The Seductive Vampire

Through those aged stone walls she moves

her tongue licks the remains of her previous victim from her lips

she flicks her hair back and graciously parades the castle halls

... the butler is the accomplice luring those young men to the estate

promises of glorious parties and sexual women

she waits like a hissing viper in the shadow

as the clock strikes midnight and her feast is awaiting her arrival

her hands guide him to a room darkened

candles lustfully light her dark spirit

until he is unarmed


and she ravages his neck

consuming his arterial flow

he is lifeless

she is possessive

and so the clean up began a naughty treat

now she wonders, who else will she get to meet...

Sum <E|?

The sum of all of life

reduce your breakfast plate to an egg with some avocado

avoid walking in traffic at all costs

don't forget, that God is full of semen

and that a mighty sword is a jellyfish

of boiled lemon tek 

wait, did someone call my name?

Facing the harsh cold clouds of spring

there should be post at five in the afternoon

summing up – erotic/romance/love/danger/discovery short story released one part everyday. – my new post on Elephant Journal!

New album by Joe Satriani – Elephants of Mars! Genius, brilliant! Review will come sometime soon my love.


Calm demeanor 

manner of service

appearing to avoid, a signature look

strangers that bark at the lights

avoidance of indencency

humble and forgiving

a soul wunderlust 

I can see that  withheld tongue

that may speak of a thousand serpents raging

or a heart full of clearing, matter. 

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Illinois Gal

Small town girl
on the streets of Illinois
from Chicago or Springfield
to the white house
a woman of passion
letters that tell of heart ache
a façade that decorates the makeup 
just the gal that nobody noticed
until she touched the top
and then everybody wanted to know

If you’d like to read or continue with my new romance/lustful short story ‘Discovery Avenue’ then click the link below. Part 3 has just been added, which is quite brutal. Peter is in the grips of a dark night, and his carnal desires are causing him to put his own life in danger without even realising it. Is it karma or is it fate? Each short episode or part is released daily.

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Discovery Avenue – Part 1 & 2 (Romance Fiction)

Welcome to Psychedelic Wizard.

I have just created a Wattpad account, because apparently you can write and publish stories on the site. I was a little wary of this since it could potentially be unsafe as there is no protection. But the site says that work published is protected. So, I decided to start publishing a romance story on there.

I don’t usually write romance but the story seems interesting. It is a part of a story I have just started writing, however it is a story of events which took place before the current story I am writing. So, a sort of prequel. I have not mentioned this on Wattpad as I want to see if it is liked by people and to develop a story on the platform, essentially giving it a try.

The story is called Discovery Avenue

‘Peter is on an all night drinking marathon, until he gets into the mood for sex. The only problem? His girlfriend is at home in bed, waiting for him. Will he continue on this dark night looking for an encounter, or will he go home?

This is his story of a sexually charged night looking for an affair or romance. Will his discover love or lust or will it be danger for him?’

Above is the link to the first and second part of the story, which is mature, as is this story. I would encourage anyone who likes reading my posts or short stories to check it out and if you like and comment on Wattpad it tells me that I should continue with the story. Ultimately what it is about is a man changing for the worse, coming to realise what he should not have taken for granted, coming to accept himself and essentially a loving ending, or so we hope. There will be dark scenes and there will be black mirrors so anyone not prepared to look into the dark soul should not read it. I hope you enjoy following the story as it progresses. I intend to write a passage every day at least. They will be short as to keep people interested. Part 1 is called ‘uncomfortable dinners’. I have no idea where this will go and I don’t really hope for any kind of professional interest, it really is a vanity project, but one that I would love to explore and write nonetheless.

Aside from that thank you for checking out this post!


Never forget the love imprinted in your hearts. Don’t be tempted by the dark. Ride the winds of destiny to unfold your golden truth.

If you cannot see where you are, or have found yourself lost, seek out the light within.

Her name is Lily

he sees white speckles of light in her emerald eyes

a hint of delicacy in those unspeakable lies

mundane existence wrapped around her frail disguise

a hand in the cold winter snow

a strand in the summer heat

couple so desperate to meet

too weak to see it

too afraid to believe it, exists

flower wilts

his towering guilt

shame and fancy

take the same form

tonight, she is his forgotten pleasure. 

Like The Brewing of Tea

Can you feel it? No, really, can you feel it. It’s an intense crushing sensation in the lower abdomen, the silence, the stillness in the living room. Like the brewing of tea, the water gets hotter and hotter, until it reaches boiling point, at which point nothing can stop the steam. Sitting, watching another episode of Archer drag on.

