Can I Take Your Order? Place your order if you dare (2)

Welcome back to Café Bleu. Since we last met back in September, when my café first opened, things have changed dramatically. We originally received a meager 2 star review from the people in high visibility jackets.

Since then, we have bolstered cleaning, food hygiene procedures and quality of service and more importantly food. Now, rather than offering simple dishes like pie and chips, we branched into more exclusive dishes, such as the special house café Bleu lunch. It has proven very popular and is a best seller along with the house coffee munching elephant, a blend of the finest coffee beans in the world. Prices had to increase initially, but after 6 months we found we could lower prices and still retain a healthy profit from sales.

Have a look at the menu above and decide if you would like to order. You can order below:

We managed to scrape a rating of:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The next time we will be reviewed will be around August. Staff here at Café Bleu are keen to please and happy to welcome you to the restaurant. We provide a top class service and customer care is at the heart of what we do. We love you all coming to eat here, and will look forward to seeing you in the future. All the best, Café Bleu.

How To Be, That guy!?

That guy with the coffee

steaming brew

reading das paper

cool black long coat

all black clothing

mysterious emblem neck chain

showing himself, the game

strangers watch and awe

he is not a bore

but enigma personified

sexy and cool

slick and all powerful

a stare

or silence

he has his self reliance.


∞ Progressive and elucidated

Determine and destroyed

Crucified and repented

∞ Because of my suffering

          Because of the pain

                   Love is the way

                             And the world is a vision

                                      An illusion 

∞ Fantasy and reality

          Pop up religions

                   Angels flock to the I

                             So long as I can see

∞ Reveal the truth when you are ready

          Don’t let them take it all away

                   Pray all the callous away

                              Seize the day

∞ I have another way to go

          Seven dimensions yet to go

                   In a vengeful tasteful silent path

                             Behind that stained glass

∞ Travelling on             

          Moving on           

                   Forgetting and gone

                             To the beyond

∞ An empty vessel

          An empty chalice 

                   An empty hall

                             An empty heart

                                      Your empty hurt

                                                Our empty lives

                                                          The Godless healers

                                                                   The foolish believers

                                                                             The devil upheavals.