spring well.

A great photograph by Goff James

Where Has All The Love Gone?

Where is all the love

did you forget to see the rain

trickling down the window

a new dawn will rise

and so too the lilies

to the sun and back

before it turns black

 a love that is just out of reach
Asia-Silent Nation – Midnight