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What are you planning for this weekend?

I am awaiting an interview outcome, which I expect to hear back from next week. I am writing on here, Medium and want to add another part to the Wattpad story – Apocalypse on Easy Street. Along with trying to round off Fist Fighting the Undead which was a little bit of fun.

Not planning to go anywhere, last weekend at the cinema was as adventurous as it has gotten lately. I did go into town yesterday though and bought a tropical looking rug. It is only small and I’ve put in in my living room in front of the sofa. I wanted one for a while because it is wooden flooring and so when I sit bare foot I want to rest my feet on something that doesn’t slip.


No pain or hurt or anger

searing shot in the eyes

you are going to reach the top of your mountain

where you sense the goat

until it flies over

whisk of air

you were never there


Ages or time that transcends comprehension. Back to a day when it was a life force, creatively made by supremecy.

Residing in the Pleroma

heavenly realm

divinity in being

inhabitation of the space

angelic and trinity 

The pleroma was a term for heaven. Aeons were the divine beings inhabiting the pleroma, consisting of the trinity and the angels.

The trinity is : collectively, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. We can see from the diagram below that God is all 3 elements. He is The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It clears up the common misconception that both The Father and Son are the Holy Spirit, a common misunderstanding.

Love, light, peace. Goodnight.

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Never forget the love imprinted in your hearts. Don’t be tempted by the dark. Ride the winds of destiny to unfold your golden truth.

If you cannot see where you are, or have found yourself lost, seek out the light within.

Her name is Lily

he sees white speckles of light in her emerald eyes

a hint of delicacy in those unspeakable lies

mundane existence wrapped around her frail disguise

a hand in the cold winter snow

a strand in the summer heat

couple so desperate to meet

too weak to see it

too afraid to believe it, exists

flower wilts

his towering guilt

shame and fancy

take the same form

tonight, she is his forgotten pleasure. 

We All Wish To Be, Peter Pan

After watching that most bittersweet of children’s tales, Peter Pan, tonight I found myself taken back by that inner desire to never truly grow up, to live in a world full of vast imagination and seemingly eternal happiness. The boy who never grew up. The adult who wishes to be the boy again. The conflict of good and evil and its heroic shaping of the human heart. I watched Peter Pan (2003), starring Jason Isaacs as Hook and Jeremy Sumpter as Peter. It’s an amazing movie and I remember watching it when it first came out.

Why do we all wish we were this boy who never grew up? I suppose any child at some point questions whether they will ever grow up or stay a child forever, that innocence of not-knowing their own fate. In the world of the adults, we have villains and we have something even more intimidating, responsibility. A child, most of their time, will not realise what such external pressures and life forces await them once they hit the adult phase. Bills, more bills, work, social commitments (God help us with this one), personal accountability, education (If they so choose, after school), the horrors of the media and news (If not already watching it), the vast internet, the magic of illicit substances, drinking and smoking, culture and the ideas of classes in society and the divide between rich and poor, the motivation behind their own desires, the temptation to overwork or not to work, a world full of completely awful things.

If that child is so fortunate to be shielded or have a moderately good upbringing in a fairly well-off family, they might not be exposed to reality for the majority of their childhood or teen years, sometimes beyond, or quite possibly, never, if they have the wealth. We all deep down in our adult hearts wish to be in a simple time, a place with no responsibility and where we had the glow and shine of being children. A timeless story and one which can be told anywhere and to anyone. Did you ever have thoughts as a child or never growing up? How do you feel now you have, is it that daunting?

I wish sometimes to understand what has happened to me. But, through the course of my life have come to the answer myself. I will never have the answer. Why did I go through this? Why would that feel so long ago, yet, it is not that long ago? Did you ever find yourself not wanting to wake up from that dream? Do you feel younger in dreams? Oh, how the dream has long played a role in our lives.

The haunting reality of the world is extremely disturbing even to the strongest willed of us. The attempt to blanket that with the use of fairy tales, and to provide entertainment and life lessons, is quite popular. One only needs to look at Disney (Who also made an animated Peter Pan) to see the attempt to shield children from the world and to make it look colourful and full of love and happy endings. Over the years, movies have changed slightly, not all of them are happy endings and ‘live forever after’ in love. But, it is not for people to make such movies, because children do need love and good to conquer evil and fear, otherwise what is being taught to them? Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, a desire of many men, yet, the envy of a lot of adults. To see beyond what is presented and to understand why the story is significant is important, ironically, to becoming an adult.

