Everlasting love 
love creates
fear destroys... hearts
waiting for the start
of your life
in the fragile existence
of your mind

hovering above crystal water
remember that there is law and order
in our lands... which we stole from ether
upon the mountain
strung and hanging by the tether
of remorse

your burning heart
set alight by the narrow light
shining through your razor sharp wire
light of eternity 
beginning the fraternity

jewels, moon lights
necklace or chalice... delights
throne high so down
into the rust
rocks, depth

kilowatt manner power house
time to tame your plugs
for infinity. 

Her Smile

There's a boy with a million to one chance
his eyes are closed, he is waiting
yet he knows
and he turns
to see his mothers smile
so wide and caring
the moment created in time
ceases to fade
all but decades have passed
and he cherishes
that fleeting glimpse
now the boy has grown
and the mother has gone
but the smile remains
what was done, was done.

Many Years Ago

uniform, cradled desire

transfigurative deceptive, reliance

who do you see when you stroke the night and wish upon her that all is to be 'well'

a glass chalice glistened under my palm said that I could stare into your heart

as motions kiss beckons on my lips she who called upon me

back in the wind of my grace I see I fell unto you

when time rolled and transcended mirrored ghosts 

give you say, be freed from the anxieties of your awakened existence

move forth into the battle zone, paced not for war but for joy

I'm sat here alone surrounded by a brilliant white light a love so bright

is it time to go but no I sit here not to see the day end but feel a rapture

could it have lasted an eternity?

friendship, family does not dwell on the lips it suffers in the gullet

The Hurting Child (Sonnet)

To be born from the womb of the mother

who has not developed a bond to love

with the child who sits in the darkened room

alone and counting the days blend to night

or call on the God to answer his call

a solemn melancholy denial

of the hurt and lackluster suffering

that broke his soul to reach into the pit...

where he could reveal the brilliant beauty

the face of an angel sent from aether

"hold my hand tight" and let me be loved now

where the swan graces the shimmer of lake

feather dropped onto the brimstone water

secret boundary, eternal longing


How do you feel about forgiveness?

it lingers on my lips

like your quick whipped stilted humour

favouring the valley of sand

where water cannot expand

and each atom

shaking violently

into the rivers hidden

beneath our longing haze

where even angels, learn to play.

Child Abuse ~ Hard Silence

A single moment in a child life can cast a shadow that will stay a lifetime. Child abuse is an often quiet, silent abuse in which the children are often ignored and very frequently gaslighted. The children may be labelled liars, which is to diminish instantly anything they say.

Let me state my position on this awful and yet somehow ongoing issues in the modern world. Anyone calling a child a liar should automatically be registered on a watch dog type register with government. Then, they should be investigated using social workers. If it transpires that they are telling the truth, which I find hard to believe, then of course move on. But keep them on the register and provide support to the children. Because as the case may be, the child is all too afraid to speak out. Also, why would it be better to believe the adult? I have never met a child that lies, consistently. The occasional lie I can understand, it is part of natural development for a child to lie to understand if it is wrong.

Then the fear element is engaged. Abused children wouldn’t be instantly taken from abusive parents if an allegation is made, as far as I am aware. ‘Authorities’ get involved and this can take some time. Perhaps if there is instant support and the child is removed, that would help. I have yet to see this happen myself, although it probably is, but not frequently.

It is still rampant and although the media has shoved articles and news down our throats about abusive relationships, domestic abuse to women, and abusive partners, during lockdown… it failed to mention child abuse. Do you think a woman is the only abused person in a house with children? Do you think the real issue was child abuse as opposed to abuse of women? Are you seriously telling me that during the lockdown in which schools, day care and others were shut that absolutely no children suffered abuse of any kind? Give me a break. It is under reported and hidden away because if people really knew how common this crime was then they might think differently about ‘lovely society’ or those abusive parents at school they met. Schools are an issue in themselves, often not caring as much as they claim. When cases of abuse are exposed the usual line of programming is ‘they are shocked and will work to make sure this never happens again.’ Rhetoric. If they did something, child abuse would have ceased hundred of years ago.

Having experienced child abuse, these children can often go on to use drugs and alcohol and develop mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. It might lead to more serious conditions like disassociation disorders – where the pain is too much so they disconnect from the body. In that situation, you might wonder how on earth they could ever get help if they can’t even remember the abuse. Those are the most serious cases, sadly I have read about them. It results in post traumatic stress disorder {PTSD} which can further impact a child. Flashbacks and feelings of reliving the events will seriously impact them. It does not matter how long it goes on, but that it will impact them for the rest of their lives. They can use coping mechanisms and may need medication to help. It impacts their wellbeing, sense of self and lot of people commit suicide because of the abuse. Many adults who experienced abuse as children may avoid talking about it or become very distressed or upset when asked about it.

