Every Day is a Fresh Start!

Welcome! How are you today? I am good, thank you! – English

Willkommen! Wie geht’s? Mir geht es gut, danke! – German

Прошу. Як справи? – Ukrainian

Laipni lūdzam. Kā jums klājas? – Latvian

With that random introduction I hope you are all well, sincerely. With time nowadays going slower – most likely due to it being beautiful autumn – I feel as if I can do more.

I am on some new medication to help with mental health. During this time in my life, I obviously need them. I was hesitant to mention this but why not? People struggle sometimes and you should not be afraid to talk about how you feel or your mental health! Good wellbeing is important to maintaining a positive mindset. Mindfulness and meditation can assist, as can healthy eating and exercise. Social interaction is important too. Allow your body and mind to heal any way you can. The downside is that I am slightly tired during the day – due to the sedating effects – although I take it at night.

My poem today is called Fresh Start. I hope it echoes my ambitions for the future. This year has gone by fast. We are already in October!

Plant the seed and watch her grow
power of the mind and I'm letting go
see her stem rise and the sun on her leaf
I can imagine, she'd be good to meet
her bright lit surface and rooted ground
she is growing, I am coming down
now she is high, reaching the sky
I am so glad, we can begin again.

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If you want to learn something new then consider using the internet! I say this as during the darker months keeping your mind active can make all the difference. I found some great sites to learn languages, for example; Lingoda and Pimsleur. Both offer language courses for a price each month.

Every day is a fresh start! Why not change every… single… day? Do something different every day. With the exception of some work which I would imagine involves some repetition. 😂😎

No Longer Bound

As my Angels as my guide
I know I'll make it home alive
seeing you cry
hide away
from the pain
and the misery
longing to help

now, no longer ashamed
living yet another day
my heart bled a thousand roses that...
... lingered for eternity in your life
now I'm entrapped and chanting
wanting and yearning
no way out

fatal affliction
attraction disaster
your eyes they sheen under tears drying under your desert iris

those chains burned to ash
I scattered them with the brash
of my soul
my day is now longer
forever you are in front
my chains are gone

fear melted
love succeeded
my memories evaded
but the chains have gone, you are free

no longer bound by the chains of fear
or swimming in desolation
seeking the light
power of the night
you're the only one who can make it right
be at rest
be at peace.

Healing of the Empath

Express your rage. Accept you can feel anger, and lash out. It does not make you narcissistic.

Let the waves of childhood abuse and trauma pass over you and you will feel better.

Become empathic. Ability to look beyond what a person says and does.

Acknowledge your imperfection to find your perfection.

Disown your spiritual arrogance.

Give responsibility for others feelings back to the person who owns them.

Stop identifying yourself as a fixer or pleaser.

No more double standards. Stop settling unrealistic expectations.

Do the hard work.

And that covers how an empath should start to heal. Many get frustrated and feel as if they are unable to do anything, for fear they are going to appear ‘bad’. No.

I Have Feelings Too

The body is made from flesh and blood and bone

but my mind is a precious moment

feels everything and everyone

so when you call my name from the mountain tops

and I see your smile which makes my stomach drop

you have thought and love on your lips

soothing to the ears

metal that smacks the rocks

a word or a fleeting threat

destruction inner turmoil

yet, you don't consider

how they feel

You have conscious thought and choosing that for negativity or to hurt others is not kind. To choose to say something with the intention of causing distress, to bully, to intimidate or to demean, shouldn’t be encouraged. Even comments you consider to be fairly ‘okay’ can cause others upset. A lot of people don’t express that hurt and they just move on. But think about that. It isn’t a control mechanism, it is respect for others which most people learn through childhood. I don’t think there is a place for deliberate hurt in this world or the next. Community doesn’t rely on one person. So, when one person is the negative source of hurt, cut them off. It can be painful, but better separated from the cause than be a part of it through blind acceptance.

Quiet Forest Drive – Short Story

How the story of a man became the story of his change. Courage and strength in darkness, and light that shines the path to self-discovery. This is extracted from his real experience.

