New Story: Free eBook limited time

Another new release to start the year off. Originally intended to be vampire fiction this turned into a supernatural/paranormal short story.

It’s approx. 40 pages long and can be read in a sitting. You could read over lunch, or even whilst waiting on a train, bus, plane etc.

I was originally intending to keep this to myself, however the story really spoke to me and so I thought I’d share it. You can download for free for a limited time on Amazon. It is always free on Kindle Unlimited as it is enrolled in KDP.

The Civil Servant – A Zombie Apocalypse Tale (Episode 1)

Dale is twenty five, has short dark hair, a stubble, think body and peaks at five ten. He’s a former Royal Navy recruit come drop out, who determined the best bet for a career lay in the civil service. After background clearances, he made it into the crème da la crème – working as a civil servant in Buckingham Palace.

That was two years ago. Now though the story is very different. He lies in wait for a break in the screaming people outside the palace as they are torn to shred by the undead. A break to run, a break from the barrage of tormented cries. His ears, brain and eyes now beaten by apocalypse. A bloody unwinding, undead that stormed streets, ate people and had revolutionary strength.

He’s in the storage cupboard downstairs in the central hall of the palace; deserted of staff, military or royalty. The royalty replaced with gnawing at the gates, of distant peasants who whimper as they meet their gruesome demise. Dale holds his tongue, his breath and his position, with prayers focused on safe passage for the outsiders. Luckily for him the gates of the Palace are impenetrable, and so are the thick walls and doors of the Palace itself.

He’s burdened with one small grey backpack he carried to work, some days ago before the outbreak began. At first staff seemed unmoved, determined to stand ground with the assurance that the British military could overthrow a new, even more deadly type of threat then before. Behold they left en-mass, shaken and laden with betrayal. Dale thought it akin to treason to abandon London, to leave the pinnacle of British society – the Palace of the King. But they had, and he remained. His heart determined not only to survive, but to attempt to establish some sort of base. Given enough time he was sure he could open the gates to survivors.

Time was short, he had little food; his backpack carried a selection of some crisps, a ham sandwich, a chocolate bar and refillable water bottle, stuff he’d brought to work before being forced to ration it. So far he’d had half a bite of the sandwich but soon it would go stale, molded even. The Palace was well equipped though, and his ability to navigate the place were peak condition. He knew where the pantry was, the storage and the emergency storage – somewhere in the basement. The problem was Dale had spent so long in the room, peddled with thoughts of being eaten that he’d not managed to leave it yet. Tonight, or today, that would change. His silver watch on his left wrist showed around five pm, Tuesday, September. British weather being as it was would leave him cold, without heating he’d need some blankets.

The stuffiness of the dim room congested his nose, snot coalesced within his already irritated sinus passage. The smell that of dust and paper. The metal chair uncomfortable, digging into his lower back. He’d try to get out to look around soon, or so he hoped…

Stay tuned for more episodes. This is a story intended to be short, so it won’t be going all adventurous over London. I’ll write about London another time.

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Writer Spotlight #9 – Stevie Greenfield

Today’s writer spotlight is Stevie Greenfield. Stevie is an erotica writer combining real world stories with fiction to produce fascinating literature in her chosen genre! Among writing, Stevie is a talented painter and produces some eye-catching portraits.

It was a pleasure to be able to learn a little more about the journey they have taken. Enjoy the following and be sure to show your support! Without further ado…

Where do you live?

I am very fortunate to live in a wonderful small town in northern California where art & wine rule.

Why are you a writer?

I have kept a journal of story ideas & experiences for decades. I knew someday I would sit down and write a book about one of them. But like many of us…I was too busy with life. Finally, I decided to move away from the hustle & bustle of Silicon Valley. For the last two years, I’ve immersed myself in the things I love. Writing, painting…and wine.

What do you enjoy about writing?

My first two books were from personal experiences. It was fun & easy to immerse myself as the main character. The words and the story poured out of me. My third book isn’t from personal experience and has been a little more challenging, but I still enjoy being immersed in a story.

Tell us about your most recent works

My first book (The Obsession) is about a young thirty-something man who falls in lust…then love for a young teenage girl. The story is also about the young girl’s journey in their relationship. My 2nd book is a very fun story about a young couple’s day to day experience when they decide to take a nude swingers cruise for their anniversary. (Our First Swingers Cruise). They are not swingers. Every day is full of surprises. Remember, both of these books are to some degree from my personal experiences.

If you could write a book in a new genre, which would you choose?

I love writing erotica. I don’t have a desire to change. But I do have a story about the true nature of reality, in which I share a very different perspective regarding Christianity & the entity referred to as Jesus. But don’t hold your breath on that one. Erotica is way more fun to write about.

Do you have any role models or people who inspired you to write?

No. I’m a writer….and not much of a reader. Although a part of me says it would be good for me to read how others craft their words. I’m just too busy and not motivated.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

Yes. My WIP is not derived from personal experience, thus it has been more challenging. It’s about the abduction of a man. I cannot say anymore, but don’t forget my genre is erotica.

Where can people buy your books?

My books are available on Amazon, Etsy & my own website. You can also see my artwork on Etsy & my website.

What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

1. Write your story…that’s the fun & easy part.

2. Editing & making it perfect will be tedious, but its essential. Assemble a small group of friends & family to help….but still pay a professional to do a final read thru.

3. And finally, if you truly want to sell books, know that it will be up to you to market your book….everyday!

Most authors list it on Amazon and wait. Trust me, nothing will happen unless you generate interest.

It was lovely to learn more about Stevies writing. As for final comments Stevie had these kind words to say:

“Thank you Thomas for allowing me to participate in your endeavor. Thank you also for being a very nice person…and a friend. I see on Twitter you have an abundance of admirers.”

Stevie Greenfield

Lots of New Stories are out and More are Coming.

Back in January 2020 I wrote a story before the lockdown not knowing that we were in a pandemic… so that is why I left this story on the backburner.

It is about people left behind following the evacuation of citizens after a zombie apocalypse. I mentioned on twitter that I was tempted to publish it now… and people seemed to encourage me to do so. I went ahead and made a cover. I’m quite impressed with the cover tbh.

What do you think? Because it was already completed and edited 2 years ago I only need to go over it once or twice for last minute edits and checks, as such I’ve set a 31st August release date.

My short stories: In Our Home & On Our Graves have done extremely well peaking at no. 2 to no. 4 in horror short stories so if you downloaded and read thank you. I think the free promotion is still on so grab copies now for life, otherwise you need Kindle Unlimited to read them. Number #3 In Their Minds is being edited and will be out this week. Then I’ll release In The River which should round the series off.

So as you can see since Beach Town ~ Survivors was released, and I am so glad it has, I’ve been busy. Granted I kept all these things on the low side because I was wanting to promote Survivors more than the others. I have more time now to dedicate to writing and with multiple stories in editing, and being written I’d say I have my hands full.

At the end of the day if I want to be a writer and be known as one I need to put my work out there. I see so many writers on twitter who started publishing only 2 years ago who have loads of fans and tons of stories out, with good ratings. It is my hope to become one of them, although maybe my work isn’t good enough. You need to tell me if that is the case.