Magical Thinking

Freedom of expression: can mean you don’t like what you hear. Magical thinking cannot take away disease or pain. Dash of reality for the crazies out there.

I want to talk about an extremely important and overlooked aspect of society which has become so prevalent and rampant that it has led to mass delusion. It has shifted thousands, millions of people into states of mind of being willfully ‘dumb.’ Now you might not like some of the content I post, and I can guarantee some of you might not like this post. I am going to explain what ‘magical thinking’ is, and why it is dangerous. If you think you may be offended don’t read on. I will even be going at my own belief in God here, so I am not exempt from this.

So, magical thinking. We are all taught basic things from school, some go on to further education and other gain professions which require a lot of brain power, like doctors. I want to start by referencing the above quote at the top, which I wrote. ‘Magical thinking cannot take away disease or pain.’ I think you will find every reputable doctor in the country would agree with that. No matter what you believe, you will not cure end stage organ failure, you will not cure cancer which has spread through your body, you will not cure dementia or migraines or any other physical illness through the power of belief. Nor will the use of special herbs or magic help. Magical thinking is to detract in its entirety from the reality. The reality is, the disease is killing you, and you need to get treatment. I am not referring to physical illness in that last sentence, but the act or being of magical thinking. Sure, supplementing is great and exercise is great. Many things have evidence and studies behind them.

Magical thinking is to have a need to believe that one’s hopes and desires can have an effect on how the world turns. The belief in ghosts, signs, patterns, that can be found. Unfounded connections, synchronicities. Thinking it is significant, which is what people then connect to real-life events. Because children are taught essentially (excuse this) bullshit fantasy make-belief from a young age, at which stage they absorb like sponges, with creations like Santa, the easter bunny, heaven, happy ever after. Other tools in the bucket of magical thinking include the idea that a child can be safe if they leave a light on, or have toys with them. The children are fantasy machines, and we should not be teaching them bullshit. They eventually learn it was all lies, yet they then have kids, and tell them the same bullshit. Why? As if a monster is under their bed. As if the light will stop someone breaking in an murdering the entire family. The only upside is that fantasy or magic can boost creativity in children.

Some typical signs are belief in the supernatural. Why would a house be haunted? Objects, people, place? In Middle Eastern countries people hang the blue eye to ward off curses. It is a popular object and I saw many when I travelled there. What about the people crossing their fingers for luck? I want to rationalise with them, really, but they are beyond help if they think that walking under a ladder is bad luck. Coincidences can reinforce this dangerous thing, like thinking you are looking for a friend, only for them to call you or turn up. Such beliefs can also cause the placebo effect, meaning that someone can believe something even when it is not real, like the well-known sugar pill experiment. We can go deeper into the mind of the delusional being, wearing a lucky pair of socks, touching an object for luck, being extra cautious because it is bad luck to rush…

Now the hard part about religion and God. I have that belief so this is hard for me too. But religion is full of magical thinking. Spirits, ghosts, angels, demons, rituals, hidden knowledge, enlightenment (bullshit), souls. Praying to a higher power for a job when you could go and apply for one. Thanking God because you won an award, sorry, did you thank something else for your hard work which was rewarded? Come on. I don’t see these people thanking their neighbours.

The second biggest magical thinking sector has to be new age beliefs, the belief in the occult, the belief in healing energy and stones, meditation to stop pain an cure illness, feng shui, singing to achieve happiness, the belief that money will come to you if you just ask for it, the belief that mantras and new age bullshit like pagan practices will somehow get you a better life. Although it is nice to think all of this, it is magical thinking. Just like the new age belief that you create the world, and can change it through thought. The belief that somehow the trauma you suffered and the abuse is part of a plan to make you stronger and you brought that on yourself. Listen, carefully. You did not bring anything bad on yourself, that was the evil people doing it to you. You do not change your life by simply thinking it, you have to actually do it.

I hope you can all understand this is a hard post to write, because it is so prevalent that if you try to challenge it, people become defensive and scared, When you accept this form of thinking as being counter-productive, you will probably see a change for the better.

I would wish you a wonderful day, but I don’t need to, you are already having a wonderful day!

Don’t Be Afraid.

Welcome to Psychedelic Wizard. This is a welcoming environment where you can openly criticise and reflect without fear of persecution.

I’ve gained followers, and I’ve lost followers, which can be disheartening. It makes me wonder if I did something wrong, or if I over did my posting. I don’t intend to bombard you, rather, to post a sufficient amount of content that I like to post and which I enjoy making, and which can be reached by enough people to potentially create a bigger following. So, losing followers although sad is understandable, if the values are not in alignment anymore. What I mean by that is the people unfollowing are not feeling the site energy anymore or perhaps are fed up and not interested. I always appreciate on-going support and want you to know that. I am grateful for the audience on WordPress. Some of you have been liking, commenting and more for many years. I just hope that I have an audience in the future.

I do get disheartened when I see other blogs with thousands of followers, who probably got that in a lot less time than I even got to 500. I have tried to post consistent content for a few years now, but somehow my post counter doesn’t even seem to be close to what it should be. There are occasional glitches in WordPress sites, such as some appearing ‘unsafe’ or ‘virus ridden’ even though they are not. I suspect the content on the sites are a factor, and have been classified as dangerous because of that. I have struggled to access certain blogs from time to time because of this issue.

But it brings me happiness to see long-term bloggers who are still contributing and putting effort into their amazing blogs. I love to read them and explore new sites and topics. It always amazes me how little they expect in return. I won’t name anybody but I am so happy to be following a few blogs which have been motivational and inspirational for many years that I have been reading. You may know who you are!