He is content to let his physical problems sink into the sofa, allowing all his being to just turn to mush. She on the other hand, wants to look and to feel tonight, but is still more interested in watching the tv and ignoring her urges. What the, is happening. Stiff like deceased or stuffed bodies awaiting the shift to the cemetery or crematorium. Like a seeping waxy melt on the tip of her tasteless tongue.

‘Never mix whiskey and wizardry.’

‘Never mix love and hate’

Ian Mckellen stuck on the psychiatric ward chanting, “you shall not pass” to anyone who passed by. Stuck in a fantastical movie. As if a clockwork orange had been wrapped around the lion who doesn’t know how to be free anymore. Never mix hate and love, or love with fate.

‘Are you dead already?’

‘You are already dead.’

A chanting rhizome of white intricate structure, coursing its fragile way through perlite and soil. Tis the light it seeks, set free the small nipples of the mushroom stems.

‘Set free the stems of your nipples’

‘Your nipples are like mushroom tips.’

You no longer see a pale faintly recognisable image in the mirror. The woman is the beast. You watch a shadow approach behind, she is now a figure fleeting beside you. But the tv is playing voices and making sense again.

‘I’m on replay, or rewind. I live in the past.’

‘I am leaving.’

Complex the man who cannot find himself. Imaginative the woman who discovers herself. Two souls who entwine, make a universal rhyme. The meeting and the leaving of the world. When the sun peaks at noon, she walks from the door to the seat to the door again. He has his eyes rolling through his skull from dawn to dusk.

‘Like the brewing of my tea.’

‘I see, you want me to leave.’

You are not a stone to me

you are the sun to me

you are a good day to me

you are like a gift to me

you are a white rose to me

I am nothing without thee

I am brave enough to see

what you did for me

and forgiveness can be through actions

so too words

am I like how you expected me to be

please, see it in me

forgive me.

Writing Morning – Hello!

Good morning fellow writers! I hope you are enjoying the rising of spring. Here in England it is sunny, warming up by the hour and the trees are finally getting the leaves back. I am sat here now on my laptop and in the sun coming through my apartment window. I drink tea from a glass. I have no radio or tv in the background. For the last few hours since about 5am I have been writing.

This morning has been a writing morning for sure. Not just any session though, it was the start of a new romance novel and so far I have managed to write 8000 words, no I am not kidding you. It took me just over 3 hours. I didn’t even pay attention to the time and this is why: because this story is coming naturally to me, I can see so many things, so many characters and their lives and motivations and what scares them and I know what the story is about. At its core, the story is a love story, hence I categorised it as romance.

I don’t usually write love or romance novels or stories, but I will include those elements into my other works. However this story that has come to me is too powerful not to write. I would say the ease of typing it out is due to the fact I can see it clearly. This is indeed a rare moment, especially for me. I would write and write until I could do not more, either because I cannot see a way forward, or because I am bored. That rarely happens. This is a story which I want to tell and more importantly, is touching and pulling on my heartstrings if I am honest. It is about a mans life after his relationship leaves him devastated. Learning to live again, he soon discovers truth.

What are you writing today? Do you believe in love? Why? I will reiterate the importance of a writing goal or schedule in order to increase you productivity and creativity. It fosters good clear routines and can help to maintain motivation. Writing does not have to be confined to one project. I would recommend more than one thing to focus on, so you could write on wordpress, part of you novel, some poetry, maybe a diary. A writer needs to write and developing the habit sooner rather than later will make you more confident, and makes it easier to crank out all those words.

*Update – I have finished my writing session at just under 10,000 words. Incredible work in 5 hours.**

Blood on my feet

You spin and spin

the room is the lustful gain of sin

tilt your head and the lights go blind

move your body and you're inside my mind

chasing a ghost around an open floor

pushing your bare hips against that stone wall

slitting your throat at the ball

no more nice games

... and no more amour. 

I Will Pray For You

I pray for you

because there is nothing left to do

you are on your own

I am the man on the mountain

the one who fought to keep good alive


seeing through glass frame

a bleak game descending

"this is the last time you will see me"

and memory serves me right

I was in the blight

suffering in need of help

yet all I did was pray

for others

Here’s some classical music for you all to enjoy. It has been said that classical music can aid concentration, boost memory and recall and relieve stress among other benefits.

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