Harappa ! Restaurant Reviews!


My first restaurant review and my first Indian restaurant visit for many years! Wow, incredible food and service. I have not been out for a meal since November, and that was the first in over 2 years I believe.

Overall it was a good quality restaurant with good timely service. However, the restaurant was empty, my guest and I the only two in there. Also, there appeared to be no central heating and the restaurant used portable heaters. Not very good and it was cold given it is winter, the heaters appeared to do little. This is really the only downside.

Like I said I have not been out to a restaurant like this for years. So, price wise I did not know what to expect. It ended up being £48 abouts for two people. It was also, to my surprise, two for one Tuesdays! Wow, what a coincidence. Apparently that was on main courses. I think drinks cranked up the prices as I had two sparkling waters and a coke. They did not add a service charge on and on the bill it said we are welcome to add that on, very good.

I ordered the most spicy version of this garlic chicken masala dish which came under some variety of fusion dish. It was extremely spicy which is what I like. I also ordered chips with this and some garlic naan bread. I had vegetable samosa for starters which was lovely, and prior to that some poppadoms with plenty of side sauces. I think the portions were massive, I even took a lot back home with me!

For the price there was enough food for 4 people in honesty. It was cooked well and not overpowering. I enjoyed the consistency of it too. Vegetable samosa was perfect, my guest had some variety of halloumi in a wrap. The restaurant was empty, only 2 men turned up when we were leaving so I can tell from previous that weekends are busier, as when I have walked past at night in the past it has been rammed.

Overall I will rate the food, the price, the service and the actual restaraunt.

The decor was consistent with Indian, it had some variety of bollywoof music playing. Led lights were used to good effect and dark green and red were used as the colours to the chairs and the napkins. Service was good, waiters friendly and rather than bringing things out when we were not ready, instead let us wait and then we could ask to have our main courses.

You can see part of my anatomy on the pictures, so don’t worry that is me, not my female guest. Back to the restaurant, it was cold and I felt like why would such a popular place not invest in central heating. There was one electric heater attached to a wall and portable heaters, I could not feel it as they placed it next to my guest rather than in the middle of us, I suppose if it were too much of a problem I could request a discount. But, it turned out to be 2 for one Tuesdays. Apparently that is on the main course. Drinks were as expected, coke with lemon and ice and 2 sparkling waters. The restaurant actually has a statement on the menu that you can bring your own beer and wine if you book. I did book a table despite knowing it would be quiet, simply because formality bears all good things. I also wore my suit trousers with black brogues and a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, as seen in the picture.

Okay, here goes:

FOOD: 4/5

PRICE: 4/5


RESTAURANT: 4/5 Good theme, music and atmosphere. (thought I could smell incense at one point)

Temperature: 2/5 Considering it is winter, the restaurant should be keeping it warm.

I recommend the Harappa Indian restaurant in Stockport, Cheshire/Greater Manchester as an evening to enjoy good quality food. Recommend going on a busy evening as although it was empty, I felt like more people would have boosted the atmosphere. 🙂