Let’s See if She Can…

I’m now pairing up my royal pythons once again after unsuccessfully pairing them at the end of 2020. My female did not get gravid or lay eggs, but I know she started to develop follicles and such.

You can see the female in the above picture. She is an enchi royal python. The reason I want her to breed is so that I can experience and witness the process. I also bought her knowing that she mated successfully before.

I will say this, I know I talked about avoiding breeding and such to stop contributing to the problem of people not caring for animals, but I have intention to keep the offspring and keep a small breeding project. Any surplus of snakes will be sold. The average amount of eggs that royal python lay is between 6 and 8, which is pushing it. I also have room to house them. On a side note, I am hoping my new frogs will arrive next week as the tank is ready for them.

I am only pairing her with my wildtype royal python. Again, simply to see if she will get gravid. She is old enough, has laid before – with previous owner – and is of sufficient weight. I have paired them 2 times in the last week and I believe both resulted in a successful lock, or intercourse.

Let’s hope she can and let’s hope that there are baby snakes sometime later this year. I am pairing slightly later than I hoped, but from research they will breed at any time during the year in captivity. In fact it makes sense to breed now, as that would allow eggs to be laid in spring giving them the best chance of survival.



I miss you,
I am here still,
the world spins,
to the dreams of the dead.

A broken sound,
your black eyes,
there is no road,
we are still here. 

My baby royal python Ruby. A normal 100% het albino. Less than a year old. I hope to produce some albinos royal pythons in a few years.

I am tempted to start a page dedicated to my royal pythons. If I start the page it would be a photo journey of the snakes as they grow and of my current breeding project. Loving the snakes, they are very happy and healthy, exception would be my bumblebee ball python who has some retained eye caps at the moment.