Can You Believe What is Waiting For us?

When you find yourself surrounded by faint whispers of the end

searching for your body

and imagining a dream long lost

you begin to see another world

from the light and day of the garden

overlooking a resus

voices that kindly invited

you over

only to be so afraid

faint whispers from the end

'open your eyes'

don't be afraid

all those tales were true

heart is to be weighed

soul has been slipped into decay

some vivid hallucinatory nightmare

oh, God, where am I?

how can the sun beating on my face

no longer be sensed

but people fight for me

bring me back

what a relief

hell has no longer got me

could you believe what is waiting for us?

you won't believe what is waiting for us

from his new album again 😀 ganymede is the largest moon of jupiter and of our solar system. I can imagine sailing those seas might take some years. On a side note, sounds like a lot of magic was consumer during the making of this album.

VR Fun

Endlessly roaming some open land

holding but air in the hand

jumping and pushing and leaping them all

you can discover, there is no wall

hiding behind that big chunky eye glass

beaming to long for that outlasted digest

pulling the veil behind those thin eyes

you are stuck in your living room

hiding behind the disguise


Eyes that see,
a brain that interprets,
sensing waves,
spinning sensation,
my body lies,
I am alive,
not in good stead,
pacing around the room,
missing you and me on the moon.

A hidden veil,
thinly dangles in front of our eyes,
floats in the wind,
glistens in the mist,
hides in the sun,
rides our every desire.

An occult game,
trying to train the brain,
to remain the same,
so we remain,
in this nightmare,
and again.


Waking up to the same days,
watching the fools laugh at others,
seeing them buy nothing at all of worth,
those idiots,
and I see the sun,
when I wake up, 

Days are fire,
life is full of liars,
daring to speak of the higher,
just another nightmare.

So much to reach for,
to sense, heal,
yet I can't wait to escape,
where I am destined to go to?
Probably just a blank sphere,


I'm doing it,
living out my every move,
in the corner drifting away,
jumped by blackened nighmares,
etheric beings, otherworldly kind,
fighting for every breath,
sad to see you go for a while,
back on my vibrating curtain,
a heroes journey,
a one-way trip,
doing it every day,
hurting and afraid,
seeing out those demonic ways.