Why the News and Other Media Outlets Follow Social Trends

In response to a post on social media I became acutely aware that the state of society is somewhat a loss. The media, news channels and other various outlets are deliberately restricting certain content whilst favouring others.

One such topic is LGBTQ rights. Now we in England and the UK have no shortage of these rights. People can identify as gay or lesbian or whatever without the risk of persecution. The gay scene is big in many towns and cities.

However, in other countries such as Uganda, these rights are non existent and merely identifying as homosexual is now illegal. I bring this up because Uganda like many countries do criminalise homosexuality but they have done so for hundreds of years. The west, like England also used to criminalise it but we only talk about other countries. Although England has changed it doesn’t mean it hasn’t always been a part of this.

So why do the news outlets focus on places like Uganda? Well, it’s simple. They are popular news stories which will garner huge attention and support in western countries from people who haven’t the faintest clue as to how or what the operation or culture of those foreign countries is. For example, the majority of citizens could be in favour of the new bill, making it a democratic process with homosexuals – if there is many in Uganda – in the minority.

However the west does a very nasty job of making these countries seem like the worst place on earth. Aside from protecting their own cultural heritage and the society they live in, they are a different way of life and people don’t seem to understand that. What is normal in one country isn’t always normal in the other. We have to accept this. Trying to impose a global homosexuality acceptance parade is offensive and undermines the majority. Remember that these homosexuality rights are modern creations, and you cannot shift the entirety of Africa, or Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia to do as the west pleases.

Taking the story of Uganda, it had been illegal since 1902 to be a homosexual including various displays of affection. The new death penalty is not something to be frowned on, in fact it is to prevent the rape and abuse of young boys and girls.

The law in Uganda now classes ‘aggravated homosexuality’ as having gay sex with someone under the age of 18 or with someone being HIV positive, among other categories…

This is not a bad thing, but the west seems to think that homosexuality should be allowed in any form, even minors. You have to laugh at the disgusting reporting going on. Insinuating our African family is less because they ban something which would otherwise hurt the vulnerable is not a good image. Although the agenda in England has started to shift to dangerous tactics like imposing LGBTQ awareness in schools.

Saudi Arabia came around, changing the law to allow women to drive, a huge milestone. Yet with all their laws banning homosexuality the world cup was hosted there! What does that say about the medias agenda? It seems they have a selective and very dangerous money grab scheme involving certain states and countries. If they hosted the world cup and built and entire stadium for the world to visit, surely they are open to making homosexuality legal? The west went there, paid them trillions and didn’t say a thing about its brutal legal system – known worldwide for persecuting people for very minor crimes.

If the news actually reported on things that matter – like the fact that Afgahnistan also imposes the death penalty for homosexuality and so do several other countries then it might seem fair to go after Uganda, but the reality is the new law is actually protecting people. Don’t forget Africa and many of the countries suffer from AIDs and HIV epidemics, with HIV being a worldwide pandemic for many years. They have to account for this, and the high risk of disease spread from homosexuality activity.

Although I am not condemning them or siding with them in any case. It seems like perhaps we, and the news of the west need to give countries a wider berth. We cannot be selective about what we choose to argue about when in reality those same things are happening in western countries. There is no end in sight for LGBTQ rights in England, and it is unlikely that they will end soon, if anything they will continue to grow.

Highlights of the Week [#2]

Highlights of the Week [#2]

  1. Poem Spotlight
  2. Movie Recommendation
  3. Book Recommendation
  4. Photo of the Week
  5. Video of the Week

Poem Spotlight

A short poem and beautiful photo to accompany it. This stood out because it was short and sweet. This blogger has some admiral words that I encourage you to read, and follow!


An honourable site mention – albeit not necessarily poetry.


Movie Recommendation

I’ve seen quite a few movies since our last highlight of the week. I wrote a quick review for one of them here 👈 However it has to be The Little Things starring Denzel Washington. I find all the movies he’s in, when he’s a leading role are always good. When Jared Leto stars I know there’s going to be great acting too.

A film giving you plenty of food for thought. A film with twists and turns. Do we know who the killer is? Who are the police officers inside, really? You have to question the whole motive of the films direction when things like this are questioned or not clarified. I won’t go into detail here, you have to watch it. In the meantime check out my movie review for it.

