You are Enough

Hi all. Hope you’re having a great day.

After having a read through sites lately I noticed that the general negative attitude of people is generally being dominated by positive messages. I am enjoying seeing these uplifting and heart warming posts. Particularly on Twitter (follow me if you want: @Thomas87520559).

It wasn’t long ago that the timelines – mine at least – was obscured with such ill wishes. Of course a lot are real, insulting and dangerous. Most can be classed as bait, stirring up arguments among the Writing Community. Join the community by talking to the indie authors on Twitter. Thankfully a lot of people are waking up to the fact that not responding and antagonising such people is better. I was ready to delete my account at one point before the new year because all I saw was arguing! It’s not nice!

Well this brings us to the title of this post. You are Enough. You are, truly. Don’t feel like you are worth less because you don’t respond to the negativity. Don’t feel like less even if you do. Don’t compare yourself to those who produce negativity and hate and then tell you it’s your fault. Stay true to yourself. You are enough the way you are, nobody else defines that. So, no matter how much it might impact you, in reality it shouldn’t.

I love the above quote. You don’t need to feel less worthy if for example, you wrote a story but didn’t get published. You don’t need to feel like you are better than people who haven’t published either, if you have. These are dangerous comparisons. Sure, you have goals, aims and such but that is your life. Not theirs.

I can imagine that the reason that many people are depressed or anxious is because they think it’s a race, a competition. It’s not, no matter what people say. This is life and you can do what you want. You do not need to be wearing someone else’s clothes to feel good, nor do you have to be driving a sporty car, or running ten miles a day.

If you are happy to be you, then you will always be happy.

Aside from that I’m writing on my work I’m progress today. It’s a ghost story if you are wondering. Strange happenings. I hope to have a good first draft by mid-February latest. I’m not keen on working on anything else at the moment. Although I did have another story in the works, it can wait.

That’s enough chat, time for a poem. Titled You are Enough.

A rain drop

trickles, alone

along a pane of glass


Humble as the day I was self aware

the gift of consciousness

the gift to be aware

to think that people would try

to bring me down

to attack my crown

is a coal in your jewelry box

is a dead bird atop a devouring fox

... humbled beneath my eyes

your the one I see inside

so the dark days they pass fast

like Alice, looking through the looking glass

My WordPress Anniversary!

I absolutely love writing on my site and love the word press community!

I’ve been informed that today it is my 7 Year Anniversary

This is such a huge achievement. I never thought when I made my site all alone in my bedroom that it would still be running today. I never thought I’d have even this many followers or supporters either. Things have been so dramatic and changed a lot of the last several years.

So fellow bloggers, here’s my emotional tribute to you all! Keep on writing and enjoying life.

I hope I have another several years writing on here. Cheers.

Five Essential Writing Tips to Better Story Writing

You’ve nailed a concept, plot, character or dilemma and formed a vision of a beautiful story in your mind. You have it planned, or perhaps are waiting to unleash it without planning anything. I want you to finish your story and enjoy the process. From my own writing I’ve found five essential writing tips that will considerably improve your story writing skills!

  1. BE OPEN TO CHANGE – Just because you’ve planned a story it does not mean you cannot change the plot, characters or direction. Being open to change is really the number 1 tip you must take on board when creating fiction! Always be open to change, and feel free to change your story or the elements. Nothing is worse than being stuck in a chapter confused as to where to take the story because your planning hasn’t worked out, or the story simply went another way!
  2. REVIEW YOUR CHARACTERS AND EVENTS REGULARLY – Be sure that you have understood your characters and what happens to them to make sure that inconsistencies don’t exist; such as Jane with blonde hair turning into a red headed man called John. Don’t be afraid of taking time to comb through a chapter for these little cracks in story either, it may save you the confusing editing process where you discover someone has grown several feet or has managed to teleport across country with no explanation whatsoever.
  3. HAVE THE END GOAL IN MIND – Always, when writing, be in review of your ultimate end goals or climax. Are you working toward that? Are you getting side tracked and possibly creating a completely different story? If you have a clear end goal – which comes from good planning – then you will write your plot, characters and story in that direction. Sure you might improvise elements of the story or a chapter or two away from the central plot, but at the end of the day distraction shows you lack direction in your own story. I should know.
  4. WRITE FOR YOURSELF – Ideally always. Many writers and published authors will say write to the market or for a particular audience, but this will cause you to quickly lose your honesty and soul. You’ll find it harder. Write the story how you want, for you. Worry about the opinion of others later.
  5. EDIT YOUR STORY MULTIPLE TIMES – This will give you the chance to do multiple rewrites if needed, to comb out mistakes and such and to actually review your own story in full. After a first initial draft you should aim to go through to do the initial rewriting followed by a copy edit of the manuscript. You can pay an editor to do this for you, and then work with their suggestions. Reviewing and editing allows you sometimes to take a great story and make it shine like gold. It really can make the difference, allowing you to smooth out sentences and such for easier reading. You might find you delete a lot too. Ideally you’d go through two to three times minimum.*

