Writer Spotlight #9 – Stevie Greenfield

Today’s writer spotlight is Stevie Greenfield. Stevie is an erotica writer combining real world stories with fiction to produce fascinating literature in her chosen genre! Among writing, Stevie is a talented painter and produces some eye-catching portraits.

It was a pleasure to be able to learn a little more about the journey they have taken. Enjoy the following and be sure to show your support! Without further ado…

Where do you live?

I am very fortunate to live in a wonderful small town in northern California where art & wine rule.

Why are you a writer?

I have kept a journal of story ideas & experiences for decades. I knew someday I would sit down and write a book about one of them. But like many of us…I was too busy with life. Finally, I decided to move away from the hustle & bustle of Silicon Valley. For the last two years, I’ve immersed myself in the things I love. Writing, painting…and wine.

What do you enjoy about writing?

My first two books were from personal experiences. It was fun & easy to immerse myself as the main character. The words and the story poured out of me. My third book isn’t from personal experience and has been a little more challenging, but I still enjoy being immersed in a story.

Tell us about your most recent works

My first book (The Obsession) is about a young thirty-something man who falls in lust…then love for a young teenage girl. The story is also about the young girl’s journey in their relationship. My 2nd book is a very fun story about a young couple’s day to day experience when they decide to take a nude swingers cruise for their anniversary. (Our First Swingers Cruise). They are not swingers. Every day is full of surprises. Remember, both of these books are to some degree from my personal experiences.

If you could write a book in a new genre, which would you choose?

I love writing erotica. I don’t have a desire to change. But I do have a story about the true nature of reality, in which I share a very different perspective regarding Christianity & the entity referred to as Jesus. But don’t hold your breath on that one. Erotica is way more fun to write about.

Do you have any role models or people who inspired you to write?

No. I’m a writer….and not much of a reader. Although a part of me says it would be good for me to read how others craft their words. I’m just too busy and not motivated.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

Yes. My WIP is not derived from personal experience, thus it has been more challenging. It’s about the abduction of a man. I cannot say anymore, but don’t forget my genre is erotica.

Where can people buy your books?

My books are available on Amazon, Etsy & my own website. You can also see my artwork on Etsy & my website.


What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

1. Write your story…that’s the fun & easy part.

2. Editing & making it perfect will be tedious, but its essential. Assemble a small group of friends & family to help….but still pay a professional to do a final read thru.

3. And finally, if you truly want to sell books, know that it will be up to you to market your book….everyday!

Most authors list it on Amazon and wait. Trust me, nothing will happen unless you generate interest.

It was lovely to learn more about Stevies writing. As for final comments Stevie had these kind words to say:

“Thank you Thomas for allowing me to participate in your endeavor. Thank you also for being a very nice person…and a friend. I see on Twitter you have an abundance of admirers.”

Stevie Greenfield

Writer Spotlight #8 – Alexa Sommers!

Welcome to yet another wonderful and insightful author interview. This time we are allowed to meet the No. 1 Bestselling Author, of #smut!

Alexa took the time to chat to me initially over social media to discuss this interview, and I found her work titillating and somewhat wildly different to the usual as she does not have the usual alpha males in her stories but rather the geeks and gamers of our world. I found Level Up to be branding ingenuity. There also seems to be plenty to read from her too!

Alexa Sommers is a best-selling erotic fiction author with a taste for both the sweet and the nasty.

Alexa’s Philosophy: The sexual experience, be it written, read, or enacted, cannot be rushed. It must be savored and prolonged to push forth the lust and desire. It must not only be loved but lived, for only then can we reach the heights we seek.

Where do you live? I’m currently bundled up in a toasty igloo north of the border, eating poutine, watching hockey and waiting for my pet moose to deliver a Timmy’s double double.

Why are you a writer? My standard reply to this question is “to stop the voices in my head from taking over my life” and, while humorous, that’s not far from the truth. When I’m really feeling a story it plays out in my mind on repeat. Spinning constantly and forming until I finally start to put it down and let it free. Writing is cathartic, it’s a form of freeing myself and finding peace. I’ve been a writer my entire life and I always tell people that you write for yourself, you write for the art, the joy, they feeling… you publish for money. That last step was something I didn’t decide to do until early 2020. 

What do you enjoy about writing? For me it is an escape, almost like meditation. I can regress internally and let the story flow, freeing my mind from all the everyday rigors and concerns of life. When it works it’s perfect. When it doesn’t it is one of the most frustrating things I know of.

Tell us about your most recent works: Oddly all my published work is “recent” or at least within the last 2.5 years, but I am currently working on a number of projects. I have sequels to both Terms of Service and Spiritual Awakening underway. Both of these are often requested and in the case of Paranormal Bondage (the Spiritual Awakening sequel) it’s become a running joke that I may never finish it. I have a collaborative project with 14 or 15 other authors planned for this fall which will revolve around a Comic/Game Convention and I have what I call the “epic”, which is a long term novel project I’m working on, it leans fantasy but as with all my work the sexual experience is ever present.

If you could write a book in a new genre, which would you choose? Mystery. I have always wanted to try my hand at a detective novel and may make it a priority sometime in the future.

Do you have any role models or people who inspired you to write? I’m an avid reader so that list is long but Agatha Christie was a big influence at a young age as were Nora Roberts and Nicholas Sparks in my teens and twenties. In recent years I’ve tried to stay away from taking inspiration from other authors so as to find my own voice.

Are you working on anything at the moment? I’m aiming for a Halloween release for Paranormal Bondage and have a few small projects I’ll be working in over the summer. I just released a short “charity” project, Cucked by a Cop, which is part of my “eviscerate you in fiction” series of satire erotica.

What advice would you give to an aspiring writer? Write… don’t worry about everything that will follow. The first step is to get your story down, no matter how error riddled and in desperate need of editing it may be. Far too many people give up before the first draft is down because they don’t think it has value. Your draft will be a disaster. It’s supposed to be. Fixing it comes later.

Where can people buy your books? All my work can be found on Amazon at :



Alexa was happy for me to post this interview and I am humbled to have had a chance to gain insight into the authors life and works! Many thanks for reading and show your love by liking, commenting, reblogging and everything else. Have a wonderful day.

Explicit Erotica


As you ride like your life depends on it

and it sit there

harder and straighter than the Great fire of London monument

sweating bullets

skin of lead

your juicy pink apricot haven

sweet tangy melons

bitter after taste

spewing white glory

oh ja, das ist sehr gut!

glorious finish

mayonnaise squirting far.