Book Recommendation

I’ve been reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. So that will be the recommendation in the highlight of the week. I’m still reading but so far find myself enthralled by it. I like how it doesn’t really stand still, it is constantly moving forward introducing new things. Like many of his books, it stars recurring character Robert Langdon. Based on the ancient and extinct Illuminati group that have infiltrated the vatican with intentions of destroying it with anti-matter. It’s inventive and fresh. It was the rage when the movie came out some 13 years ago now.

Photo of the Week

I chose my own photo because it’s showing the full force of autumn with the many leaves fallen and a layer of frost.

Video of the Week

There will be something here when I have something to upload! Stay tuned because I may well do so.

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Child Abuse ~ Hard Silence

A single moment in a child life can cast a shadow that will stay a lifetime. Child abuse is an often quiet, silent abuse in which the children are often ignored and very frequently gaslighted. The children may be labelled liars, which is to diminish instantly anything they say.

Let me state my position on this awful and yet somehow ongoing issues in the modern world. Anyone calling a child a liar should automatically be registered on a watch dog type register with government. Then, they should be investigated using social workers. If it transpires that they are telling the truth, which I find hard to believe, then of course move on. But keep them on the register and provide support to the children. Because as the case may be, the child is all too afraid to speak out. Also, why would it be better to believe the adult? I have never met a child that lies, consistently. The occasional lie I can understand, it is part of natural development for a child to lie to understand if it is wrong.

Then the fear element is engaged. Abused children wouldn’t be instantly taken from abusive parents if an allegation is made, as far as I am aware. ‘Authorities’ get involved and this can take some time. Perhaps if there is instant support and the child is removed, that would help. I have yet to see this happen myself, although it probably is, but not frequently.


It is still rampant and although the media has shoved articles and news down our throats about abusive relationships, domestic abuse to women, and abusive partners, during lockdown… it failed to mention child abuse. Do you think a woman is the only abused person in a house with children? Do you think the real issue was child abuse as opposed to abuse of women? Are you seriously telling me that during the lockdown in which schools, day care and others were shut that absolutely no children suffered abuse of any kind? Give me a break. It is under reported and hidden away because if people really knew how common this crime was then they might think differently about ‘lovely society’ or those abusive parents at school they met. Schools are an issue in themselves, often not caring as much as they claim. When cases of abuse are exposed the usual line of programming is ‘they are shocked and will work to make sure this never happens again.’ Rhetoric. If they did something, child abuse would have ceased hundred of years ago.



Having experienced child abuse, these children can often go on to use drugs and alcohol and develop mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. It might lead to more serious conditions like disassociation disorders – where the pain is too much so they disconnect from the body. In that situation, you might wonder how on earth they could ever get help if they can’t even remember the abuse. Those are the most serious cases, sadly I have read about them. It results in post traumatic stress disorder {PTSD} which can further impact a child. Flashbacks and feelings of reliving the events will seriously impact them. It does not matter how long it goes on, but that it will impact them for the rest of their lives. They can use coping mechanisms and may need medication to help. It impacts their wellbeing, sense of self and lot of people commit suicide because of the abuse. Many adults who experienced abuse as children may avoid talking about it or become very distressed or upset when asked about it.

The child has low self-esteem from the abuse. If it revolves around mental abuse, they will grow up with distorted perceptions of themselves, often not having confidence, feeling like they are not good enough or having emotional and relationship issues which might mean they prefer to stay alone. A hard silence they endure. If everyone spoke about the abuse they suffered, and I suspect it is very common, then it would be more than 1,000,000 people I suspect. Although the law prevents people from physically attacking people, it does not criminalise physical punishment on children. What this means is that, they can in fact physically hurt them and class it as ‘punishment’ for bad behaviour. Look at the article below.


I am not surprised that it is not law already. Can you believe people oppose this? They think punishment should be left to parents. Well, I have news for you, delusional political statues, any form of violence – mental and physical – is abuse and is disgusting. What you are really doing by opposing it, is saying quite obviously that you condone that behaviour. Do you realise what is being done to these children? Do you think slapping a 4 year old child across the face is acceptable? You might want to keep the dangerous cycle of child abuse in society, but I don’t.

