Dying Light

An Xbox one game, especially the zombie type, should be awe inspiring and never ending in the games ability to let you kill zombies however you want. After a long look at previous games, endless hours of game play and a few months to dwell on it, I have come to the conclusion that Dying Light on Xbox One, is the best zombie game made up to now for the console and possible the best ever, unless of course they bring a sequel out, which fans would certainly be interested in.

From the very beginning this game shows off an impressive visual and highly detailed graphics system. It was very detailed and there were, at least when I looked, no glitches or bugs that affected it visually. It flowed well, frame rate was and is still very stable for a fast paced game. It is open world, it is up to the player to complete the missions or explore. There are hours of game play in the well thought out and long campaign, which sees players battling Rais and his men. Or endless hours exploring and completing side quests and challenges. However, when you complete the story mode, you still have the option to play open world after, which really makes this game brilliant and different from other zombie games. There are additional bounties to complete and many more challenges and random strangers to meet, all the while wielding almost anything you want to.

Weapon customisation is by far the most impressive element, it further develops on the customisation available in other games by allowing multiple combinations and upgrades to achieve a truly bad ass weapon. Try electrifying a sword and adding acid to it, oh, and throw in extra damage and you have yourself a decapitating machine. A downside is that weapons can be fixed a limited number of times and once repaired to the max, will eventually break and then it’s time to scavenge for new parts to build another. Just the mere act of looting for parts to build a weapon is a driving force in the game.

The zombies, okay, now the slow moving zombies are brilliant and you can easily get overrun if you don’t look carefully. Then there are a nice mixture of fast moving, running and even sprinting zombies which add nicely to the intense horror. One word of caution, at night, these beasts become terrifying and there are the nighttime creatures which are capable of jumping building to building, so beware.

The map Slums, is big, there are plenty of buildings to enjoy the free running element on, and enough room that you could spend hours exploring and then do the same on the second map, the Old Town. The developers did the right thing by incorporating two maps, and personally I enjoyed the landscape and architecture within both. The NPCs make it more personal, each safe zone usually has someone there and in the bigger bases you will find people going about their post apocalyptic lives. It adds to the sense of survival and realism. They could have added more missions after the campaign that focused on resource gathering for these groups, which would have made it seem like they actually needed things.

Great game, intense free running, big maps and loads of customisations and zombies make the replay ability of it comparable to Left 4 Dead.

Overall: 4.5/5