Here it is:

Police? Law and order? Civilised society? Respect, decency and courtesy?

Welcome to the new world where the good are victimised and put in the minority, where deranged drugged up and murderous lunatics are treated like angels and where the government exist only to measure the length of their own trousers.

Corporate junkies destroying 3rd world countries, child slaves, animal abuse, torture and hurting. A large paycheck for hush-hush. Mixing and matching employees to a computer, computer says it all, even the direction you brush your teeth.

I'm the white star,
shedding a light on the dark,
bringing it all out of the dark,
letting the world face its worst scars,
and letting the damned,
be drawn down,
we all go down,
so let it be known,
that start,
the start,
it here.