*A point on the editing; writers tend to go for a developmental edit followed by the line edit, followed by a spelling and punctuation check last. After that they get a proof read.* This is by no means something you have to pay for. You can do all of it yourself, and plenty of resources exist to find beta-readers etc. that can help the process considerably.

Thank you for reading this short, important post. I’d love to hear if you have any tips you’d share yourself. Of course one unwritten rule is that you should have fun. So create the story and enjoy writing it!

Highlights of the Week [#2]

Highlights of the Week [#2]

  1. Poem Spotlight
  2. Movie Recommendation
  3. Book Recommendation
  4. Photo of the Week
  5. Video of the Week

Poem Spotlight

A short poem and beautiful photo to accompany it. This stood out because it was short and sweet. This blogger has some admiral words that I encourage you to read, and follow!

An honourable site mention – albeit not necessarily poetry.

Movie Recommendation

I’ve seen quite a few movies since our last highlight of the week. I wrote a quick review for one of them here 👈 However it has to be The Little Things starring Denzel Washington. I find all the movies he’s in, when he’s a leading role are always good. When Jared Leto stars I know there’s going to be great acting too.

A film giving you plenty of food for thought. A film with twists and turns. Do we know who the killer is? Who are the police officers inside, really? You have to question the whole motive of the films direction when things like this are questioned or not clarified. I won’t go into detail here, you have to watch it. In the meantime check out my movie review for it.

Book Recommendation

I’ve been reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. So that will be the recommendation in the highlight of the week. I’m still reading but so far find myself enthralled by it. I like how it doesn’t really stand still, it is constantly moving forward introducing new things. Like many of his books, it stars recurring character Robert Langdon. Based on the ancient and extinct Illuminati group that have infiltrated the vatican with intentions of destroying it with anti-matter. It’s inventive and fresh. It was the rage when the movie came out some 13 years ago now.

Photo of the Week

I chose my own photo because it’s showing the full force of autumn with the many leaves fallen and a layer of frost.

Video of the Week

There will be something here when I have something to upload! Stay tuned because I may well do so.

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The Forest

The forest lined with sky high pines

Branches that creep under the snow

An autumn breeze

Lightens the wilderness

Its stark emptiness



Footing through white grace

Our hands united

In passion

Love and understanding

Where nature accepts us


Tainted echoes of earths rumbling stomach

Ripping through the crevices

To flowing waters

South of my hearts

Content pain

For your presence


The forest is wild and free

I found my old memory

Sitting still on a wedged shelf 

Beneath frosted limbs 

Of their imagination.

It’s Okay to Enjoy Your Own Company – Why you shouldn’t worry about it. + Poetry

Find tasty Vegan cake recipes here. Perfect for vegan seasons bakes options:

Welcome to my site! It’s Thursday which means another hectic weekend of seasons shopping is approaching for millions. It’s been below freezing here for well over 2 weeks now, not kidding. Everyday I wake to frost outside and sleep to frost outside! You’d think it would snow properly but no, it just get really cold.

Anyway I’ve managed to snap a few photos this week of a park on the outskirts of Greater Manchester. I used a phone to take the photos rather than my 4k camera which I did not have with me.

I thought the view was lovely. So many autumnal leaves fallen. So much frost. I hope to get more photos, but I keep forgetting my camera when I go places! Forgive me maybe I’m too much in the moment. 😎

Let’s return to the title of the post, It’s Okay to Enjoy Your Own Company – Why you shouldn’t worry about it. You shouldn’t be self conscious of being alone or indeed enjoying it. I can think of several reasons – even if you can’t. Firstly you might think you are a loner or weirdo for enjoying your own company, or being alone. Maybe you worry about being alone and want to connect because that is what other people do?

