Evenings Musing

How do you feel at the end of the day? Welcome to this evening post by Psychedelic Wizard. This blog will cover poetry, some info on my new short story, and some interesting facts… but not in that order.

Bring some life into your home! Plants are like ‘essential’ to have in your living spaces. The oxygenation and the vibrant life force are surely enough to strengthen anybody’s weary soul.

This is a dracaena and I recently got one for my birthday. They make lovely additions and are quite chatty.

Increasing the green space can boost mental clarity and help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. For example I notice I don’t feel so alone when surrounded by flowers or plants. Don’t let the idea of this put you off, you don’t need a jungle to feel the effects, which are very real indeed.

Poem to close the evening is called: Sundown

Sundown – Acrostic

So as the evening flows like cool air
under the wood bank lay the coal diggers
not to be charged until day
does not make it any less okay
or an owl that fleets its wings
winding down the fig leaf makeshift crew
not even close to have known you 

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Veganism Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

Goooooooooooodddd moooorrrnniiingggg Vietnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!

My tarantula recently molted its exoskeleton and look so lovely and bright. She did it after only a month of her being here. Anyway, topic of the day is being a vegan once again!

In England we have a supermarket beginning with Co and ending in Op. Now, I do use this regularly. However since new year began I noticed they are now stocking this new brand/range of plant based products. Those products are in fact for Vegans.

So I took a fancy to them being vegan and all. I decided to analyse deeply the packaging and presentation. Immediately I could see the food stuff was a lot smaller than comparable meat products and at premium prices. This is a NEW BRAND which I have not encountered before, and I suspect a new company. So well done for getting your products into the big supermarket already. After some sneaky research into this plant based food company, it seems to be a part of the Coop, the very shop it is in.

See the source image

Now, vegan food producers need to stop charging ridiculous prices when you can get a meat alternative cheaper, and I mean a lot cheaper… 1KG of turkey for £7.99? Yes please. £3.00 for a small wrap which won’t fill you up? Not a chance, although I have been buying them. Yesterday I bought one of their vegan pizzas, and now I am cooking it as I type. You can see the picture of the box at the top of the page. I tried one of their cupcakes, a pack containing 2 which were small but did taste nice.

Yes we want that colourful and fun packaging and we want that plant based alternative vegan food, what we also need is a company to show some originality and understanding of the market. If you are like me you may be sad enough to get excited at the thought of shopping for fresh produce, especially in markets. Most vegans use fresh produce and these sorts of pre packaged goods are okay but usually appeal to people on the go, who have no other choice but to buy because the shop is all meat products and dairy (not uncommon).

Overall the products are good and I think the Coop is doing a good thing by trademarking and incorporating this new set of food stuffs. A lot of big franchises are now doing them too. McDonalds introduced the McPlant, which I must say is good and is value for money. Dominos and Papa Johns both have Vegan pizza and side options. More independent vegan restaraunts are popping up. It is foolish to not offer vegetarian and vegan options nowadays onto the menu of every establishment selling food in England and Wales and Scotland and Ireland.

It’s a fun game to play, until you realise that the market isn’t really catering for vegans, rather, capitalising by giving them highly processed food stuffs for high price mark ups and in return, customers think that they are getting the best in the world and continue to fuel the hypocrisy.

Praise the change from the big franchises offering affordable alternatives, like McDonalds, who I WILL PRAISE. Give a shout out to others like TGI Fridays who are offering vegan options. Come on big food companies! Give us at least one or two options otherwise you won’t make it past 2030!

PLants based peace. xxxx


First, you need to plant the seed in soil. You need to add water and light. Wait a few weeks or months, and eventually the seed will have germinated into a lovely flower.

Facts about plants (photosynthesis):

  • The leaves are green due to the chlorophyll and the leaves absorb light for photosynthesis.
  • The first stage of photosynthesis captures energy from the sun to break down water molecules.
  • It takes six molecules of water and six molecules of carbon dioxide to make one molecule of glucose during photosynthesis.
  • The leaves change colour during the autumn because of the reduced photosynthesis.
  • The opposite of photosynthesis is cellular respiration. The process of using energy stored in sugars.

The bottom is an Asiatic Lily that I have placed in my living room. As you can see two bloomed last night, and they are beautiful.

The top photos is an overview of only a small Southerly part of my town. I love to walk up to the heights and get the full panoramic view of everything, especially on such a lovely day.

A blooming mesmerise,
bees delight hidden inside,
withered into autumn,
cradle winter night,
the flower blooms,
not matter what the time.


I am not the type of person who will swear on aromatherapy as a cure all, or the type of individual to swear by essential oils as being the best kind of “better medicine”…

But, general relaxation and peace and quiet of the mind, and maybe some spiritual connection to the divine or even prayer aid, yoga aid, Pilates aid, boxing aid…you name it…I will back up aromatherapy.

So, what is this “therapy you speaketh of?”

According to Wikipedia: “Aromatherapy is based on the usage of aromatic materials, including essential oils, and other aroma compounds, with claims for improving psychological or physical well-being. It is offered as a complementary therapy or as a form of alternative medicine, the first meaning alongside standard treatments, the second instead of conventional, evidence-based treatments.”

My recommendation is this: If you want to explore alternative then this is the place to start your alternative medicine journey. I would say go out and buy a good quality diffuser and some essential oils.

Good beginner oils are Lavender. It is apparently one of the safest to use, being able to apply directly to the skin and even add to the bath. Diffusing lavender essential oil essentially…lol…evapourates the oil and water into a steam to be inhaled. 2 or 3 drops are a good starting point.

Lavender is touted as an anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia aid. “When inhaled, the olfactory bulb can induce emotion and memory. It’s hypothesized that the smell-triggered memory associated with stress can be turned into positive mood and emotions by using certain oils, like lavender.”

A good choice to treat migraine. One small study from European Neurology found participants who inhaled lavender had a reduction in the severity of their pain in just 15 minutes. 

Many love and wishes to you all. Enjoy your day and have a happy and fruitful week. May God bless every single one of you, x.