What do you think? If I ever see someone hit a child, and yes it is more common than you think especially in public {disgusting} then I will and do speak out against it I would encourage you all to consider taking a stand if you see it.

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Monday Roundup ~ (604*) (Poetry, Short Story)

Welcome to Psychedelic Wizard. It’s Monday which means most of you will be off to work for the day, some of you may be off to college or school. Some may be enjoying retirement and others might simply not be at work this day!

Mental Health Support

A gentle reminder that anyone struggling with their mental health can email the Wizard @ psychwizard@yahoo.com . There has already been an overwhelming response from followers and non followers which is great and the Wizard loves to connect and share emotions with you all. times can be overwhelming and feel like too much, but knowing someone is there to listen can make the world of difference. He still loves you all and wishes you to comment, like, follow and email him with any thoughts or suggestions… literally anything you want to talk about. Talk about food? Talk about your feelings? Tell him about your annoying neighbours? What about your clothes? Absolutely anything and he keeps it all confidential.

Upcoming & New Rock Albums

Upcoming albums that may be of interest to you include Joe Satriani’s Elephants of Mars which can be pre-ordered by clicking this link. It is due to release on the 8th April 2022. Joe has already uploaded a few videos to YouTube about the new album along with songs like ‘Sahara’ and ‘Faceless’, both of which are excellent. Arguably a rock album.

Scorpions have released new album ‘Rock Believer’ on 25th February 2022. An iconic band with some huge songs and albums. Bringing 80’s hair rock to the front of most rock fans minds with classics like ‘rock you like a hurricane.’

Ozzy Osbourne is working on the release of album no.13 after his last album release in 2020, which came ten years after the previous album. He is still active in music, both recording and touring and is available to watch this year at various venues. After Black Sabbath said goodbye way back in 2017, it will be nice to see how to pairing with Tony Iommi on the yet unnamed new album will pay off.

Red Hot Chili Peppers recently got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In Los Angeles they are even bigger, since that is where hey grew up. Creators of 1999 Californication and one of the biggest rock bands in history, have released their 12th album. Their newest creation, called ‘Unlimited Love’ was released in April 2022 is already no. 1 on Amazon under pop and alternative rock.

Recent News

The most recent headlines are quite concerning as usual. In my previous post I mentioned about the increase in politicians salaries, members of parliament. I think this needs to be revoked or at least given considerable thought to before proceeding. The basic annual salary for a member of parliament in the House of Commons is £81,932 as of April 2020. Members of parliament can also claim allowances to cover the costs of running an office and employing staff, and maintaining a constituency residence or a residence in London. Salary is paid for appointments or additional duties, such as ministerial appointments, being a whip, chairing a select committee or chairing a public bill committee.

The war between Ukraine and Russia rages on. Russian soldiers were recently poisoned en-mass by civilians of Ukraine. Russians have now allegedly been ‘digging up’ the remnants of the Chernobyl incident, which could have them in possession of deadly poisons in no time.

The Taliban having taken over Afghanistan have now banned the growing or cultivation of poppies. Afghanistan being the biggest producer of poppies. Poppies are used to create addictive substances and the group has made it clear they do not want that in their country. Despite what economic impact this could have, or the fact that medicine can be created using them.

There has been a mass shooting in California capital, Sacramento. Six people have been killed and 10 injured in a shooting said to have taken place early morning on Sunday. The shooting took place in the downtown area, which is packed full of bars and restaurants.

Tory MP David Warburton has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital following allegations into his conduct. Allegedly two women have come forward and made formal complaints to the ICGS about his behaviour and a third woman has also made allegations about his conduct. The allegations supposedly relate to sexual misconduct and a claim that he had taken cocaine. Seems like he has had a rough time, maybe the pay rise will help?

Poem ~ Raising Hope

Day she was born

there was a fire raging inside

her smile had met my eyes

reaching for the sky

a innocent glean most loving delight

Short Story ~ Waiting

We all spend some time waiting. She spends most of her time waiting. Today is hot and humid, under the baking sun in Brighton seaside. Lilies, her hand full of the bloomed bunch. She had them trimmed but is now wondering how to get them home before they die in he heat. She is waiting on the scolding pavement for a ticket so she can move her car. Her day had been full of surprises, she thought. When she woke up this morning, she had a call that her bank account had to be unfrozen by her visiting her bank to confirm her identity. She had that twisting in her gullet but she still went into the branch. Her Gucci sunglasses gave her the cover she needed to discretely roll her eyes, just as she was doing now, third in the queue.

