Christmas tis the Season to be Jolly

What are your feelings about eating meat?

This Christmas you’ll be tucking into some warm, succulent turkey I imagine! Although, nothing wrong with cooking any large bird, or having any alternative meats!

I’ve been venturing to different areas, some more decorated and in the spirit than others. I have my list of go to places for a meal or drink – those which are nice, have a Christmas theme going and are generally happy in nature. Unfortunately, where I live there isn’t many decorations around the town. Only a little. But I can always travel which is what I have been doing!

If you are looking for gifts to buy people, I’m sure you will have plenty of options. I found this site to give me some ideas –

Then there is the Etsy website. It’s full of great gifts and for reasonable prices.

The time of year to relax, have fun and get into the spirit. Maybe you should try out a Christmas market. I’ve been trying to find one that stands out. As I said I have my preferences for locations to visit, but they never have a massive market. Some places have mostly food stalls. My recent trip to the Intu Trafford Center revealed a small festive fairground with ice skating which I did not know about! I will be going back at some point.

I also hope to be able to do some skiiing over this winter. I doubt it will be on a real mountain, but I nonetheless want to. That’s a great day out if you are struggling with things to do with the family. I’m hoping to spark some creativity in you by sharing this post. A lot of people are alone and struggle at Christmas. Why not go out and do it yourself? What I mean is that if you are struggling for ideas on what to do you should just do it yourself because you will probably have a good day.

There are loads of Christmas pantomimes on this time of year and a load of Christmas themed shows. Not to mention the markets in the cities, although primarily food based are still a good way to socialise if you are lonely.

Don’t feel pressured into being happy and cheery though. You aren’t doing anything wrong by simply not having a good time. People struggle, it’s human nature.


Everlasting love 
love creates
fear destroys... hearts
waiting for the start
of your life
in the fragile existence
of your mind

hovering above crystal water
remember that there is law and order
in our lands... which we stole from ether
upon the mountain
strung and hanging by the tether
of remorse

your burning heart
set alight by the narrow light
shining through your razor sharp wire
light of eternity 
beginning the fraternity

jewels, moon lights
necklace or chalice... delights
throne high so down
into the rust
rocks, depth

kilowatt manner power house
time to tame your plugs
for infinity. 


Deep thickening walls of desperation 

misty heart and love

the deception

shattered glass

broken pieces lay untouched on the sand

light gleams from its smooth surface

retrieving waves

setting sun

stood alone in the desert

heart has fallen from its swinging basket

reaching upwards

opening your eyes

waterfall of soul bearing for the saints

forgive me, forgive you


shifting the dream that paved a thousand nightmares



being in the present

I feel that lust rise from the ashes

as phoenix I am the storm

coming to reckon on the horizon

Thank you for reading this post.

Asia, Alpha – True Colours (great album)

When You Have Strength

Today I had an assessment for my course. When I completed it I decided to go into town and get some coffee. Upon returning home, I decided to go back out to this huge park I have been planning to go to for a while. It is approximately 1.3 miles from where I live.

Trying to get there was more effort than I thought. I get anxious when I go to places I am not familiar with. It is also very cold and windy and I only had a hoodie. I did have walking shoes though which helped support the feet. So, all the pain was in the face. I had a bit of struggle to find it at first. When I did find it, it was such a relief for my anxiety. You see, I had to cross a big road, a sort of mega intersection and these areas cause me a lot of stress.

Upon arriving at the park I was immediately taken back by the shear size of it, even from the entrance you can tell it is huge. Unfortunately the café shut at 4pm and I was there around 4:30pm. I decided to follow the path that seemed to go from the entrance right through the middle It took me all the way round, with some old buildings and ponds. It is a memorial park so a lot of benches dedicated to the deceased. There were multiple grass trails and pavement routes but I was intent and satisfied to simply loop it. All in all, I was there about an hour walking. There is a few sections which are particularly nice and relaxing, simple because they have maintained flowers beds and hedges. There was plenty of dogwalkers. It also rained briefly so I bet I looked quite funky inn my sunglasses.