Quiet Forest Drive

A Short Story
by T. Maxwell-Harrison (Copyright 2022)

Peter Godspeed was thinking about Anna Sealake again. Anna was a caring demon with white hair and athletic arms.

Peter walked over to the window and reflected on his secluded surroundings. He had always loved quiet Forest Drive with its high-pitched, hard houses. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel disappointment.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the caring figure of Anna Sealake.

Peter gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was an emotional, determined tea drinker with blonde hair and blue eyes. His friends saw him as an adorable, adventurous angel. Once, he had even brought someone back from the brink of death.

But not even an emotional person who had once brought a single person back from the brink of death, was prepared for what Anna had in store today.

The rain hammered, making Peter lost. Peter grabbed a chair that had been strewn nearby; he massaged the wood.

As Peter stepped outside and Anna came closer, he could see the cooperative glint in her eye.

Anna glared with all the wrath of an empathetic rare rabbit. She said, in hushed tones, “I hate you and I want to never see you again.”

Peter looked back, even more lost. “Anna, I have feelings for you,” he replied.

They looked at each other with shame feelings, like two old, old-fashioned owls sitting at a very robust night out, which had piano music playing in the background.

Peter studied Anna’s white hair and athletic arms. Eventually, he took a deep breath. “I’m sorry,” began Peter in apologetic tones, “but I don’t feel the same way, and I never will. I just don’t hate you Anna.”

Anna looked sad, her emotions raw like a tricky, tense table.

Peter could actually hear Anna’s emotions shatter into pieces. Then the caring demon hurried away into the distance.

Not even a cup of tea would calm Peter’s nerves tonight.

If you listen to this song, then you will better connect with Peter, who said he heard something like this song playing as he experienced this event.


He rambles on down the turnpike

snaking around the fallen leaves

mouth agape 

slithering snake

darkened walls

all befall

on you

Here it is:

Police? Law and order? Civilised society? Respect, decency and courtesy?

Welcome to the new world where the good are victimised and put in the minority, where deranged drugged up and murderous lunatics are treated like angels and where the government exist only to measure the length of their own trousers.

Corporate junkies destroying 3rd world countries, child slaves, animal abuse, torture and hurting. A large paycheck for hush-hush. Mixing and matching employees to a computer, computer says it all, even the direction you brush your teeth.

I'm the white star,
shedding a light on the dark,
bringing it all out of the dark,
letting the world face its worst scars,
and letting the damned,
be drawn down,
we all go down,
so let it be known,
that start,
the start,
it here. 


If I could only be there in that moment for one second again,
No, at least not to the untrained eye,
witches brew,
time to undo, again.

"Felicity, don't leave me now, sweetheart."
rain pouring down on my scattered face,
old lovers deceitful embrace,
embers burnt,
cast aside,
burned inside.

decide to drown the mama crime,
lying down there,
blacked soot stone,
no more room,
to hide.

"I now pronounce you, good luck, young lovers, time killers."
elder knuckle,
wrap on wooden door,
drop your crystal bible,
open instead, your meat supplier,
chopped in that crate,
ended up,
on someone elses dinner plate.

"I've lost you...I can't find you darling, yearling."
nickle plated watch,
empty, clocks,
all on the undertakers watch.

"Look in the mirror, I'm waiting for you."
faithful departed,
ashes tossed to the wind,
southerly breeze,
easterly sunrise,
your soul rising up,
through every empty shallow wave,
glaring at the tide,
seeing your face,
through every sunrise.


Saying the word to live another day, 
under your wing trying to find my way,
really, really hard fighting another day, 
very angry and sad, 
in this post-apocalyptic land, 
very sandy under my boots, 
and there you are, waiting for me to jump through hoops, 
living in this undead world.

It’s Only Takes A Moment

Try to be patient,

try to be brave,

destined to fight,

for another day,

give up on yourself,

don’t be afraid to die,

there is nothing beyond that great white lie,

amidst the thrashing waves,

and those tenders lips,

I see yourself mourning,

trying to find the best bits,

hang loose not for long,

it’s been such a beautiful song,

and now it’s time to change.