The child has low self-esteem from the abuse. If it revolves around mental abuse, they will grow up with distorted perceptions of themselves, often not having confidence, feeling like they are not good enough or having emotional and relationship issues which might mean they prefer to stay alone. A hard silence they endure. If everyone spoke about the abuse they suffered, and I suspect it is very common, then it would be more than 1,000,000 people I suspect. Although the law prevents people from physically attacking people, it does not criminalise physical punishment on children. What this means is that, they can in fact physically hurt them and class it as ‘punishment’ for bad behaviour. Look at the article below.

I am not surprised that it is not law already. Can you believe people oppose this? They think punishment should be left to parents. Well, I have news for you, delusional political statues, any form of violence – mental and physical – is abuse and is disgusting. What you are really doing by opposing it, is saying quite obviously that you condone that behaviour. Do you realise what is being done to these children? Do you think slapping a 4 year old child across the face is acceptable? You might want to keep the dangerous cycle of child abuse in society, but I don’t.

What do you think? If I ever see someone hit a child, and yes it is more common than you think especially in public {disgusting} then I will and do speak out against it I would encourage you all to consider taking a stand if you see it.

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When You Have Strength

Today I had an assessment for my course. When I completed it I decided to go into town and get some coffee. Upon returning home, I decided to go back out to this huge park I have been planning to go to for a while. It is approximately 1.3 miles from where I live.

Trying to get there was more effort than I thought. I get anxious when I go to places I am not familiar with. It is also very cold and windy and I only had a hoodie. I did have walking shoes though which helped support the feet. So, all the pain was in the face. I had a bit of struggle to find it at first. When I did find it, it was such a relief for my anxiety. You see, I had to cross a big road, a sort of mega intersection and these areas cause me a lot of stress.

Upon arriving at the park I was immediately taken back by the shear size of it, even from the entrance you can tell it is huge. Unfortunately the café shut at 4pm and I was there around 4:30pm. I decided to follow the path that seemed to go from the entrance right through the middle It took me all the way round, with some old buildings and ponds. It is a memorial park so a lot of benches dedicated to the deceased. There were multiple grass trails and pavement routes but I was intent and satisfied to simply loop it. All in all, I was there about an hour walking. There is a few sections which are particularly nice and relaxing, simple because they have maintained flowers beds and hedges. There was plenty of dogwalkers. It also rained briefly so I bet I looked quite funky inn my sunglasses.

For fun there is a few bowling greens, a café, museum – which apparently is closed down – a park for kids, old buildings to look at, ponds to look at, lots of paths and a yew maze. You can see over part of the town and city as the park it quite high up. Aside from the cold weather I enjoyed it a lot. I made a plan to go and I enacted it.

Altogether it was about 3 miles there and back amounting to about 40 minutes walking there and back. I have been trying to increase the exercise I do. I am also looking at getting a bike, so the park is the perfect place to go. Also, there was a cool section involving a cobble path which led under a bridge. Apparently the architect of the hall there was Thomas Harrison which I found to be a cool coincidence.

Since it was a memorial park, it did bring back memories of my own, some painful. I think places like that do have a melancholy feel, not the fault of the land, but being memorial is a place where people can ‘remember.’ I think I had a feeling of, ‘I wish certain people could be here with me.’ It wasn’t that I was alone that bothered me, but the feeling that I could have shared that with someone, who may not be here now. I suppose it is part of grief and we all carry that at some point. I suppose walking is good for mental health so taking that step is important. I encourage anyone to wrap up warm and do the same, grab a walking buddy if you have a friend or family member who might be interested.

How do you feel about this? What walks have you been on lately? Thank you for reading. I really appreciate all the support from you, it means so much to have people liking my posts and more importantly, reading them.

Song of Hope, the Song of Joy

This is the song of hope and joy

fatal slipping through

carcass and abyss

surrounded by evil beings

not to be point

but to be pointed at

repentance and sin

brutally washing away





come along

join the fun

a broken mind that sees disaster

all of the bad people


you pray for them

be well

taking forces on that cannot care

will not

wither in your ways

live life in the way

sunrise and sunny days.

The Wizard is Purple

Have the courage to change,
and the faith to do it your way.

A lost light,
a lingering thought,
a fleeting hope,
the sounds of your laughter.

Torn from heaven and cast down to earth,
fallen from grace,
the path is narrow,
the veil thin,
like a river running into the ocean,
let yourself go,
forgive yourself.

Purple heart,
golden aura,
faith sheild,
sword of spirit,
a world away.

Shared dreams,
vivid connections,
dancing rainbows,
and groomed stables,
becoming untoward...

You are only as dark as your emotions,
and as light as your courage,
so pummel onward,
forgo the pitstops,
slow down, 
look around,
it's all a numbers game anyway.

Have the wisdom to embrace the day,
the intuition to face it your way,
and the deity recall your breath.