My Wattpad story:

POEM called Don’t Be Afraid. It is about the uncertainty and doubt that can create issues in our lives. Ultimately, having the courage to move forward, to triumph over the unknown. My other post Into The Tunnels is also about that bravery, in different circumstances

I was a child who was afraid to look under the bed once
there were men who used to say the most harsh things to women
life was a bubble that we all wanted to burst
everyone had to quench the fear of their thirst
or their last breath that they gave
as the doors were crushed
halo of gold dust that fluttered beside me
seeing the way
and creating no barrier
a sea that is devoid of anger
replaced with content

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The Gift of Art

‘Art is the diverse range of human activity, and resulting product, that involves creative or imaginative talent expressive of technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power, or conceptual basis.’

To have limbs, and specifically, hands, is incredible. Think of what humans have achieved using their bare hands. The greatest of buildings with the most magnificent of architecture, designed and built by hands. The most extraordinary of paintings, the work of Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel. The healing abilities of the Son of God himself, worked through his fingertips.

The gift of art is beautiful. To have the intelligence to create a piece of structure with complex shapes, or paintings, or music, is mere mesmerisation. I suppose we don’t give much thought to the hands, but the hands allow us to produce art. I would imagine that is why we are separate from animals, not necessarily out of the shear fact we have hands, but having the ability to use them. How many dolphins do you see attempting to construct a paper aero plane? How many chimps do you see writing Beethoven and then playing the violin in time?

Do you want to share some of your art? If so, comment down below with where we can all go to find that art. You can post anything from poetry, to stories, to paintings, to photographs and more! There is no limit, and to honour Art, here is the titled poem:

Where art thou?

art in heaven

colours and waters

structures and shapes

giving us the day

full of love and hate 

Thank you for taking the time to read the short post on art. I hope to see some of your work below, if not, then please like and comment regardless if you enjoyed the poem!


Existential and yearning,
evidential and learning,

detrimental and burning,
ribbon of love and turning,
braken the broken and curving,
slacken the gun and weilding,
fires so fast, never,

life for life,
from bone to ash,
to justice nigh,
crimez of defeat,
yet existential crisis,
is blooming,
from soil,
to high sky,
at noon,
from the heat,
of the run,
nowhere left to run.


A sea is a sea just as a boat is a boat,

and that boat rides the sea,

and the sea cushions each blow,

a few hundred men hungry and ready to go,

to sea,

being all they can be,

that adventure into the boundless waves,

enough to lighten any pirate day,

of course the sea hasn’t always been this way,

but then again…neither have they.


“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” – Arthur C. Clarke

“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.” – Ray Bradbury

Hello friends, nice to meet you.

…. . .-.. .-.. — / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. … –..– -. .. -.-. . / – — / — . . – / -.– — ..- .-.-.-

A love so strong, 
breaking through all we did wrong, 
pleased to meet you, 
let's get along.


And in this dash, dot and line,
is an art so refined,
it bends the seas of time,

Your eyes,
like wines refined,
aged in cellar of time,
look out you unfazed mind.

Love weep like a rose,
seep like a pettle,
rise like the ashes.

silver liAR,
pendant sacrificer,
eternal loser. 

Take your love,
roll it into a rainy cloud,
and leave it out for the proud.

Your eyes,
like black candlelight in the night,
a sorcerers unkindly delight.

Your love,
as infinite as the universe,
as cold as the black expanse surrounding us.

Your lies,
could seep through gold,
melt our hearts,
wake us from our slumber.

It began with an empty shower,
it'll end with you all losing power,
sleepless night,
unending days,
you slither your way back inside. 

Even if it takes a lifetime,
you'll be waiting for me,
even if you can't see me crying,
you'll be singing for me,
and I'll be breaking those spaces,
awaiting to see all of your faces.

Matter moves,
love evolves,
are lives entwined in the stars?
as you try to latch onto who you are.

Don't break a sweat,
live life with no regrets,
don't forget,
who you want to be.

Love last a lifetime of a thousand beating hearts,
crumbled onto your paper plate,
all it would of taken,
would've been a thousand seconds more.

Pilot - "Passing Jupiter, little time left."
Control - "Abort mission, all is lost."
You'll see that sun rising over the canyons,
our eyes setting in the stone light,
as night begins to merge with day,
yet you are still so far away.

Heavenly realm,
high as the sky,
dreaming up human delights,
casting down many days of blight,
see that angel fly into the castle tonight.

Unknown - "Your earthbound souls are entering dangerous territory."
Pilot - "Mission control, permission received."

Simple Being

caritate te ipsum, love thyself,

scio te ipsum, know thyself,

one must tranverse that great river before coming to the true side,

the dark and hard path that lay in front,

a mere illusion,

grapple with the demons and angels,

wrestle with your god,

fly around wondering what the heck is going on,

if the light is real or powder,

mere dust settled in an expanse,

carpe diem, seize the day,

so I heard you say,

but unfortunately life won’t always be this way,

that’s what I say,

so look up to the skies with teardrops in your eyes,

battles of fire raging across the sunet,

bring your cross and dagger,

and meet me at the equinox,

the journey to our infinite love has not begun,

trying hard to passion existence,

bleeding through the wire to find another reason,

hitting that height to just admire,

a word you could say,

quam pulchra, how lovely,

shoot across the rooftops at night,

skate into a secluded desert bar,

pull up a chair, prepare,

for the night is a scar,

not too far for you to find,

seeking your ways out of your mind,

that bridge to the other side,

how fragile I find.


What if you wake up with no direction,

see yourself take a long reflection…

what happens if you are a ghost,

and your shadow casts fear across the night pavements,

what if you saw me looking in on myself,

an alien, an image,

shone through the mirror to the other side,

would you cry?

If you knew what was really inside.