Well none of that matters. If you are alone, you should not force connection if you don’t want to. Sure connecting is great, but sometimes we simply can’t. If you enjoy it, and feel self conscious about it – lots of people do – then just enjoy your time. I spent some time on my gaming console last night enjoying myself and thought about how over the last few years I’ve enjoyed doing that alone, feeling somewhat connected to the game and others despite being alone. Well, you can find that thing too. Being comfortable with yourself is what matters.

Being comfortable with yourself is the most important thing


The above quote is so inspirational. If you can’t enjoy being by yourself then what will happen when you are forced into that position? What happens if you never truly accept yourself? I like to break things down to make it easier to understand. Self love, self care and self compassion go a very long way in creating a nurturing environment for yourself. Let’s look at why it’s okay to enjoy your own company; taking the above quote as guidance.

Acceptance of who you are as a being – Learning to enjoy your own company means you realise that you have you. You can be the foundation, and if that doesn’t exist people might feel like you don’t care about yourself. Accept your faults, change what you can and know the difference.

Peace and forgiveness – Channel the love inside to bring peace and happiness to your life, forgive yourself and learn that at the end of the day you’ve done nothing wrong. Being away from people doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you.

There’s no rulebook – Despite what many people might say, there is no social or life rulebook. You don’t need to feel a certain way, act a certain way or even worry about anything at all. Simply acknowledging that you enjoy your own company is not abnormal because there isn’t a standard model.

Worry creates stress – Stress causes illness and more stress. Don’t sweat the little things, develop hobbies and healthy past times. Enjoy life! If you are self conscious about being alone because others are then that may well act against you.

I’ve taken the time to yet again talk about this important and rampant issues which at its core is loneliness. A brick in the wall of welfare and societal issues.

This site has some interesting points on the matter at hand:

My recent poetry and post discussed this a little:

In that post I highlighted how many people go without talking to people. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with others once in a while or often can be a great help to mental wellbeing. Of course, being content alone doesn’t mean you can’t share your feelings with people. Maybe for you a quick chat is enough. For others, just a phone call can make a difference.

At the end of the day you should not worry about enjoying your own company because that worry will in turn make you feel like it is something you shouldn’t be doing. Getting over that hurdle can reap massive benefits. Feel connected with yourself firstly is the way forward and people will see this positive image you have of yourself, and therefore are more likely to take that on board as a sign that ‘this person’ is doing well, because they don’t need people to feel good.

Despite my loneliness increasing this last year and depression – I am still content with myself and what I do. Even when I am alone. Granted sometimes it can be overwhelming which is what this post was conveying. I know others felt this way which is why I am sharing it.

A poem for the blog post! Blue Eyes

I see blue eyes shimmer in the lake
Shake shake
the wind shakes the trees
Leaves that fallen
To a cracked ground
Otters scurry around
Birds chirp seasonal sound
Hearts that beat
Or yearn
For the water to break
Us apart

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Christmas tis the Season to be Jolly

What are your feelings about eating meat?

This Christmas you’ll be tucking into some warm, succulent turkey I imagine! Although, nothing wrong with cooking any large bird, or having any alternative meats!

I’ve been venturing to different areas, some more decorated and in the spirit than others. I have my list of go to places for a meal or drink – those which are nice, have a Christmas theme going and are generally happy in nature. Unfortunately, where I live there isn’t many decorations around the town. Only a little. But I can always travel which is what I have been doing!

If you are looking for gifts to buy people, I’m sure you will have plenty of options. I found this site to give me some ideas –

Then there is the Etsy website. It’s full of great gifts and for reasonable prices.

The time of year to relax, have fun and get into the spirit. Maybe you should try out a Christmas market. I’ve been trying to find one that stands out. As I said I have my preferences for locations to visit, but they never have a massive market. Some places have mostly food stalls. My recent trip to the Intu Trafford Center revealed a small festive fairground with ice skating which I did not know about! I will be going back at some point.

I also hope to be able to do some skiiing over this winter. I doubt it will be on a real mountain, but I nonetheless want to. That’s a great day out if you are struggling with things to do with the family. I’m hoping to spark some creativity in you by sharing this post. A lot of people are alone and struggle at Christmas. Why not go out and do it yourself? What I mean is that if you are struggling for ideas on what to do you should just do it yourself because you will probably have a good day.

There are loads of Christmas pantomimes on this time of year and a load of Christmas themed shows. Not to mention the markets in the cities, although primarily food based are still a good way to socialise if you are lonely.

Don’t feel pressured into being happy and cheery though. You aren’t doing anything wrong by simply not having a good time. People struggle, it’s human nature.