❤️💜 Albums that were released over the last year which I liked 🎵 ❤️💜

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Love yourself, as much I love you.

Archival – Fear and Fate (released 23rd April 2021)

John Mayer – Sob Rock (released on July 16th 2021)

Duran DuranFuture Past (released on October 22nd 2021)

Dream Theater – A View From the Top of the World (released on 22nd October 2021)

Nick Johnston – Young Language (released 26th November 2021)

Joe Satriani – Elephants of Mars (released on 8th April 2022)

I am grateful that over the last year I have been able to listen to these amazing releases. I enjoyed the music, because I like them all, so to be blessed with albums like this was a lovely surprise. For the first time I didn’t feel like I needed to look for them, they came to me. It is called the ‘law of reversed effort.’

Ticket Arrived [Joe Satriani]

Awesome moresome

I checked my post box today and I found my ticket for the upcoming – or should I say delayed – tour of Joe Satriani! Sadly, pushed back from 2020, to 2021, then to 2022, now to 2023. I feel like it is going to be a mind blowing show. He released Shapeshifting in April 2020 and then recently Elephants of Mars a few weeks ago on 8th April.

That means the show and the tour is fore 2 albums! Satriani confirmed on his YouTube pre-launch release recently that the show will be 5 or 6 hours to cover all the material. I have wanted to see Joe for so long that I cannot help feel excited already. I know it is a long time yet, over a year, and I will have another birthday by then!

I recently had my birthday on the 10th April, if anyone is interested. I enjoyed a TGI Fridays meal and a walk through a lovely park that feels haunted for some reason. Oh well, now I have to crack on with life and hope that God blesses me with happiness because I struggled deeply with depression over winter, and indeed for many years. The last concert I attended was Genesis in September 2021 which was brilliant.

Should I go on? No. I’ll leave the YouTube link to his new album though. Some psychedelic wizardry indeed :

It says Sahara, but from the album list. if you go to Youtube you can find the whole album there to listen to.

Sum <E|?

The sum of all of life

reduce your breakfast plate to an egg with some avocado

avoid walking in traffic at all costs

don't forget, that God is full of semen

and that a mighty sword is a jellyfish

of boiled lemon tek 

wait, did someone call my name?

Facing the harsh cold clouds of spring

there should be post at five in the afternoon

summing up 

https://www.wattpad.com/story/307873965-discovery-avenue – erotic/romance/love/danger/discovery short story released one part everyday.

https://www.elephantjournal.com/2022/04/does-life-mean-something – my new post on Elephant Journal!

New album by Joe Satriani – Elephants of Mars! Genius, brilliant! Review will come sometime soon my love.

Can You Believe What is Waiting For us?

When you find yourself surrounded by faint whispers of the end

searching for your body

and imagining a dream long lost

you begin to see another world

from the light and day of the garden

overlooking a resus

voices that kindly invited

you over

only to be so afraid

faint whispers from the end

'open your eyes'

don't be afraid

all those tales were true

heart is to be weighed

soul has been slipped into decay

some vivid hallucinatory nightmare

oh, God, where am I?

how can the sun beating on my face

no longer be sensed

but people fight for me

bring me back

what a relief

hell has no longer got me

could you believe what is waiting for us?

you won't believe what is waiting for us

from his new album again 😀 ganymede is the largest moon of jupiter and of our solar system. I can imagine sailing those seas might take some years. On a side note, sounds like a lot of magic was consumer during the making of this album.

The One

Better to live a life on the edge of death

living full of heart

than to live full of pain

full of self interest

simple method is in your hands

love to the end of time

and seek no forgiveness

where purity white strikes

the sky is full of stars

eyes reflecting who you are

are you enough?

does the earth shake to the core


Honesty and meaning

can you hear it too?

chanting of the invisible crowd

sonic power that is being found

dispersed dirty dish water

you are the fool

no, says he, go forth

look into the sun

realise what is being done

you are not on the run

you are hiding beneath a gun

making of your own creation

winds picking up speed

getting to church is all I need

crashing thunderstorm

flight fancy takes hold

has to get home

run, run

before you begin to become undone

untold and rich elegant speechless merchant

rich pastel gazing mental fashion

polo gimmick stick folly

have you yet to rest my wandering feet

perhaps all you need to do is sail the sea

I have come so far

yet the stars are bright

dawn has yet to render the night


standing at the final gate

is this a lifetime or is it fate

you can wait another moment...

