Moving Earth and Heaven

Inside a river of silver

external chord attaches to soul

floating through brick and stone

white feathers the width of your spirit

you save

to be saved

It is nice when we meet someone who is nice, even if it is briefly. When we talk to another kind human, who clearly holds little to zero negativity in their hearts, who is purer than most, who makes an impression for the right reasons… we may stand back and take a look at ourselves, or be grateful for that moment.

What has been changing over the last few years? A lot of people being negative and nobody seems to have spoken up about it. It is like all the good people have been suppressed and now, they are finding their voices again. Maybe it is just that the negative people have crawled back into that small hole they came from?

I hope you all encounter kindness and love and compassion an understanding in everyone you meet. Do you feel like you need to do more for the earth or other humans? Why not volunteer? I literally walked into this advocacy hub today to enquire about volunteering and immediately was told, ‘yes we have opportunities and someone will email me.’ It was a huge relief. Advocacy is where I want to work, whether that be legal or otherwise. Speaking up for what is right, or doing what is right, can be your core motivation.

Time to spread the love that we should have been embracing this whole time, rather than sitting on the fence and expecting the world to go ‘wow.’ Moving and earth and heaven is within reach…


Melancholic, okay.

I'm a little melancholy today,
that's okay,
because there is not going be any miserable poetry.

I saw a way,
a way out of the dark,
a way to make a new start,
from beneath my darkened heart.

A path snaked round a lagoon,
gemstone aqua blue,
covers you,
your eyes on water,
as if looking into a glass soul.

It's okay,
to feel this way,
or any way that you want,
it's not all about what others want,
the brick is real and your vision is real,
seeing the truth is daunting,
escaping the dream, so haunting. are all the same anyway,
one by one churned into a breadless butter,
losing that spiritual connection you used to have with one another,
lost in a light and wanting,
so desperately needing the waned hand.

It's okay, you'll come around in the end.


The unthinkable,
a long word,
a long day,
some say that you are the way,
the way out of the hey,
my heyday long gone,
should you shun the sun,
instead you go on the run,
bettering yourself threatened by the gun,
no longer any fun.

dead and afraid,
losing your ways,
trying to display,
better days,
ultimate fantasies, 
seemingly open catastrophes,
bunch of honey bees,
more like moneys,
pouring from the,

Cool New Day

A cool new day,
rise up to see the new way,
such a glorious day,
a day to waste time away,
such a chilly Sunday.

No saints roam these lands,
no dead hands mold these bands,
an empty cascade of baron lands,
lands of treason and glory,
glorious drop to the knees again,
again, time stands still,
a cold new day,
a cool new way.

The Way

The Way

“I never knew, someone was out there, 
a long way from nowhere, 
who could open my eyes.” – Dream Theater
The way out of a cold snowstorm,
The perilous journey from depths of winter snow,
To thundering summer heights,
Oh, you are as cold as ice.
And in that moment, bang, bang, snap,
Try, just try,
Run away, hide inside,
Come and see what you have left behind,
You hero, you hero,

All night,
Drenched in moonlight,
Have to build the energy again,
Aries, flip of a coin,
So annoyed,
All but destroyed,
Losing faith,
I’ll make it out my way.
The way is calmer than you can see,
Until the storm clouds your dreams,
Until you start to realise what it all means,
Then it becomes easier still,
Waiting, turning, becoming everything, you hated,
You’ll learn the lesson the hardest way,
A stray amongst the snow,
A bear amongst the lions,
So, so tried.

I was drowning in sorrow,
The light dimmed,
Surrounded by black smoke,
A heart of anguish,
And a memory of pain,
Open your heart… Interlude…
Dragged from the wreckage,
God smiling down on me,
I thought it was the end,
As I neared my death bed,
I had enough life still smothered in hatred and regrets,
All it took was the smallest step,
The tunnel widened,
Smoke turned to water,
The bright lights of your love shone the way out of the caverns,
I see now, I feel now,
I’m not alone,
I was never alone,
The higher you go,
The more you know,
And at least I’ll go,
As I want to go,
Raging against the currents,
Striking each demon eye,
Racing to face the seas of time.