Sun was approaching midday and with every passing second bullets of sweat beaded along her forehead. She had no tissues, only issues. Whoever stood in front, some overweight, light blue Hawaiian shirt wearing geezer with some straw hat. Oh, God, she thought, he stinks. If her hands weren’t quaking with adrenaline or wrapped around the lilies she might knock his fat ass hat off. Like some sweet moment of synchronicity he left the queue in a huff, waddling away. Her chest sunk as she sighed.

Now what! The man at the machine helping with tickets seemed to be using his walkie talkie, and he looked over to her, which made her shudder at the thought of him coming near her. One of the lilies drooped and fell to the floor and she stood on it, crushing it instantly. It was too much, her free fist balled up and she lunged forward, knocking the lady in front to the side and punching the man on the walkie directly in the face. Her knuckle cracked and the man dropped his walkie talkie. “I’m not waiting anymore for a fucking ticket.”

Standing alone in solitude. Patience. Themes of underlying rage and unresolved emotions. A life of misery made worse by the heat. I guess it was a high pressure situation and it got too much for her.

Thank you for reading todays post which has spoken about mental health and the recent news. If you liked my poem, then please like and leave a comment below or share, which is always welcomed. If you enjoyed the story, please also do the same.

*Please consider reading and reviewing my second published book Beach Town: Hope. The book hasn’t had the attention or reviews that an author would expect. I made it exclusive to Amazon so that may have impeded the reach.



Sundays Post – Wizard (Poetry, Short Story)

I have changed the font size to 13 to see if it makes the post look neater. I got up quite late today and honestly my sleep hasn’t been great since the clocks moved forward an hour last week. I am enjoying the warmer weather – although the other day is snowed heavily for 5 minutes. It is sunnier and in the evening taking a stroll around the streets with that warm refreshing breeze can really be rewarding. I also talk about looking after yourself and having a loving caring nature, to love yourself.

Mental Health Support

A gentle reminder that anyone struggling with their mental health can email the Wizard @ psychwizard@yahoo.com There has already been an overwhelming response from followers and from non followers which is great and the Wizard loves to connect and share emotions with you all. Times can be overwhelming and feel like too much, but knowing someone is there to listen can make the world of difference. Wizard is not setting up the phone group yet as he has concerns that it could attract the wrong type of attention. He still loves you all and wishes you to comment, like, follow and email him with any thoughts or suggestions… literally anything you want to talk about. Talk about food? Talk about your feelings? Tell him about your annoying neighbours? What about your clothes? Absolutely anything and he keeps it all confidential.

Next Sunday will be a pleasant day for me as I am planning to go bowling. I really hope to go when space bowling is on, which means they change the lights to darken the room. I used to really enjoy bowling but over the years stopped going for whatever reason. Hopefully it is a good day, it will be the first time in a few years since I went to a place specifically to socialise in a group. Being with other people is a sure way to provide yourself with that mental boost you need. I am thinking about setting up a morning coffee meeting group where people can come togethe to discuss their struggles. But time needs to pass and plans need to be enacted. You can always connect virtually, using Skype among others. They allow groups to connect and chat for a long time.