Please like, comment and follow if you found this post interesting. I would be glad to hear your thoughts on this, particularly, which characters did you connect with as children. Did you ever find yourself wondering, just how long ago was I an 8 year old kid, in love with children’s movies, oblivious to earth and your own ultimate fate?

Monday Roundup ~ (604*) (Poetry, Short Story)

Welcome to Psychedelic Wizard. It’s Monday which means most of you will be off to work for the day, some of you may be off to college or school. Some may be enjoying retirement and others might simply not be at work this day!

Mental Health Support

A gentle reminder that anyone struggling with their mental health can email the Wizard @ psychwizard@yahoo.com . There has already been an overwhelming response from followers and non followers which is great and the Wizard loves to connect and share emotions with you all. times can be overwhelming and feel like too much, but knowing someone is there to listen can make the world of difference. He still loves you all and wishes you to comment, like, follow and email him with any thoughts or suggestions… literally anything you want to talk about. Talk about food? Talk about your feelings? Tell him about your annoying neighbours? What about your clothes? Absolutely anything and he keeps it all confidential.

Upcoming & New Rock Albums

Upcoming albums that may be of interest to you include Joe Satriani’s Elephants of Mars which can be pre-ordered by clicking this link. It is due to release on the 8th April 2022. Joe has already uploaded a few videos to YouTube about the new album along with songs like ‘Sahara’ and ‘Faceless’, both of which are excellent. Arguably a rock album.

Scorpions have released new album ‘Rock Believer’ on 25th February 2022. An iconic band with some huge songs and albums. Bringing 80’s hair rock to the front of most rock fans minds with classics like ‘rock you like a hurricane.’

Ozzy Osbourne is working on the release of album no.13 after his last album release in 2020, which came ten years after the previous album. He is still active in music, both recording and touring and is available to watch this year at various venues. After Black Sabbath said goodbye way back in 2017, it will be nice to see how to pairing with Tony Iommi on the yet unnamed new album will pay off.

Red Hot Chili Peppers recently got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In Los Angeles they are even bigger, since that is where hey grew up. Creators of 1999 Californication and one of the biggest rock bands in history, have released their 12th album. Their newest creation, called ‘Unlimited Love’ was released in April 2022 is already no. 1 on Amazon under pop and alternative rock.

Recent News

The most recent headlines are quite concerning as usual. In my previous post I mentioned about the increase in politicians salaries, members of parliament. I think this needs to be revoked or at least given considerable thought to before proceeding. The basic annual salary for a member of parliament in the House of Commons is £81,932 as of April 2020. Members of parliament can also claim allowances to cover the costs of running an office and employing staff, and maintaining a constituency residence or a residence in London. Salary is paid for appointments or additional duties, such as ministerial appointments, being a whip, chairing a select committee or chairing a public bill committee.

The war between Ukraine and Russia rages on. Russian soldiers were recently poisoned en-mass by civilians of Ukraine. Russians have now allegedly been ‘digging up’ the remnants of the Chernobyl incident, which could have them in possession of deadly poisons in no time.

The Taliban having taken over Afghanistan have now banned the growing or cultivation of poppies. Afghanistan being the biggest producer of poppies. Poppies are used to create addictive substances and the group has made it clear they do not want that in their country. Despite what economic impact this could have, or the fact that medicine can be created using them.

There has been a mass shooting in California capital, Sacramento. Six people have been killed and 10 injured in a shooting said to have taken place early morning on Sunday. The shooting took place in the downtown area, which is packed full of bars and restaurants.

Tory MP David Warburton has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital following allegations into his conduct. Allegedly two women have come forward and made formal complaints to the ICGS about his behaviour and a third woman has also made allegations about his conduct. The allegations supposedly relate to sexual misconduct and a claim that he had taken cocaine. Seems like he has had a rough time, maybe the pay rise will help?

