Your Healing is My Healing & Other News,1%E2%80%99%20when%20it%20comes%20to%20your%20mental%20health.

After World Mental Health Day 2022 yesterday, how are you feeling today? I myself have struggled with elements of mental health and poor wellbeing, and at times to the point I could not get out of bed. At the moment I am doing okay, getting through each day, using a new medication which is aiding sleep. See what I did there? I talked about how I feel, and what is happening. The only difference with this is that it is online so you can only respond through comments, not vocalisation! The takeaway? Get together with someone and talk! Talk about anything and anything. Address how you both feel if needed and develop and grow. Need support? Go get it.

With so many people struggling it is not something I am happy to look over when I post. That is why I started this post by talking about mental health. Irregardless of the last two years people have always struggled.

Now onto some recent events in the world. I’ll throw in some interesting pieces too. The biggest news in Eastern Europe is the ongoing war in Ukraine. Russia’s invasion since February has proved to be a huge media sensation. But as us Brits sleep safely in our warm beds; how many children will sleep soundly as bombs drop over their home city of Kyiv? ~ The Kyiv Independent. Supporting independent journalism in Ukraine.

More news from Eastern Europe. Our Latvian brethren consider Estonia to be the friendliest nation.

But did you know that the happiest country in the world is actually now Finland? Yes, it is. It used to be Denmark, but Denmark now falls into second place.

More development news for Estonia as the Eu now pledges €354 million to boost the economy.

Well, talking about economy. Did you know the biggest cheese producer in the world is actually Denmark? Everyone thinks the Swiss are, but they are not!

Germany just celebrated its Oktoberfest! It is the largest of its kind in the world. Go to the site below to see next year’s adventures!

Crisis off the coast for these boat dwellers as rescue teams called out!

Well thanks for sticking with me. Those articles were what I found the most interesting over the last few days. I’d be interested to go down to the beer fest just for the sake of gathering intel for my posts! Pictures and all!

The book I am reading at the moment is Lee Childs Jack Reacher: Never go Back. They made two movies starring Tom Cruise based on this character.

As far as books go it is okay and easy to read and I am interested to know what happens to the character. If anything, it helps me relax.

Have a great day. Comment below with your struggles with mental health, and how you feel if you want to. Let us know what news caught your attention and what you want to see more of in the world!

Sundays Post – Wizard (Poetry, Short Story)

I have changed the font size to 13 to see if it makes the post look neater. I got up quite late today and honestly my sleep hasn’t been great since the clocks moved forward an hour last week. I am enjoying the warmer weather – although the other day is snowed heavily for 5 minutes. It is sunnier and in the evening taking a stroll around the streets with that warm refreshing breeze can really be rewarding. I also talk about looking after yourself and having a loving caring nature, to love yourself.

Mental Health Support

A gentle reminder that anyone struggling with their mental health can email the Wizard @ There has already been an overwhelming response from followers and from non followers which is great and the Wizard loves to connect and share emotions with you all. Times can be overwhelming and feel like too much, but knowing someone is there to listen can make the world of difference. Wizard is not setting up the phone group yet as he has concerns that it could attract the wrong type of attention. He still loves you all and wishes you to comment, like, follow and email him with any thoughts or suggestions… literally anything you want to talk about. Talk about food? Talk about your feelings? Tell him about your annoying neighbours? What about your clothes? Absolutely anything and he keeps it all confidential.

Next Sunday will be a pleasant day for me as I am planning to go bowling. I really hope to go when space bowling is on, which means they change the lights to darken the room. I used to really enjoy bowling but over the years stopped going for whatever reason. Hopefully it is a good day, it will be the first time in a few years since I went to a place specifically to socialise in a group. Being with other people is a sure way to provide yourself with that mental boost you need. I am thinking about setting up a morning coffee meeting group where people can come togethe to discuss their struggles. But time needs to pass and plans need to be enacted. You can always connect virtually, using Skype among others. They allow groups to connect and chat for a long time.

Recent News

The recent breaking headlines are more depressing and nonsensical nonsense. MP’s in England are getting a pay rise, yes, even as energy prices continue to rise year on year, as food become more expensive for less, how the cost of fuel has risen, the increase in taxes, the reduction in benefits and anything meaningful to the majority of people, still the people who can afford two homes, a boat and 3 cars and a personal chef need more money. The age of austerity, such a load of *******. We now have a huge international crisis in the form of the pandemic which is raging as a quieter yet fierce undercurrent which is being slowly but surely swept under the rug, due to the failures on a massive scale of every government in the modern world. We still need those booster shots though, because that reinforces any idea that the pandemic is still in force. Then we have the completely removed from the public eye crisis in Afghanistan, which hundreds of thousands of refugees fled after the country was taken over by Taliban. I guess they had 2 years of pandemic to prepare and strike. The media have completely forgotten about this incident or about any images of desperate civilians falling from planes. I guess having your country hiijacked by murdering rapists isn’t popular anymore. Then there is now a huge war in UKRAINE, that’s right. Russia launched a full scale – rockets and soldier attack – on the country in February. Tensions have been high since 2014, arguably well before that. It comes down to NATO membership or something. Basically, bald Putin doesn’t want NATO to tarnish UKRAINE and the fight is to protect them. What is more depressing is seeing dozens of buildings packed up with bags and bags of donations of clothes among other things allegedly going to support those in need. Did the war suddenly suck all the clothes away? Would a pack of baby wipes and talcum powder go amiss? Of course, there is nobody in the UK in need to those clothes, or that money, no. Instead, we are told that the homeless in England and Wales are lazy, poor and not worth helping. What about the soldiers who came back to England to find they hadn’t the money or support to live after serving their own countries?