Recent News

The recent breaking headlines are more depressing and nonsensical nonsense. MP’s in England are getting a pay rise, yes, even as energy prices continue to rise year on year, as food become more expensive for less, how the cost of fuel has risen, the increase in taxes, the reduction in benefits and anything meaningful to the majority of people, still the people who can afford two homes, a boat and 3 cars and a personal chef need more money. The age of austerity, such a load of *******. We now have a huge international crisis in the form of the pandemic which is raging as a quieter yet fierce undercurrent which is being slowly but surely swept under the rug, due to the failures on a massive scale of every government in the modern world. We still need those booster shots though, because that reinforces any idea that the pandemic is still in force. Then we have the completely removed from the public eye crisis in Afghanistan, which hundreds of thousands of refugees fled after the country was taken over by Taliban. I guess they had 2 years of pandemic to prepare and strike. The media have completely forgotten about this incident or about any images of desperate civilians falling from planes. I guess having your country hiijacked by murdering rapists isn’t popular anymore. Then there is now a huge war in UKRAINE, that’s right. Russia launched a full scale – rockets and soldier attack – on the country in February. Tensions have been high since 2014, arguably well before that. It comes down to NATO membership or something. Basically, bald Putin doesn’t want NATO to tarnish UKRAINE and the fight is to protect them. What is more depressing is seeing dozens of buildings packed up with bags and bags of donations of clothes among other things allegedly going to support those in need. Did the war suddenly suck all the clothes away? Would a pack of baby wipes and talcum powder go amiss? Of course, there is nobody in the UK in need to those clothes, or that money, no. Instead, we are told that the homeless in England and Wales are lazy, poor and not worth helping. What about the soldiers who came back to England to find they hadn’t the money or support to live after serving their own countries?

Poem ~ Roast (Haiku)

Roasting a smooth bunch

Of succulent potatoes

To melt on my tongue

Short Story ~ Love and Hate

When you spend a night with the girl of your dreams, you end up feeling like you hit the roof or went temporarily insane. The next morning, even though she is gone, you know it was satisfying. Well, what if that woman turned up the next night, uninvited? That is what happened to this gentlemen, Gabriel. He was a quiet man who for the most part kept to himself barr the Fridays when he used to spend a few hours drinking with his mates in the local tavern. Living in the city had taken its toll on him. occasionally he felt like it was too much only to end up back in the office next Monday morning making small talk on how the coffee machine was playing up again. He worked in an advertising firm, they managed everything from huge McDonalds adverts to smaller niche adverts for dog grooming products. It was busy, it was hectic, but he enjoyed it for the most part.

That’s why getting that girl back to his had helped him so much, you see. He didn’t need the satisfaction of the sex, no, he needed to know that he was still that raging tiger beneath all the love and pain of his mundane life. She had the succulent long brunettes hair that dripped to her waist. Her waist had been rather thin, and she was toned, athletic. She reminded him of a model. Her breasts enlarged and squishy to touch, yet nipples that he could nibble all night. It had been a bit too much though, and he thought he had let himself go a bit too much, at one point riding her like she was his wife or something. But to see her back on his doorstep, plump cherry red lips, light pink skirt and darkened floral blouse almost brought him to his knees as his heart raced. It was raining, throwing it down onto the pavement outside. Her hair wet. Was this a nightmare or just fantasy?

He didn’t know her name, so he couldn’t tell her to go away. Gabriel made a fatal error, he slowly stepped aside and the woman entered the house. She had no coat, she had wet dripping hair leaving stained on the white carpet through the hallway as she made her own way into the back of the house, toward the living room. It was all too much for Gabriel, he wanted to tell her to go but she was silent, tantalising and somehow still as delicious as the previous night. Please go, he thought. She was no telepathic creature, nor a woman of emotions. She simply sat on the sofa, letting her wet hair fall onto the cushions. She kicked her high heels off.

‘Why have you come back?’ he asks, feeling his hands tremble and his heart pulsate.

‘Less talk,’ she replies. She begins to undo her blouse, revealing the flesh beneath. Gabriel sees a diamond ring on her left hand, third finger. What had he got himself into? She left him alone in the living room, standing against the wall like a mannequin, too paralysed to understand what is happening, yet prepared to act. The lady had gone into the kitchen and Gabriel could hear her routing through the cupboards. He looked at his own left hand, third finger, and he too possessed the same ring.

Thank you for reading todays post which has spoken about mental health and the recent news. If you liked my poem (Haiku) then please like and leave a comment below or share which is always welcomed. If you enjoyed the story, please also do the same.

*Please consider reading my previous post called ‘Discover’ @ https://psychedelicwizard.wordpress.com/2020/07/19/discover/ . A story of a boy and girl who share a special relationship.