Poem ~ Raising Hope

Day she was born

there was a fire raging inside

her smile had met my eyes

reaching for the sky

a innocent glean most loving delight

Short Story ~ Waiting

We all spend some time waiting. She spends most of her time waiting. Today is hot and humid, under the baking sun in Brighton seaside. Lilies, her hand full of the bloomed bunch. She had them trimmed but is now wondering how to get them home before they die in he heat. She is waiting on the scolding pavement for a ticket so she can move her car. Her day had been full of surprises, she thought. When she woke up this morning, she had a call that her bank account had to be unfrozen by her visiting her bank to confirm her identity. She had that twisting in her gullet but she still went into the branch. Her Gucci sunglasses gave her the cover she needed to discretely roll her eyes, just as she was doing now, third in the queue.

Sun was approaching midday and with every passing second bullets of sweat beaded along her forehead. She had no tissues, only issues. Whoever stood in front, some overweight, light blue Hawaiian shirt wearing geezer with some straw hat. Oh, God, she thought, he stinks. If her hands weren’t quaking with adrenaline or wrapped around the lilies she might knock his fat ass hat off. Like some sweet moment of synchronicity he left the queue in a huff, waddling away. Her chest sunk as she sighed.

Now what! The man at the machine helping with tickets seemed to be using his walkie talkie, and he looked over to her, which made her shudder at the thought of him coming near her. One of the lilies drooped and fell to the floor and she stood on it, crushing it instantly. It was too much, her free fist balled up and she lunged forward, knocking the lady in front to the side and punching the man on the walkie directly in the face. Her knuckle cracked and the man dropped his walkie talkie. “I’m not waiting anymore for a fucking ticket.”

Standing alone in solitude. Patience. Themes of underlying rage and unresolved emotions. A life of misery made worse by the heat. I guess it was a high pressure situation and it got too much for her.

Thank you for reading todays post which has spoken about mental health and the recent news. If you liked my poem, then please like and leave a comment below or share, which is always welcomed. If you enjoyed the story, please also do the same.

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Stems from the soil,
the hands had pressed solidly,
sprouted from time immemorial,
to lands long forgotten,
a surging current,
snaking around your mind,
a creative daze,
you could always find.

Art cometh the hour,
and hand to paper,
a story from  dust,
to dust thee shall return,
to the pit of writers despair it shall return.

Night Shade

Wizard taunted at his return to town,

gathers magical tools and gear ready for his second journey,

not to the woods,

further afield, to the deep woods.

Night shade,

prosperous journey,

bettering intentions,

invisible touch,

mechanic mind,

precision aim.

“To the woods I must go.”

Wizard eyes high,

hands firm,

stance straight,

skin cooling.

“You must go, for it is written among the stars.”

“What is my destiny?”

…”If you have to ask, you shall not be told.”

“If you won’t tell me, Ill go and seek it.”

Seeking around a wet sand pit,

sinking faster than crumbling stone,

frozen in the winter spell,

hurtled through night shade,

coveted by moonlight,

beamed across branches.

“I need the guide, please oh lord, don’t leave me now, because it’s getting really hard.”

Faint whispers rumble into wildlife buroughs,

owlets hooting and screeching echoes across sticky black soil,

slickly sliding in and out,

unseen and untouched.

“I was never on a journey, that is my revelation.”

…”You were never intent on finishing your journey.”

“The sound of her laughter, kept me on the path.”

“So you too shall be aware!”

Her cries are unanswered,

her story ceasing to exist,

her palms shaking at the sight of the sunlight,

“I have returned.”

Her head falls to the pillow invisible,

he enters when her face is buried,

“What on earth have I done.”

Moonlight shines for hours,

the body empty and lifeless,

the soul gone and remorsed,

his hands caress her neck,

she is all but dead.

TY-Thank You

Thank you and goodbye,

it’s starts with the way we cry,

a tear in the rain,

dripping into my personal drain,

through the night I see you swoon,

heaven knows you’ll bloom,

even closer to the sight,

if faded candlelight,

warped visions of yesterday,

thank you for reading this sentimental ********.

Wait it’s not over now,

if only we could say “holy cow,”

that’s how,

you would know the darkness beating inside your chest,

would leave you guessing what you would guess.