Poem ~ Roast (Haiku)

Roasting a smooth bunch

Of succulent potatoes

To melt on my tongue

Short Story ~ Love and Hate

When you spend a night with the girl of your dreams, you end up feeling like you hit the roof or went temporarily insane. The next morning, even though she is gone, you know it was satisfying. Well, what if that woman turned up the next night, uninvited? That is what happened to this gentlemen, Gabriel. He was a quiet man who for the most part kept to himself barr the Fridays when he used to spend a few hours drinking with his mates in the local tavern. Living in the city had taken its toll on him. occasionally he felt like it was too much only to end up back in the office next Monday morning making small talk on how the coffee machine was playing up again. He worked in an advertising firm, they managed everything from huge McDonalds adverts to smaller niche adverts for dog grooming products. It was busy, it was hectic, but he enjoyed it for the most part.

That’s why getting that girl back to his had helped him so much, you see. He didn’t need the satisfaction of the sex, no, he needed to know that he was still that raging tiger beneath all the love and pain of his mundane life. She had the succulent long brunettes hair that dripped to her waist. Her waist had been rather thin, and she was toned, athletic. She reminded him of a model. Her breasts enlarged and squishy to touch, yet nipples that he could nibble all night. It had been a bit too much though, and he thought he had let himself go a bit too much, at one point riding her like she was his wife or something. But to see her back on his doorstep, plump cherry red lips, light pink skirt and darkened floral blouse almost brought him to his knees as his heart raced. It was raining, throwing it down onto the pavement outside. Her hair wet. Was this a nightmare or just fantasy?

He didn’t know her name, so he couldn’t tell her to go away. Gabriel made a fatal error, he slowly stepped aside and the woman entered the house. She had no coat, she had wet dripping hair leaving stained on the white carpet through the hallway as she made her own way into the back of the house, toward the living room. It was all too much for Gabriel, he wanted to tell her to go but she was silent, tantalising and somehow still as delicious as the previous night. Please go, he thought. She was no telepathic creature, nor a woman of emotions. She simply sat on the sofa, letting her wet hair fall onto the cushions. She kicked her high heels off.

‘Why have you come back?’ he asks, feeling his hands tremble and his heart pulsate.

‘Less talk,’ she replies. She begins to undo her blouse, revealing the flesh beneath. Gabriel sees a diamond ring on her left hand, third finger. What had he got himself into? She left him alone in the living room, standing against the wall like a mannequin, too paralysed to understand what is happening, yet prepared to act. The lady had gone into the kitchen and Gabriel could hear her routing through the cupboards. He looked at his own left hand, third finger, and he too possessed the same ring.

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*Please consider reading my previous post called ‘Discover’ @ . A story of a boy and girl who share a special relationship.

*My second Beach Town book Hope, hasn’t had the attention or reviews that an author would expect. I suspect because I made it exclusive to Amazon so it isn’t reaching as many people as the first book –

Autumnal Blues

Blues is good. Jazz? Even better in Autumn.

The autumnal leaves that create a golden orange hue along the cracked pavements of English suburbs.

Photo by Timea Kadar on

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  1. Persistent low mood
  2. Loss of pleasure or interest in normal everyday activities
  3. Irritability
  4. Feelings of despair, guilt or worthlessness
  5. Feeling lethargic, and sleepy during the day?
  6. Sleeping for longer than normal and finding it hard to get up in the morning
  7. Craving carbohydrates (or anything) with potential weight gain?

It’s called seasonal affective disorder. It starts to become noticeable around the beginning of autumn, more so when the days become shorter and colder.

The above symptoms seem a bit extreme. You might just feel run down, not feel like doing some stuff, spending day on sofa or bed and not getting dressed. I don’t know why weight gain is on the list. You might eat more when it gets colder and this is probably more of a biological need in preparation for winter than anything. Feeling ‘low’ can also cause you not to have an appetite. I experience the sleep issues more in autumn and winter. I have a tendency to sleep on the sofa in these months. Not all the time of course, but when I find myself brining my blanket to the sofa at night to watch tv, I know that something is starting to happen and I am getting ready for winter.

My tips for maintaining mental health and fostering personal welfare include:

a. Keep warm

Wrap up warm at night. Wearing adequate clothing in the day, including hats and gloves. Keep that house or apartment warm by turning the heating on. Don’t be afraid to wear socks in bed, nobody cares.

b. Eat what you ******* want

Yeah. Eating more can make you feel better. If you are hungry then eat. It’s cold outside and you want to feel better by indulging in hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken and fries. Good. Maybe you just want to make yourself a hot chocolate with some cinnamon?

c. Enjoy your time inside!

Yes you may sleep more and stay inside more often, but it’s autumn, cold and getting to be near 0 Celsius! It is expected that in cold weather you will stay inside the home more, and that in the autumn and winter seasons you may spend most of your time inside. Use that to create a routine and enjoy the little things! Read, write, paint, watch tv (there is an endless source of entertainment available!) play games, video games, cook, exercise, work, study, blog, take photos… endless.

It wouldn’t be a full circle without this ending.

Das Leben ist das, was du daraus machst, ja?


Today I saw the sky from my living room window

Today I saw the clouds from my living room window

I, however, could not see a point in living… so I gave up.

Cold meat give me my strength back.

Oh, wicked cold meat

You are so dastardly to eat

I cannot comprehend such a feat.

Dear my house cleaner



Now I feel like killing people

That is what my client said

My psychologist

The local bar

Price for a day to heaven

Two pounds.

After The Storm

pain and regret and lurking, inside,
and that staking heart, sure-start,
backfire, coal fire,
awaken your senses,
after the start,
after the storm.

after the storm,
between the eyes,
an empty envelope, by your side.

Before the day has dawned,
healing scars deep on your body,
infectious substance cast on that smooth skin,
light, oh, where art thou been.

Onward, forwards gaze,
refrained mind,
I don't mind,
who you are,
just that skies are cold,
the sun cast by shadow day night,
I've seen enough to put everything, right.

Pain and regret lurking inside,
thousand faces,
million emotions,
happiness, just bubbling beneath the surface,
Oh, man, see them fly,
fly so high.

After the storm,
comes waking light,
foreseen destiny,
impermeable might,
Your last rite. 

Hard Work

I’m studying a law degree, my last year or final year starts in October. That’s a considerable wait, as a big part of the course, the last assessments (like exams except all in assignment format) were cancelled, therefore leaving me with this big chunk of time. I’ll be writing, and I’ll be practicing guitar and trying to generally be a better person. I’ve resisted saying a few negative things lately after being pushed by people intent on annoying me. I suppose that’s a step in the right direction.

It’s taken dedication, hard work, and aspiration to come this far. I have other life issues and health issues, so me to get this far, the final year is a huge achievement. I don’t like to feel pride or boast, but I do feel proud. I hope you are all working hard at what you want to do, or are working hard in your careers! Writing for me is a hobby but I published Beach Town: Apocalypse anyway to make my mark on the world. Once I start working in law I guess my time to write will decrease, but my creativity and inspiration won’t.

This blog was started a few years ago to just try and keep myself motivated and busy with something other than television and phone. It was on and off for years but this year I’ve really been contributing to it. Like the slogan suggest, I write when I can be bothered. That’s one of the benefits of being a blogger. I have garnered many likes and comments, which I am truly grateful, but not nearly as much as others. My goal is to create a place with a variety of topics, as you’ve seen I do music, film and television, random articles, poetry and word prompts.

I was also confused the other week, thinking it was mental health awareness week. But it’s the 18th to 24th May. So 2 days left to make an impact. I’ve seen a substantial increase in the amount of people with diagnosis, and can’t help feel the majority have been labelled and pilled to make the professionals jobs easier.

Depression and anxiety are rampant, and lack of face to face communication is the biggest cause in my opinion. People can argue that it’s a lack of certain neurotransmitters, but call me opinionated, I don’t side with that argument, which is designed to keep big pharmaceutical companies in business.

I’ve also found more and more people with multiple diagnosis from say 20 year old onward. That I find ridiculous, to say have depression, schizophrenia, autism, bipolar? NO. Do you honestly think someone has that many conditions? It is also dangerous as once these people attain all these titles, they will argue to the death that they are sick and have those conditions. Concluding, there is a lot of over diagnosing going on, and a lot of unnecessary prescriptions, which is leaving people worse off.

If we are to help people, then communication, face to face support and good old fashioned love and respect go a long way. Reach out to people, don’t let them pity themselves or bring you down, at the end of the day you can only do your best to assist them.

Poem: Hard Work

A stringent wave lying over the riveted seas,

picking up the grime and dirt as it makes it way to the shore,

you have to be patient whilst the salt is filtered,

the dirt removed,

it splashes down on you,

nowhere to go and nobody to see,

only the box where you make your money.