*My second Beach Town book Hope, hasn’t had the attention or reviews that an author would expect. I suspect because I made it exclusive to Amazon so it isn’t reaching as many people as the first book – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Beach-Town-Hope-Thomas-Maxwell-Harrison-ebook/dp/B08MPCNHSM/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3MWHE739TINSG&keywords=beach+town+hope&qid=1645826849&sprefix=beach+town+hope%2Caps%2C93&sr=8-1

There is a Lot Happening

Kyle Rittenhouse has been found not guilty on all charges today (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/nov/19/kyle-rittenhouse-trial-key-takeaways). Big difference between England and the USA is that us English still wear the ‘wig and gown’ during trials. Excellent outcome for the guy. Not so lucky for Oscar Pistorius’ trial which saw him convicted for murder. The case went on being popular for a number of years…

There is a lot happening, I should explain. Firstly, my conference assessment is coming up in December. I also have a mock assessment in a few weeks. This is major milestone 1. I have also just received some areas of research which will be required for in my mock drafting assessment. I think the drafting assessment is March, so plenty of practice time… I hope I am right about this. I’ve enjoyed the conferencing up to now. It will be in a criminal context, usually advising a client before a first court appearance in the Magistrates court. The real assessment will feature actors… let’s hope they send someone interesting.

My female ball python slithered behind the toilet last Saturday and behind the wall. So, she is literally in the wall and I haven’t managed to get her out yet. It’s frustrating to say the least… she keeps popping her head out but nowhere near enough to get her out yet. She is so strong, oh yeah, she is also called Gemini. Not that it is anything to do with the star sign… = quality is mutable. Hmmm, interesting.

Not my snake. Taken from Bing images. I think this is what I will need to do… oh no.

Last Friday, 12th November from 7pm to 10:30pm I attended an Inner Temple Manchester dinner hosted in the wonderful Kimpton Clocktower Hotel. I was going to post about this but felt as if it was not worthy of a single post all to itself. See pictures below!# I also took part in conferences with real barristers chambers the same week, both cases I observed were relating to personal injury where the claim expected was in case 1 : £1,500,000 and case 2 up to: £3,000,000-5,000,000.

The lobby of the hotel. Behind the camera is a massive 15 ft Christmas tree. This was taken from Bing images, so it misses out the decorations that I saw. However the building is fantastic. Inside there are some old vaults and the directors room I was in was massive. Total 60 people in attendance although the food left me having a McDonalds when I got home hahaahahaha.

I have an interview on Tuesday. This particular company has been in contact with me before and a few times I had to say I couldn’t work because of my course. I am going to go though because it said come along to ‘discuss roles available’. It doesn’t sound too important if it turns out I can’t work for them because they aren’t flexible. Why they don’t just take me on part time I don’t know. The role I applied for was conveyancing paralegal. I’ve applied for this role before at the same company (see explanation above). Property law is of interest to me, as is property in general.

I’m exposing myself too much on this site and deep down I know it doesn’t matter in the end.

I also took on my first legal advice case this Wednesday. Concerning an employment issues. Unfair treatment, discrimination etc. Anyway, the interview with client was conducted with solicitor and myself. I took a comprehensive note and today sent that note to the pro bono department. Hard to believe I’ll get a masters from this.

Photo by CQF-Avocat on Pexels.com

Thanks for reading this post and have an average day.

I feel average most of the time. The other day someone asked me how I was feeling…

… I said 4 out of 10, but I’ve felt lower.

That is the end. Oh yes, one more thing. Last night I rewatched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory starring Gene Wilder. I enjoyed it as I haven’t watched that movie for many years, it is also incredible how much you miss when you watch something. It turns out to be quite a dark film, eccentric!

If you look closely, you can see the devil in the details.

Sunshines and rainbows

Colour parade

7 of them

without black

wet surface

hot point


Without Leave to Enter

“Without leave to enter”

The Immigration Crisis in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is facing one of the biggest migrant crises of recent times. Thousands of desperate and persevering individuals come to the UK each year with hopes of a better life. Then there is the other side of the coin, the groups who are not permitted to cross that channel, those coming into the country ‘without leave to enter’.

It’s not the safest route to take, but thousands do, every year. The Channel between France and the UK has become the rite of passage for many vulnerable people coming from outside of the EU. It has been argued that in order to reach the UK, one must travel through a safe country, perhaps those coming in feel that the multitude of EU countries they pass through do not provide as much safety, security and leisure as the UK.

