That One Friend

That one friend who gets you

and you accept them for who they are

plans that could have turned to action

held back by fear

the bad people are coming

so we have wild fun in the separation world

where we drink and we laugh

because that is, what life is for

A Story of Trust, Survival and Friendship.

I have started a new short story on Wattpad called Apocalypse on Easy Street. Although called zombie outbreaks as well. Let me explain before we go any further. Zombie outbreaks is the parent of the stories within it. In other words, zombie outbreaks will consist of multiple stories. The first being the Easy Street story. If you understand then nod your head otherwise get on your knees for forgiveness.

The experience with Wattpad has been a bit up and down. I was reluctant to use it and am still a little reluctant to use it. It is free to use, but some authors have the options to make their content paid for. There is also the possibility of being published and turned to movie and tv which is why I think so many people use it. I am using it to firstly, create a story and see how it is received and secondly as a way to reach more readers. I would love some of my followers on here to go and give it a read, so I can be encouraged to either continue, if good or stop if bad. Soggy biscuits in tea anyone?

The story revolves around strong willed Ida, a 12 year old who lives a life under the watchful eye of her socialite parents. She doesn’t have many friends but is fascinated with her neighbour Kayla, who is 23 years old. On a day out, things don’t go as planned as it is Ida’s day off school and all she wants to do is blog at home. Her mother drags her out, and being stuck unable to even get off their street, Kayla pops up, being a known friend to the family and offers to take Ida for a while whilst her mother goes to town, to Ida’s relief. Soon though the problems in Kayla’s life become clear and things take a turn for the worse. At Ida’s home there seems to be something weirder going on, the neighbours have gone mad, insane and are attacking one another. The pair soon realise a once calm existence is overhauled, there is a zombie outbreak. What on earth are the pair going to do? They aren’t exactly besties, so how can they trust one another to survive? Follow the pair from the outbreak to the finish line, survival!

Thanks for reading, like, comment and follow and reblog if you enjoyed and head over to check out the new story. Many thanks, Wizard.

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Take Some Time To Treat Thyself

Love is the way of the brave

and fear and hate is the way of the damned

so take some time to reflect

into the pool of your soul

and treat it with respect

an unwritten command

the hidden commandment


I have been unwell this past week. Today I took the chance at approximately 7pm to go have a foot massage, simply because a) I wanted to show myself some love and care and b) I saw the Thai massage parlour before and it is next to that Indian restaurant I reviewed back in January.

My first impression was that this is a nice and lovely place. It has a good atmosphere. I was not expecting the foot massage to be so intense, it also involved working the lower legs. Most certainly feel better and the cramps in the legs have gone. I said to them I would go back next Friday for the Aroma Therapy massage. The kind lady then said I get £10 off . Absolutely amazing and I genuinely mean that since they say that they have not been busy today because people have less money.

What is this post about? it is about self love and care, something I do practice, but I never thought having a massage would count but obviously it does because I feel better. I actually had some human physical contact, the exact thing the human race has been told to avoid for 2 years. Come on, stop avoiding handshakes (I can however on the basis that barristers don’t shake hands, but that is a post for another day). Hug one another, kiss each other, do anything you want so long as you make contact. At this point, the lack of social interaction or physical contact is still present in society, some kind of love is desperately needed. Please, listen to this call and act.

I am excited that next week I’ll be going back for the Aroma Therapy since it is a whole body one, but I do not feel comfortable being naked, so hopefully not.


Friendship grows
Never getting old...

And sail away

Our past regrets
Memories formed
Time line skewed
Forging ahead
Quaking mountains

Make way
For shifting embraces
Fate touches us

Happy Pride Month to all those who celebrate, honour or respect it. (June 1- June 29)

An Annual LGBT Pride Celebration Every year, during the month of June, the LGBT community celebrates in a number of different ways.

Night Crawlers

We had it all ahead of us,
obeying what we could not see,
the night was rightly planned,
events unfolding catastrophically becoming,
a misty memory.

Each star a way point,
our path no direction,
we crawled through the night,
we fought to reach the end,
so many roads ahead,
we span around and around our own heads,
trippy mystical experience,
the night was young. 

Ceasing fun,
what is done is done,
out on the run,
running from the end,
our escapade blurred into reality,
begin another day.