Our Mental Health ~ Journey of Our Lives

Welcome to this post on mental health! Apologies for not posting anything for a few days too, I’ve been busy. I also found a free flight simulator which I downloaded last night and has been so far real awesome!

So, I collaborated with another writer/poet who joined forces with me in the above Medium post so we could each write about our mental health, particularly depression. I am not putting this in writer spotlight as it is not featured on my site. I would also appreciate if you could clap and comment on Medium to show your support and to make the post more visible to others, so we can raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with being depressed.

This last few years isolation, depression, and general poor mental health have been given a not so good reception, being completely and utterly ignored in those who need help. The system gives those with support more support, and does not support those in need with no support. You understand I hope, that the gravity of the situation is now out of control.

I once heard the actor Jim Carrey say that depression means your body is in need of a ‘deep rest.’ I agree, when you give it what it needs fundamentally, it can start to recover and heal.

Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

Trust no one

Not one soul built the land,
but a gang,
that built all of our land,
and that hand,
the hand of our nemesis,
the renegades,
they wither,
slumped in dark holes,
hiding their malicious goals,
so trust nobody,
they lie through their eyes,
they see al they want to see,
being a bee,
for they,
are alone.


Every path that I’ve faced has been ten times the one you’ve travelled,

every desire you hold strong is a thin string on my heart,

every dream I experience is your negativity gluing you to the soil,

if my vibrations could speak they would cast you aside,

motionlessly hold you back,

don’t turn back,

no destiny for you here,

but your lies sneak their ways in,

we all watch you believing your own sin,

love starts to win,

eager to turn your life around,

we’re all waiting for you to take the leap,

step inside our empathy for a day,

battling to save you from yourself,

oh, come and steadfast,

I’ve transcended everyone’s past,

then at last,

they all come back,

telling me my own stories,

and I sit and let them enjoy their moment,

painstakingly real and unforgiving,

as each strained breath and clasped hands,

you are becoming.