It’s been a highly debated issue for many decades, with recent politicians such as Nigel Farage commenting frequently on the crisis, recently interviewing immigration lawyer Ivon Sampson on GB News, where Ivon disagreed with Farage’s assessment of the channel crossings where Mr. Farage had stated that many of the migrants crossing the channel were economic migrants, rather than asylum seekers, with the UK being the ‘holy grail’ for them in terms of work and living conditions. Ivon rebutted the statement by saying that…

… “I deal in facts, as a lawyer” before going on to further state that “two-thirds crossing the Channel are genuine refugees – that is a fact.”

His statement was met not met well, with the crowd jeering and disagreeing with him. That is not surprising, as the UK has seen surges in migrants for many years with numbers of 27,000 illegal immigrants being recorded in 2018, figures from the previous 4 years, with 28 police forces across Britain arresting migrants without leave to enter. Those arrests come from a combination of factors, such as intercepting the migrants in lorries and during raids, and after the migrant has committed a ‘low level crime.’

This undoubtedly puts pressure on the economy. Local communities see an increase in crime, and landlords see more properties ruined by the overcrowding that migrants frequently do to evade detection and live cheaply, sometimes freely. Tory backbencher Philip Hollobone said that “these people should be stopped at the border it shouldn’t be up to the police to arrest them.” There have been multiple calls by MP’s to increase funding to Britain’s borders. Would this resolve the issue though? The seas can only be policed to a certain extent, and denying a boat of migrants safe passage to the UK would begin to encroach on some very uneven moral grounds. The Home Office has reasserted that the government is in a position to deal with the immigration crisis, further stating the crisis can have a detrimental impact on the local communities.

The Channel is not the only means to enter the UK. Organized crime syndicates will be making money on shipping migrants on lorries, on planes and through a variety of other means. Will the government fund the monitoring of private airfields? Will funding come from an imaginary pot?

The Dublin Convention dictates the processes on how to return asylum seekers to their country of origin and lays out who is responsible for asylum seekers being processed, however the UK it no longer a part of this deal. Individuals seeking to return to their own countries, for whatever reason within reason, are able to go and fill out an online form for a ‘voluntary return.’ This allows migrants the chance to gain a passport and travel documents and pay for travel tickets, if you arrived in the UK without anything, against your will, then this might be a suitable option.

However, it misses one huge point, that migrants may not have access to the internet and may be unable to understand how to go about accessing this service, which is available for illegal immigrants. It provides a safe passage back for to their home country, but it doesn’t deal with the issues and only raises more questions on how this is going to work effectively on a large scale and how it can be enforced. The scheme is also not available to those being investigated by the police or who have been detained by the Home Office. The scheme offers financial support of up to £3000. Again, who is going to enforce this, the Home Office requires that the individuals need an address in the UK, how can they have an address possibly answer this is they are living rough, on the streets? It also requires an email address. I don’t expect many migrants crossing the Channel to have either, and I don’t think many of them will be capable of a) understanding the full extent of the UK system or b) understanding the English language. This puts them at a huge disadvantage, especially if they are genuine asylum seekers. Referring back to Farage’s point that they are economic migrants, that might add weight to the argument that they have become semi-fluent in English before they embarked on their expensive boat crossing. This would certainly aid them in returning to their home countries. But we don’t know for sure how many migrants have issues with accessing government or local services. The scheme ends by saying that the Home Office will contact the migrant within 3 days to confirm receipt of the application.

Not all migrants are illegal and not all have been refused entry. Migrants can come from another country, not being of British of Commonwealth citizenship and according to Sections 3 and 4 of the Immigration Act 1971, an immigration officer may give leave to enter for a limited period with or without certain conditions.

Those conditions being any or all of the following:

  1. Conditions restricting employment or occupation in the UK;
  2. Conditions requiring a person to maintain and accommodate themselves and any dependents without recourse to public funds;
  3. Condition requiring them to register with the police; and
  4. Conditions restricting his studies within the UK

(The above is not an exact wording).

There are options for migrants genuinely seeking to come to the UK. Why then do so many risk their lives trying to cross a wild, abhorrent section of the Channel? The number of boats containing migrants crossing the Channel in 2018 was reported by the Home Office to be recorded at 562 as attempting to cross, of those, 297 arrived. 144 were reportedly intercepted and returned to France and a further 121 aborted departures from France.

