Writing Morning – Hello!

Good morning fellow writers! I hope you are enjoying the rising of spring. Here in England it is sunny, warming up by the hour and the trees are finally getting the leaves back. I am sat here now on my laptop and in the sun coming through my apartment window. I drink tea from a glass. I have no radio or tv in the background. For the last few hours since about 5am I have been writing.

This morning has been a writing morning for sure. Not just any session though, it was the start of a new romance novel and so far I have managed to write 8000 words, no I am not kidding you. It took me just over 3 hours. I didn’t even pay attention to the time and this is why: because this story is coming naturally to me, I can see so many things, so many characters and their lives and motivations and what scares them and I know what the story is about. At its core, the story is a love story, hence I categorised it as romance.

I don’t usually write love or romance novels or stories, but I will include those elements into my other works. However this story that has come to me is too powerful not to write. I would say the ease of typing it out is due to the fact I can see it clearly. This is indeed a rare moment, especially for me. I would write and write until I could do not more, either because I cannot see a way forward, or because I am bored. That rarely happens. This is a story which I want to tell and more importantly, is touching and pulling on my heartstrings if I am honest. It is about a mans life after his relationship leaves him devastated. Learning to live again, he soon discovers truth.

What are you writing today? Do you believe in love? Why? I will reiterate the importance of a writing goal or schedule in order to increase you productivity and creativity. It fosters good clear routines and can help to maintain motivation. Writing does not have to be confined to one project. I would recommend more than one thing to focus on, so you could write on wordpress, part of you novel, some poetry, maybe a diary. A writer needs to write and developing the habit sooner rather than later will make you more confident, and makes it easier to crank out all those words.

*Update – I have finished my writing session at just under 10,000 words. Incredible work in 5 hours.**

Eyes On Me

The blank stare of a stranger,

do you ever feel like the whole world is watching,

like the whole world is waiting,

disillusioned with the path you are facing,

afraid of that everlasting embracing,

ran into a line-less highway,

driven into the masked euphoria,

risen from your reflection,

in order to see which direction,

you have found.


That seed planted deep,

your weeping tears comes as no suprise,

a bolt of electricity cursing through my mind,

hands that shake upon the ground,

too enthralled to turn around,

seeded a fabric of my memories,

that I yet to seek,

a painted portrait already set on my mantlepiece,

it’s not destined,

it’s predetermined.


Passing over vast landscapes,

peering into the past,

trying to find what you lost,

hurtling onward toward great heights,

safe from the negativity below,

a magnificent white glow,

they watch you go,

turning into winter and spring,

make the world feel like a king,

trying to land safely,

shedding tears of joy,

not much left to do,

except to cry.


Full blown bomb attack,

crashing down upon you,

suddenly shaken, startled and confused,

they’re projecting onto you,

it’s like walking down a dark alley at night,

expecting to get into a fight,

you are cornered by a human with no feelings,

they lie, cheat, and treat us with no respect,

yet we are expected to show them kindness,

let them live in anger, fear, pettiness, repulsive existence,

as long as they don’t disrupt our lives,

but we wary, a piper skips through town,

carrying packets of rum and joy,

they, they, they are not the same,

even when they’re empty.


It’s okay to be wrong but not okay to always be right,

it’s a loop that spirals through space and time,


thought control,

big illusions in little spaces,

floating bulbs of light,

you’re on ice,

I was wrong but at least I’m not a liar,

that isn’t nice,

you’ll end up in the fire,

endless bounds pouncing upon Jupiter’s stars,

endlessly berating everyone with your truth,

a false flag in a fake war,

people will find their way out of the hole,

they will have a goal,

so they can see, you’re wrong.


If There Was More

Earth, where you fight until your last breath,

climb to the top of the top,

a place where the fun never stops

but wait, wake up,

you are here, everyone is near, what is there not to hear,

the world is turning, maybe there is more,

than mundane chores,

but wait, more than work and money and fear,

surely we can’t be here,

it’s like a wheel of sweets spinning round your mind,

you are delusional and blind,

wake up wake up, they don’t care,

you only get one chance whilst you are here.