Everlasting love 
love creates
fear destroys... hearts
waiting for the start
of your life
in the fragile existence
of your mind

hovering above crystal water
remember that there is law and order
in our lands... which we stole from ether
upon the mountain
strung and hanging by the tether
of remorse

your burning heart
set alight by the narrow light
shining through your razor sharp wire
light of eternity 
beginning the fraternity

jewels, moon lights
necklace or chalice... delights
throne high so down
into the rust
rocks, depth

kilowatt manner power house
time to tame your plugs
for infinity. 

No Longer Bound

As my Angels as my guide
I know I'll make it home alive
seeing you cry
hide away
from the pain
and the misery
longing to help

now, no longer ashamed
living yet another day
my heart bled a thousand roses that...
... lingered for eternity in your life
now I'm entrapped and chanting
wanting and yearning
no way out

fatal affliction
attraction disaster
your eyes they sheen under tears drying under your desert iris

those chains burned to ash
I scattered them with the brash
of my soul
my day is now longer
forever you are in front
my chains are gone

fear melted
love succeeded
my memories evaded
but the chains have gone, you are free

no longer bound by the chains of fear
or swimming in desolation
seeking the light
power of the night
you're the only one who can make it right
be at rest
be at peace.


Seashell is a symbol of the soul leaving the earth, the journey of life, eternity, strength and relaxation. Various religions give the seashell symbolic meaning, that of the safe journey of the soul from this world. A symbol of the souls journey after it leaves earth. It is the symbol of baptism in Christianity.

The seashell can also represent the beach or the sea… It might also be representative of feminine energy. To show love to another, two friends might split a shell and share a half each, or they could each have their own.

Oh, seashell
thunder storms spewing fire
lotus rosemary trails
rippling whitewash
of sinking dune 

When You Discover the Truth

Part 1: The Great Dismay

There is only one life

and that one life

we meet a lot of people

we do a lot of things

but who really cares for you?

I once believed it true

And now there is nothing

I am never in good health

When I’m up I’ll be down

Soon enough you’ll see me drown

Where do we all go

What exactly is behind the universal show

Who will we forever know

No more

There is one life

And I don’t want hate

Or feelings of guilt

I want peace and acceptance

Accept one another

Do not judge

Be forever

United in acceptance

Move the cursor

Prepare to live

This one life

Where it is better to give

Part 2: I can’t forget my dreams

You will never read this

Nobody will ever see this

Is the end

I have not given enough

And I await nothing more

You will never see this

I will never see you

Maybe I’m just down all the time

Or out of time

To save the people

Who have now gone

When I could have

With courage

Hanged upon the changes

That would have changed the moment

Part 3: Eternal goodbye


Angels took me to heaven

All I saw was …

But returned


They forever protect me

From wrongs

And defend the innocent