Building Earth

Water world,
empty seas,
cometh upon the planes,
a wave,
fire and ether,
crafting land,
vast and wide,
all of the fish,
and human kind,
so the day,
and the night,
we can see.


Tomorrow, tomorrow.
Sumptuous gaze,
bringing fresh roses neatly cut garden hedge,
for sun rises over the rivers,
a dew lingering past scent of depths unseen,

You say you want to go on,
I say the lost truth is paining me,
I saw the darkness in those eyes...

never feeding,
opening up,
tomorrow brings more empty spaces,
empty spaces to be explored,
trying not to turn back on myself,
you're sinking further into the night,
let go,
tomorrow isn't waiting for anybody. 


That seed planted deep,

your weeping tears comes as no suprise,

a bolt of electricity cursing through my mind,

hands that shake upon the ground,

too enthralled to turn around,

seeded a fabric of my memories,

that I yet to seek,

a painted portrait already set on my mantlepiece,

it’s not destined,

it’s predetermined.