... the voices are settling

instinct crowds are regretting

holding hands

shaking brands

hurting to live again

see me at the dawn of the piper

say to me, 'Oh, not shall you suffer more on in'

I hear that crack

thrust backwards



hello world, I can see

all from within

hearing the outside in

where did it begin



my foolish ways

now a distant memory.

But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

Mathew: 5:44
As you know I am a Joe Satriani fan, this is one of my favourites off the new album, it is magical.

Feel Me

I am a crumbling wall

You are my earth

Wizard of the Most High, would like to address you on a few points.

Firstly, why is it that winter brings a crushing depression like you could not imagine? Why then, at the start of spring, when the sun is out and the flowers begin to bloom and the heat forms beads of sweat on your forehead… that you suddenly feel better?

Why, in times of great challenge and uncertainty, do people thrive on hurting and persecuting others? In what God created world could such manifestations exist? Is it that negative frequencies and energies simply feed off the pain and misery and thus, they want it to persist, to continue indefinitely?

Yes. That is why, when someone soars above those depressed feelings, negativity, and begins to build a better life, a more robust future and develop themselves beyond any scope that those negative energies can comprehend, it results in various forms of attack. You have more power in the palm of your hand than any negative energy can imagine.

You have more power in the palm of your hand than any negative energy can imagine

Valley – mentions the frequencies.

Sometimes you need assistance when in your hours of need. You can at any time call on God for help and guidance. You may at any time fully delve into your emotions and feelings. Feel the emotions. Make sure you are not lying to yourself, or pushing it to the back of your mind.

There is still a lot of stigma around showing emotions, like crying, especially in public. It is worse I believe for men, who still get attacked from all angles because they are showing these inner feelings. Apparently women want men who are not emotional. How is that going to help society, when people keep coming up with these things, saying that men shouldn’t be like this? Letting go is not a sign of weakness. Being fully immersed in the experiences are not any sign that you have failed or cannot provide for your family.

You can only truly grow and develop if you allow yourself to experience life as it was meant to be. Don’t hide behind any false assumptions or false lies that it is somehow abnormal.

Aids don’t always have to come from some super all powerful God, although it helps. Sources are here on earth for you to try and experience. For example, you could go for long walks in the countryside or nature, go to the beach (my favourite choice) or simply climb a mountain…

The possibilities to help yourself, build that inner temple and achieve your dreams and goals are endless. At times, it can seem hard, but through independence and self reliance and resilience, you will raise your frequency and push aside those negative frequencies, both internal and external.

If you are interested in space stones, yes from outer space, you might like this post about moldavite. https://geology.com/gemstones/moldavite/ . Moldavite, nicknamed the ‘stone of transformation’ and allegedly has a dark mythology. Apparently falling from ‘the battle between Lucifer and the Archangel Michael, moldavite is said to have plummeted to our mortal realm in the midst of a celestial battle.’


It would make sense that space stones are to possess super qualities beyond that of any earth stone, simply because of the time and distance they travelled through space before hitting earth.

Sunday Round Down

The below poem is called: When The Heart Is Divine

Mystical magical fantasia

slippery slope of melting glacier

perfumed and tarted Anastasia

must have played the guitar in Asia

or suffering from a variety of aphasia

When The Heart is Divine was written as a tribute to the world of people out there fighting everyday for Good, doing the right thing. Not out of a sense of duty, but because they are genuinely good people. The people stirring up hatred and fear are in the minority and they are losing, they are very scared themselves and have taken strong measures to stay on top and to appear to be winning, but they are far from winning. They are losing. So stay true to your heart and know this;

Proverbs 15:3 The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.

He graced us with another early release.

Sahara: Joe Satriani # New Song Drops!