Those figures were significantly increased in 2019. Sky News collated figures of up the 1,456 migrants that had successfully crossed the Channel by small boat, almost 5 times the 2018 figure. Sky News also stated in a 2019 article that ‘just 6% of illegal migrants crossing the Channel since December are deported by UK.’ This came after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at the time that the migrants would be sent back, meaning they would not be able to settle in the UK. Then Home Secretary Sajid Javid described the illegal crossings as a “major incident.” The report from the Home Office as concerning to say the least, with “over 85” being sent back in 2019. One migrant, asylum seeker Masoud Mohammadifar came to the UK after being accused of being a spy and was jailed for 6 months. His journey across the Channel was described as…

… “dark and we had nothing to help us find our way in the sea.” He also said that he “just prayed for my life, to Jesus Christ to save us.” It was also suggested that the French police did little to obstruct the migrants from crossing, in line with current reports that the French will refuse to act unless the UK pays them more money to manage the crisis. The UK has already paid tens of millions of pounds to halt the crossings, yet despite scrutiny from MPs and critics alike, this is not value for money.

Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of the Labour party was interviewed back in 2019 as saying that the migrants coming into the UK have come from vulnerable situations, from worn torn countries and that the UK needs to play its part in managing the international migrant crisis, whereas current conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that if you come to the UK illegally, expect to be treated as an illegal immigrant and face the consequences. Two opposing parties, and differing views, yet the crisis remains unchanged, in fact, it has grown worse.

How is the UK handling the record number of migrants in 2021? A record breaking 10,000 have supposedly crossed the Channel in the first six months, according to Sky News. The UK government must also accept an asylum seeker for the duration of their asylum claim, and they have a duty to process that claim, so it comes down in theory to determining whether the migrants crossing the Channel are genuine asylum seekers or mere economic migrants. Contrasting the UKs asylum applications with that of other European Union countries, Germany had in 2020 102,500 applications, Greece had 37,900, yet the UK had only 29,456. What does this tell us about the UK position?

It could suggest that our border enforcement system is merely not working, that our workforce is lacking, and that funding is seriously needed in order to patrol both the Channel and the beaches of Kent. But funding is only one solution. Creating a safe and welcoming application process and one which would enable a wider group of people to come to the UK may potentially offset the numbers who are embarking on an extremely dangerous journey across the Channel. But there is the argument that there is only financial gains to be had if one comes to the UK, and yet, those individuals are supposedly coming in illegally, surely making their own situation more dire. Local authorities and local housing and hotels have frequently been employed in housing the migrants, as we see in the current Afghanistan refugee crisis the system can work for those in genuine need. At the cost of the local economies, and the pockets of the taxpayers. A fine balancing act exists in which there is seemingly a ‘closed mouth’ approach to discussing the issues that are so blatantly in front of us, and yet, being able to talk openly about those issues without fear of persecution.

Current cabinet member, Home Secretary Priti Patel said in an interview on the Andrew Marr show, BBC, that “they are seeing unprecedent numbers of migrants,” and that “there is no magic solution to this,” noting work with shouldering EU countries France and Germany. The 140% increase of crossings since 2020, as a result of generally increasing migration numbers cannot, according to Priti Patel, be fixed with “short term solutions.” The measures of the coast guard are unsatisfactory and yet the government and home department seem reluctant to enforce any meaningful and useful solutions. Priti Patel does stipulate that there is an increased focus on targeting gangs who ship the migrants and intercepting and returning migrants back to France.

Ultimately the weight of the problem will be in the limelight when it suits. Dealing with human beings in a compassionate and understanding way and making sure that potential criminals and economic beneficiaries do not come into the country unchecked, leaves a big hole. That hole I believe cannot be fulfilled. The UK needs to start to respond to the crisis by allowing more time and effort to be allocated to the issues, both of policing the Channel, and catering for those who wash up on our shores. Migrants need to be educated before they reach France, before they pay thousands for the boat ride across the Channel, in order to fully understand the consequences of being an illegal migrant, so that the system can be seen to be deterring individuals, rather than merely ‘turning them back’ or ‘having police arrest them.’  Until the government has fully embraced the situation and accepted that they need to do more, I feel that nothing more will be done.