Words will never express the disconnection,
My eyes could never empathise the discomfort,
You’d never understand…
I’d never want you to.
Worlds apart,
I’m a tree,
You the lamb,
We grow patiently,
I felt the breeze,
You felt the knife,
We each enjoyed others delight,
Until our sight, engaged,
Began to fade.
Remember, this life,
Hell can spill over you,
You suffer,
Find the way,
The way back,
To safer havens,
Away from the nightmares,
The wasted days,
Each drifting slowly away,
Every drop of blood spilt,
Each second engaged in ill will,
Forged in fire cast over gemstone tyre…
Ever forget what beauty lays in your heart?
Do you want to wake up from the dead?
Did you ever get called from that slumber 
to be taken down a rough beaten path only 
to find out that inside those eerie tress lays a secret so guarded; it’d kill you?
A smartly written plan,
Destined for happiness,
Strung out in desperation,
Blamed and shamed,
You’ll never enjoy what they dare say,
That your love guide the way,
That your strength seize the day,
That the way was always okay,
As long as you did it your way.

Adventure & Self Development

A great time of change is occurring among humans. People everyday, every second are waking up, in every corner of the globe…waking up to the reality of our existence, to the true nature of the universe and the ultimate wake up call…the reality of what lurks inside themselves.

I’ve been moving from brain to brain, logical to creative and back and forth for some time. I try to use both at once if I can. I am trying to change for the better, to change negative habits, to form new ones and to become a better more rounded person. By developing the weaknesses I can strengthen my strengths and so forth.

Some of you may have read my poetry for which I am grateful. I have started to write long poems/prose. I can understand people might be hesitant to read that much, but I appreciate you taking the time anyhow. I hope everyone takes away something positive from my writing even though it may come across as melancholic sometimes.

Life is an adventure, we all go from a to b. How you travel that distance and what you do between those points is almost entirely up to you. I think connecting with friends and family, engaging in hobbies and passions, working hard, keeping fit and healthy and spreading love and joy are some of the best things you could do in this lifetime. Whatever your path, have the courage and the faith to follow it.

Lord knows…I’ve found my way.

The Way
True identity revealed...just in time,
porous surface cracking lightly,
love blister pack on counter-top,
hidden and can't go back at all...
all that was ever known,
everything you've been told,
temporary algae on rocks,
washed away to the sea,
a harsh truth to scrape your soul,
prepare for your end.

Watch this space for some more photos:


She struggled to find happiness in her life. She wouldn’t leave her home for weeks at a time, and when she did, she’d walk alone. Her life hit a wall, and she took a step back, faced herself in the mirror, and braced for change. She took a leap of faith, not to let fear rule her life.

She is anonymous> labelled X. X has been changing for a month, and in that month she has made a lot of connections, and met new friends. She’s had my help the entire time, she has been leaning on God for the courage to change and to do it her way.

She sits at the window and quietly thinks,
"Oh, what a life I am missing out on!"
No amount of television,
no amount of cursed days inside,
she has to get out of her own way,
the birds in the trees,
the jasper on the iron,
she sees the light.

Her hand guided by fate,
her heart torn by withering faith,
past the gate, a thousand pains,
leads the way,
out of the stone,
into the sea,
a droplet of water to you or me.

Eyes in the sky, to you or I.
an out of body experience, to thy,
her humble journey of self resentment,
our noble ambition to help her find her way.

At first, the lights are too bright,
at first, she is tempted not to start this fight,
alas, the fear has passed,
she's merely setting foot on the grass,
now she focuses on the day long passed,
as she faces the moon of the light of her candle bright.

Figure: "Fear, fear is a tool, not to be messed with."
She: "I have no courage, to change the day."
Guide: "Surely, as the sun rises in the sky, 
it must set again, leaving us in darkness. 
Surely, as the night meets the day, the sun will rise once again."

Let those reptilian thoughts melt into a pool of regrets,
get every single one out of that magical head,
decide not to live in mirage of dread,
your life is just beginning.

Guide: "Whatever awaits the end of this dark and lonesome path, 
will surely have you coming back. Your heart is a thousand soldiers marching through battle, likely you'll feel heavy metal.
"The journey is done, all the evil is gone. 
A sad day, a rainy night, no more cold lights inside your mind. 
You cease the day to embrace the moment, you see it through to the bitter end, coming at every sunrise...back once again."

A heart so cold, turned to gold,
your closed cabinet, open book,
a tainted thought turned into gemstone,
a twisted mind forced to look inside,
with each beaded sweat...
with each falling heartbeat...
every drop of blood...
every lonesome soul...
each pervaded goal...
each and every gasped breath...
your struggling steps...
the sunset...
the nightfall...
a coined tilted all heads...
once barely able to get out of bed...
every bitter end...
latched onto a better way...