Joe Satriani has graced us today with a new song from upcoming album Elephants of Mars, single song called Sahara. The video premiered on YouTube at 5pm UK time. Again a surprise drop from one of my favourite music artists! Quite a wait until the release which is April. My birthday is April so good timing, he released his last album Shapeshifting in April 2020.

I won’t go into too much detail but the song is clearly painting a clear picture on how this album is going. It takes on vibes of music from different cultures and has a strong space theme. This release comes out of nowhere and I was really excited to hear it. Also, the new album name sounds great… Elephants of Mars. I really hope it keeps that oriental space vibe. It was a great song Sahara, and Satriani says it has nothing to do with a desert but is instead about a man in a sort of spiritual crisis, in the middle of nowhere, and his life internally and externally has stagnated. Deep concepts and a song I thoroughly enjoyed. It is rare I like a song first listen but this was boasting fantastic musicians which Joe has worked with before on Shapeshifting. Accompanying artists are: Henny Aronoff, Bryan Beller and Eric Caudieuh.

Space being the hot topic at the moment and Joe Satriani having used that theme before, albeit not for a while, is going to be great. Coming from the Alien himself I can’t wait to see what the Elephants of Mars is about, is there going to be a big story on Mars? Will he release more songs before the album release? I think so, as most decent artists are doing that before the album drops. The song boasts a catchy theme but has repetition, and this is something that I like from the Satch, because it is all good to play constantly changing patterns, but familiarity can be a game changer nonetheless.


You Can’t Keep Up

You can't keep up,
I'm smooth,
too damned fast for you,
too cool for you.

Eagle soaring,
engine roaring,
hopelessly ignoring,

My racing heart,
zooming past your stake heart,
time to start,
I know you can't keep up...

Don't let up,
to see your face,
in my wing mirror,

You can't keep up,
fast approaching the end...of the line,
your racing has been so fine,
I could do with a glass of wine,
as we bed...
our dearest race goodbye.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Super Funky Badass – Joe Satriani

Love this Joe Satriani album. It was released 2018. 2017 was a bad year for me, so to have one of my favourite artists release this fantastic creation was such a motivator! Things improved 2018, and for the better. I realised that time can heal a thousand broken hearts…if you let it. I realised a broken mind, heart, body, soul….can recover….if you nourish it. Amen.


Cheerio and catch you later.

Vale – amare – amicum tuum.

The mighty wizard in his glory,

glass lizard within the blizzard,

mighty father of one, forefather of none,

spiraling into the space,

climbing that staircase,

it’s goodbye for now,

you blackfly,

slickly sneaked out the rear porch,

full on scorch,

tempted by the lack of compass,

much pre-empted,

glorious choreus,

churned to burn another day,

burned and learned to dash dot and line,

with that pine spine.

Twas the night the wizard walked solemnly into the woods on the outskirts of town, frown upon his frozen face. His pockets lined with lavender and his skin dipped in honey.

The moonlight illuminating his path, each step crunching the brambles and branches beneath his cloak and dagger. Oh holy mushroom, deep diviner, singing a line of the universal consciousness.

Fear not, the wizard hazes the natural beauty, deep in the darkness and delving ever more into the layers of his mind. True to be find, to be awake, to sit in gods embrace.

Wizard has been knelt before the altar of the oak, burning candles and prayers, withering like a lost owlet. Soaring to unseen heights, cradling the hope and glory of the high tides, searing beneath shattered dreams and desires.

Twas the night the wizard began anew, waiting patiently for the dawn to rise, oh glorious high tide, see how I made your journey.

Resting my tired eyes as I lay on the pillow,

a silo of regrets and desires coarsing their conscious way to the surface,

and what have I become if not an idol,

and I weeped at your tears drying the river running blind through my caverns,

taste the air of the sleight of your might crying the madness so divine,

craving that luxurious delicacy of my sought remorsefully,

wizards days out gone for the numbering of the light has become undone,

built mountains of exploration and seeking second sight,

I need not what you might cease to forgive,

look into the heart that is embedded in your chest and tell me you seriously want to rest,

as this song dwindles and the fire crackles,

tackles the wind and the rain dripping my song down on a million unfortunate souls.

(It’s not farewell forever, just a break, so don’t worry too much.)