For fun there is a few bowling greens, a café, museum – which apparently is closed down – a park for kids, old buildings to look at, ponds to look at, lots of paths and a yew maze. You can see over part of the town and city as the park it quite high up. Aside from the cold weather I enjoyed it a lot. I made a plan to go and I enacted it.

Altogether it was about 3 miles there and back amounting to about 40 minutes walking there and back. I have been trying to increase the exercise I do. I am also looking at getting a bike, so the park is the perfect place to go. Also, there was a cool section involving a cobble path which led under a bridge. Apparently the architect of the hall there was Thomas Harrison which I found to be a cool coincidence.

Since it was a memorial park, it did bring back memories of my own, some painful. I think places like that do have a melancholy feel, not the fault of the land, but being memorial is a place where people can ‘remember.’ I think I had a feeling of, ‘I wish certain people could be here with me.’ It wasn’t that I was alone that bothered me, but the feeling that I could have shared that with someone, who may not be here now. I suppose it is part of grief and we all carry that at some point. I suppose walking is good for mental health so taking that step is important. I encourage anyone to wrap up warm and do the same, grab a walking buddy if you have a friend or family member who might be interested.

How do you feel about this? What walks have you been on lately? Thank you for reading. I really appreciate all the support from you, it means so much to have people liking my posts and more importantly, reading them.

Song of Hope, the Song of Joy

This is the song of hope and joy

fatal slipping through

carcass and abyss

surrounded by evil beings

not to be point

but to be pointed at

repentance and sin

brutally washing away





come along

join the fun

a broken mind that sees disaster

all of the bad people


you pray for them

be well

taking forces on that cannot care

will not

wither in your ways

live life in the way

sunrise and sunny days.


Friendship grows
Never getting old...

And sail away

Our past regrets
Memories formed
Time line skewed
Forging ahead
Quaking mountains

Make way
For shifting embraces
Fate touches us

Happy Pride Month to all those who celebrate, honour or respect it. (June 1- June 29)

An Annual LGBT Pride Celebration Every year, during the month of June, the LGBT community celebrates in a number of different ways.


"Lay thou tired head to rest."

Thrown into the smoothness
all I asked for was forgiveness
a head full of smoke
my pipe on the ground
as I long to look around
for you
you feel mad
I feel you
seeking desperate rage
against a stone
falling through clouds
thinking aloud
in the mind storm
red raw door
where the crows caw
where darkness befall
the eye that seeketh the rough
acting tough
melting inside
being outside
open your eyes.


Night Crawlers

We had it all ahead of us,
obeying what we could not see,
the night was rightly planned,
events unfolding catastrophically becoming,
a misty memory.

Each star a way point,
our path no direction,
we crawled through the night,
we fought to reach the end,
so many roads ahead,
we span around and around our own heads,
trippy mystical experience,
the night was young. 

Ceasing fun,
what is done is done,
out on the run,
running from the end,
our escapade blurred into reality,
begin another day.

The Wizard is Purple

Have the courage to change,
and the faith to do it your way.

A lost light,
a lingering thought,
a fleeting hope,
the sounds of your laughter.

Torn from heaven and cast down to earth,
fallen from grace,
the path is narrow,
the veil thin,
like a river running into the ocean,
let yourself go,
forgive yourself.

Purple heart,
golden aura,
faith sheild,
sword of spirit,
a world away.

Shared dreams,
vivid connections,
dancing rainbows,
and groomed stables,
becoming untoward...

You are only as dark as your emotions,
and as light as your courage,
so pummel onward,
forgo the pitstops,
slow down, 
look around,
it's all a numbers game anyway.

Have the wisdom to embrace the day,
the intuition to face it your way,
and the deity recall your breath.