Sing me a lullaby you darling sweet lips

night of the tiger

power of the cityscape

true to the nature of rhyming slang

feeling the smooth skin of your hand

soft we weep tonight

angels, linger at our beds

"goodnight you star"

I Want

I want is a farce

you see, it is desire and fear

driving you to appear... most humbly 

bumbling around the coal shed

avoiding your wife in bed

still you need

want and long for a material item

I want freedom, so walk outside

I want food, so eat some

I want love, then find it

I want a caring mother, sorry I cannot help you!

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Never forget the love imprinted in your hearts. Don’t be tempted by the dark. Ride the winds of destiny to unfold your golden truth.

If you cannot see where you are, or have found yourself lost, seek out the light within.

Her name is Lily

he sees white speckles of light in her emerald eyes

a hint of delicacy in those unspeakable lies

mundane existence wrapped around her frail disguise

a hand in the cold winter snow

a strand in the summer heat

couple so desperate to meet

too weak to see it

too afraid to believe it, exists

flower wilts

his towering guilt

shame and fancy

take the same form

tonight, she is his forgotten pleasure. 

Can I Take Your Order? Place your order if you dare (2)

Welcome back to Café Bleu. Since we last met back in September, when my café first opened, things have changed dramatically. We originally received a meager 2 star review from the people in high visibility jackets.

Since then, we have bolstered cleaning, food hygiene procedures and quality of service and more importantly food. Now, rather than offering simple dishes like pie and chips, we branched into more exclusive dishes, such as the special house café Bleu lunch. It has proven very popular and is a best seller along with the house coffee munching elephant, a blend of the finest coffee beans in the world. Prices had to increase initially, but after 6 months we found we could lower prices and still retain a healthy profit from sales.

Have a look at the menu above and decide if you would like to order. You can order below:

We managed to scrape a rating of:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The next time we will be reviewed will be around August. Staff here at Café Bleu are keen to please and happy to welcome you to the restaurant. We provide a top class service and customer care is at the heart of what we do. We love you all coming to eat here, and will look forward to seeing you in the future. All the best, Café Bleu.

The Honour

At some point in life we endure hardship. People will mock, criticise and laugh in your face and at that point, know that you are on the road to success.

“The only way to succeed is to make others hate you”

Josef Von Sternberg

The cruel and mean behaviour directed at you is clearly indicative that you are doing well in life or that you are disheartening them in some way. If you did not bother them with your success or ambition, they would not bother you. You are a personal threat to them and that propels them to hunt you down. Anger, fear, jealousy and self-hatred drive the negative individuals insane with obsession, as they are more interested in attacking the strong than looking in the mirror.

When you reach for something more, or desire something else in life and start to ride that journey to a greater place, inevitably and sadly, evil will always be there. As the above quote says, to succeed in life is to make others hate you and it is not a conscious effort. I too have felt the effects of this and it can be wide reaching, meaning you might have experienced it and wondered why. That doesn’t make it right, in fact, quite the opposite. You will find those responsible never aim for something more than they are, they are content to be mundane and boring, and so anything remotely better than them will cause actual feelings of self hate, and one can only pity them.

You need to merely distance yourself and you find that they are too cowardly to do anything about it. They seek to undermine and ruin your life, or so they try, and fail. Honour of the ambitious and the self love and reliance which drives us is enough to be that warrior whos soul is pure and whos mind is clear and driven. Integrity in the successful would be developed and mere fallacies will not phase them. Being honest with yourself is important too as you need to be able to understand your own being and those who spew negativity are detached from honesty, just as they are detached from understanding themselves causing confusion and weakness within them.

Honour the shield of my soul

building our rampart

standing steadfast on the gate

small weeds that grow around the garden shed

the light of the sun illuminated my bed

you face the roads ahead

you have the strength of mountains

and the courage of the lion

Expanding and Growing

"No more sorrow filled journeys"

sent on a mighty quest

... without even realising

Praying and seeking

forgot to look

in the only place it could be

that much is to come

here we will be done

in no time

no time left to cry

prepare for the end

say goodbye

surrounded by ...

I could not have know that this album would be the best part of my life at one point. Released in 2013, a year of big memories. Listen to “Behind the veil” too from the same album.

The Immortal Prison

A tale of a boy trapped within a dream for 40 years.

Trapped at 11
Released at 51
Spent a lifetime fighting the pain
Had enough gain
To learn how to train
Many days skiing
Many nights spying
So much more
To this lie
And released on bail
What did he learn?
That it was too long
That the rain was poison
Sunlight was fire
And each breath, Jesus’ beginning

As I have talked about this before, acceptance, one of the most difficult things in the world second to forgiveness. My post on healing the heart may help. This page has an interesting article on it (

To accept, we have to acknowledge and be aware of the issue that we may be trying to get past, either consciously or unconsciously. Embracing and being, and accepting, being, seeing, as the boy did, and believing as he did when he returned.

A part of the song below which will not display for some reason. (Ravenskill, Dream Theater) has lyrics that are:

“I can’t go back
Hope fades away with each passing second
(Gabriel enters and Faythe embraces him.)
Faythe: Lost in this moment

Is where I want to stay
This can’t be broken
We need to find a way”

Do you understand what is happening in this scene? Is it too late or is it an illusion? Do they accept or deny the resolutions staring them in the face.

How to Dream Big?

How do you reach for the stars? How do you put all the doubt in your mind into the waste bin? How do you believe in yourself despite what other people think?

I want to share some tips which I believe can motivate you to chase those dreams of yours and make them a reality. If you want to succeed in life you must have passion and desire in order to fulfil your fantasies. They are fantasies only until you act on them, turning the dream into reality.

  1. Having A Plan

Having a plan is not to everybody’s taste. A lot of people like to work off the cuff and be spontaneous. But plans and rituals are an everyday part of life. For example, people never expected that a couple of years ago they’d be forced to work from home, but they adapted, they worked from home on their computers, completing virtual work. Now, working from home is common place, in fact I would argue it is itself a new movement. There is still need for office and office workers, simply because of logistics and product management and all sorts of physical business stuff.

The point is, what was once mystical and mysterious to a lot, became common place. They now plan their weeks based on this new situation for them. They may plan more since they have more time at home. A plan can help to visualise a way out of a situation and help you project your reality into existence. The plan could be as simple as, ‘do it,’ or ‘go and help the homeless,’ or ‘become a businessman.’ Each is unique and will be unique to the individual. One more point, the plan is yours and you should not let anyone plan your life for you, never.

2. Putting The Plan Into Action

Is having a plan enough? No, of course not. Having a plan, well developed and approved by You, is essential, but the next crucial ingredient is actually working that plan into your life. