I miss you,
I am here still,
the world spins,
to the dreams of the dead.

A broken sound,
your black eyes,
there is no road,
we are still here. 

My baby royal python Ruby. A normal 100% het albino. Less than a year old. I hope to produce some albinos royal pythons in a few years.

I am tempted to start a page dedicated to my royal pythons. If I start the page it would be a photo journey of the snakes as they grow and of my current breeding project. Loving the snakes, they are very happy and healthy, exception would be my bumblebee ball python who has some retained eye caps at the moment.


It's a lockdown,
a cock down,
a cock up,
inside and sinside,
all the women,
paid with fools gold,
driven away by my greedy soul,
trapped in this box,
now called home,
given too much to live for,
and yet letting it go,

I'm a bachelor,
living it large,
can't handle your voice,
rather sit in remorse,
drinking that fine liquor,
seeing my games,
thinking about life,
and wasting away.


Karma shaman,

Light seeker,

Truth speaker,

Darkness destroyer,

Good person conquering evil,

Standing up for what is right,

Trying hard to define that which is natural,

Arguing against the currents,

Fighting everyday to come home and slap yourself on the back,

Stop this lame excuse,

A heart of metal and a mind of wires,

You were made for life not for fighting.

Pity the greedy and sympathise with the selfish,

Pray for the weak minded and will strength into the hearts of every man, woman and child,

Don’t fall into a sea of doubt and hate,

Embrace the kindness in your hearts,

A light embedded into your souls from before birth,

Stop chasing the dragon and open your eyes,

Take a long hard look inside,

You’re not a machine you’re a human being.

God creators and dream destroyers,

Fatherless nay-sayers and worthless cowards,

Long lost envious and jealous greedy humans,

Masks of the faces of leaders and friends,

Nothing but burnable rubber, pathetic lies behind a cheap disguise, Caress your soul and plant the seeds, watch them grow for gods sake!


Flowing endless rivers,

waiting on the embankment for your journey,

empty pockets and lost soul,

don’t be afraid of letting go,

step into the waters,

feel the waves move you,

hear the chants endow you,

never give up.

The First Walk

Yesterday was my first walk outside. I was taken by someone out of town to a quiet trail, and covered 3 miles altogether.

At first, the moment I got into the car from coming outside, I sensed but didn’t really acknowledge something was different. Within minutes of the car moving, I felt myself panicking. I stayed calm and collected. But, I could not determine why I felt this strange feeling. I felt like crying and saying “take me back, I don’t want to do this.” It was overwhelming until I stuck a cd on I brought with me. It was a good idea, as the music I know relaxes me.

I wore my face mask at all times in the car, and when we parked up. On the walk, I kept a distance of at least 2m and sometimes more. When other people and cyclists would pass, I would put my mask back on until we were clear of them. It was a beautiful path, and endless fields basking around us in the sunshine. I enjoyed it.

It wasn’t all smiles. I still felt during the whole time, very apprehensive. I could not think properly at one point, and my memory and concentration were not the best. But I was calm, not panicking. I think it could have been anxiety, true anxiety, which I don’t actually suffer from until now. 2 and a 1/2 months inside has angered me, as the long term effects are going to be harder to overcome than the short term. For example, everyone who has been stuck inside should get some kind of support for coming back to normal life.

There were cows, and I took it upon myself to feed them some grass, whilst talking to them. They all seemed to enjoy my company, although at first they were scared. I also couldn’t help feel sorry for them. I don’t eat red meat, so knowing that a field of bulls is only going to be eaten saddens me. I wish we could all find another way to get our protein and stuff! Surely there is another way.

Here’s a quick poem dedicated to yesterdays walk, titled: WALK

When you show your face,

and get a nervous embrace,

let that anxiety fade,

kind of yesterday.

Thanks for being a dedicated readership of this blog. I hope to continue to read your posts too, they are fascinating and damned funny sometimes!


Follow your dreams and ambitions, don’t let anyone deter or hurt you. Never change to suit someone else’s agenda, be yourself, live and laugh. Explore topics of interest, get educated or start a career in a field you like. 

“Walk on the path that is empty and eventually, people will follow.”

It gets hard at times, harder so when you are pushed and beaten to the bottomless pit by greedy vipers intent on ruining the love and compassion that pours from your heart. It’s not enough to stand aside and let the darkness encapsulate the light or sit silent as the clouds block out your sunshine. It’s not enough to deter the evil whilst passively ignoring the cruelty that is so dominant in the world. It takes truth, courage, fearless warriors that are destined through their lives to lead and rise up and rebel. There is no violence to come, only peace. Peace can attain a thousand armies of justice, more so than the pitiful weapons of the scared. True love and insight is born from the seed planted since time immemorial. An angel guides you into the chambers, you seek your path and beat it until all those nay-sayers are begging for forgiveness. You walk confidently among the beautiful hearted, the caring and sweet tendered, musically lipped friends that you are safe with.

Fear no evil, see no evil, be no evil.

Compound 678: Idiocy

Lock down and shut up,

open your mouths,

we’re here to spray you,

no illusion, just atrocity,

compound 678, idiocy,

it’s grown since the son,

it’ll never be undone,

eat the dirt,

feel no emotions,

be selfish,



that’s how they like it,

but it’s gone too far,

the compound doesn’t care who we are,

striking people day after day,

can’t think for themselves,

don’t want to be empathetic to someone else,

holes become mountains,

nature becomes a burden.

It Happens

When you least expect it,

anytime any place,

it’s almost like a race,

finish and then look back with a beaten smile,

designer dog and expensive car,

returning from work,

wondering who the **** you are,

grasping at the nostalgia,

of days long passed,

trying to climb out,

of that sack of ballast.

Another Brick In The Plan

It started off a joke,

but now people have actually croaked,

there is absolutely no hope,

especially from the pope,

as masses waltz brainless into the divide,

wishing for their own control,

giving into fear and cowardness,

seeking no redemption,

content to be still,

whilst others will,

become the gem in the stone,

the light in the dark,

the fight from the start.

You See What They Want You To See

Whether cartoon, sketch, animation or reality,

it streams directly into your subdued consciousness,

the vibrations echo through your mind,

you are blind,

they say what you like,

you can’t fight,

exuberant and magical colours,

all coursing your veins,

box brain beaten tame,

so much shame,

in this mind game,

you’ll never be the same.