Passionate about You

You can't see the fire within

But you will feel the heat


Quick Point on Protests

When it comes to having passions, I think that is great. I love hearing about peoples lives, passions and hobbies, goals and more. When you push it too far into the realm that affects others though, it isn’t a good thing.

I wanted to express my opinion on this topic. When I see protestors I don’t see their point in hurting, disturbing or insulting the normal people not involved. Yes it involves some harm. You might say that protest is a great thing to oppose the institutions. Sure when done correctly.

Lately I keep seeing vegans showing animals abuse and slaughter in the streets on television screens, they wear masks and don’t speak. I agree with one or two people that this is disgusting to be showing people walking around in public, especially children. It isn’t fair to push this on people with the insinuation that they are bad for eating meat. Eating a plant based diet has benefits, sure. But there is a need for some humans to eat meat. Their bodies cannot tolerate all plant based or they lack protein from it. This is not a diet issue with some but a medical issue. So when I see vegan pushing it against everyone – including myself – I get offended.

Then there is the sitting in road protests against oil. It disturbs people from getting to work. It stop emergency services. What does this achieve? Nothing. Stopping cars on one road will not impact billion pound energy companies from selling oil. Nor will it stop the customer from buying it.

That is all. I don’t think forcing these things on people is the way to go. It makes me frustrated to see this because it upsets my fellow human beings and that in turn affects me. Being passionate doesn’t mean you should cause people alarm and distress. Love one another!

Now onto writing. I have a short story ready to publish although not sure if I will. I also started to publish one on Wattpad – exclusive there until further notice. It is called The Zombie Lands and will have a new part released every Saturday. You can follow me on there for updates on the story. It is free. I suppose I could put it for sale but it’s free for now. So enjoy!

Happy New Year Folks… what the hell

Well we did it again. We passed through the ether of the previous year to come out into a new beginning. The end was just the means to start again.

What are your new year goals?

Get fit… lose weight… eat healthy… quit drinking… write more… do more… make something… go somewhere… achieve something…

You have likely seen my post on my new years writing goals: to get my stories finished and published. Those are writing goals / author goals. Of course having deadlines is a writers worst nightmare. When it passes you kind of worry you’ve failed. Well I work for myself when it comes to deadlines… I tell you when I’m done. (might not work if you’ve been contracted to a deadline haha).

I released my new novella Battle of the Zombies just before Christmas with hints of more upcoming works. I hope to add more to my site and continue especially, with the medieval England history. I also want to add some posts to the Napoleonic history page relating to weapons and such of the time, clothes and housing.

It’s now the Year of the Rabbit. If you enjoy that sort of thing you might also be interested in looking at some of the signs for this year in terms of your birthday, star sign etc.

Might be worth scrapping the bunny theme and replacing it with something more reality based, such as the year of the struggle of the common man and woman.

What the hell! Wait a second! Did we just begin afresh? We did!

It’s always free on Kindle Unlimited. Priced at £1.99 for the Kindle ebook price. May make a print version at some point. Or just add it to a collection of short stories for print.

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Upcoming Posts

Hi all. As we begin to prepare for a new beginning after we’ve all been zombified, I’d like to share a list of upcoming posts by The Wizard. I thought it may capture someone’s attention. Imagination… open your mind.


I’ll be posting a user review / customer review of the Dunkin Doughnuts in Manchester Piccadilly area. I intend to order coffee and doughnuts. I will be taking pictures… I just hope I can upload them to the computer. I really want to try the ‘Blue sky ring’ as it is my favourite colour. If I am satisfied I with the experience I’ll review some other restaraunts and stuff. Might as well make out I care. With businesses struggling from the naysayers, reviews are more important than ever. Feel free to send me £100 to cover the costs. (the last sentence was a joke, although more than welcome to come with me, friends).

See the source image
I’ve been a naughty wizard… I said I would try out the Dunkin Doughnuts in Manchester Piccadilly but I haven’t yet! I really want to go in and try ‘coffee and doughnuts’ classic Americano style. Credit to the store for looking nice and colourful. To be honest, a lot of restaraunts in Piccadilly looks bright and colourful, there is one called ‘Players’ that looks straight out of Ready Player one and another called ‘Archies’ that looks straight out of pink diner land. I do not know if the store above is the Piccadilly store, but who gives a ****.

Zombie for Sale : Movie Review!

I said it before and I’ll say it again, the south Koreans do zombie comedy / horror excellently! After pounders like Train to Busan and #Alive, I can’t wait to tell you about the Odd Family in this movie! It’s funny, brothers!

See the source image
By the time the scary part arrives, you’ll be recovering from the fun you’ve had and be well connected to this group of oddballs! Zombie that eats lettuce, yeah?

Anna and the Apocalypse! Movie review

I will review this first in a short time. A great zombie Christmas musical! I think I’ve seen it 2 times and starred in it once. I enjoyed it. There are musicals that overdo the singing and dancing, like Tommy (still a great film) and those that have acting between the singing and dancing, like Oliver! (another classic British movie.) Anna is a strong willed British schoolgirl and yeah zombies come. But it does not overdo the musical aspect, works it in with the zombie killing – favourite scene involves a bowling alley with beautiful lights and funny action! Overall the review will be positive but it will also look deeper at the British musical movie scene, which has lacked anything remotely good since this 2018 release ( a great year for me, never forget it).

See the source image
I cried during this movie, because it was beautiful in so many ways.

I really want to do more restaraunt reviews. I want to start doing them I should say. I also want to review more shops in general. You might remember my post from around August I believe where I described my day out to the Trafford Centre Manchester. A long and detailed post I thought, giving insight into products. It made me feel rather satisfied that day. I will get round to reviewing ‘Archies’ and ‘Players’ at some point in January. It will also be a good chance to get out to eat in a restaraunt, which I miss. Not been many chances to do that over the last few years. I’ll try and write a review for ‘Rec’ if I haven’t already… yeah boy, it’s another z movie review. A franchise. I smell copper. Milkman?

So, if eating rice and peas is your idea of getting high on a Saturday night, do it, baby. Do it good. Then, roll over the next morning into the bin beside your bed whilst having clam induced seizures because you opted for the all you can eat rather than the weekend special. Clam chowder.

Farewell To The Past

Almost as if farewell to the flesh,
is most certainly farewell to the rest,
of the year,
what a year,
a new wave,
of ingenious population beginning,
to take form,
make shape,
rake fortune,
and spread peace and love,
for happiness springs eternal,
Happy New Year everyone,
may it be such a lovely one!

Here’s a bald man playing a guitar for you to listen to and enjoy as we enter the new year.