Into the Sun

Solstice, beach, cocktail

white sand, clear skies, seagulls

you, me, everyone

painted into faces

or into wooden embankment

swimming to the finish line.

I don’t know why I made that picture above. Something to do with the cost of potatoes…

I’m a Ghost, You’re an Angel

They say the aether is beyond

Say that our rhyme was a love song

Our hands touch, we feel light

If you could of seen it, you'd be bright


Having to write, a pain indeed

Without such delight, negate the need

Onto pastures of brittle greens

Where life blossoms, and love screams

Behold beauty held in our hearts

Withhold the truth, long enough to start

a fire in your blood 


Come now our drupel purple passion love seed

Red cherry cast on bakers stove

Your yearning need

In our cove.

Overview New Twitter (Online) (Worse?)

Now that Elon Musk has bought Twitter there has been a number of new things implemented into the online social platform.

One of those is the introduction of the blue tick or – a monetised account which you have to pay for. That is coming to a grand total of £1,000 a month for business.

As the saying goes if you want to make money you need to spend money. Not always. In this case the platform is prioritising its blue tick member in return for a lump sum each month and shunning, or burying all other users under the algorithm. This translates to regular users not being able to connect in the way they’d originally hoped for.

It leads to dysconnectivity as we have seen. Paid users are at the top with the most viewed content and other people, businesses, and creatives alike are at the bottom. Implementing the paid membership is a good idea if you want to be super in demand, but most people just want to expand their social media reach.

I write this to draw your attention to alternative methods such as general email marketing and engagement with business users. This includes the writing community. I do not feel the changes were justified given the lack of support. However, they have been brought in to the site.

In the world of blockchain and NFT we will see more of this digital monetisation. WordPress uses this feature, whereby users pay for premium accounts in return for ads, which will hopefully generate income. However this is not a lot of money. Twitter on the other hand doesn’t need the money and trying to make it into a paid subscription service has thus far led to backlash. If we wanted someone to promote us for money then we’d surely do it ourselves. But we don’t.

Just a glimpse at the issue are the reviews. You need to use the platform and have used it for considerable time for it to make sense. If you join now you won’t have seen the changes, including the ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ tab.


As we settle into our box

We begin to grow

Surrounded by weeds

We must trim 

The new video game Dead Island 2 has finally released and I am super excited to play it. I haven’t got it yet because it is expensive at around £60. I would love to stream the gameplay to this website or upload the videos here for you to watch! That might be a thing in the future.

Let me know if you’d like to watch me play the latest games. Dying Light 2 was released last year but it’s on my list.

Survivors is on a free ebook promotion for a few days. Click the link below or paste into your browser to go to the free download page.

Elders of the Fold

Twisted smoke lakes

shimmer under moonlight

bloodied fangs


What I’m currently reading

I’m currently reading ‘The Eagle Unbowed’ (Poland and the Poles in the Second World War) by Halik Kochanksi. An in depth historical book which covers Poland and eastern Europe to some extent. It is a big book and has a lot of interesting material and some photos throughout.

I’ve pasted the link below in case you want to buy it, or download it on a digital device.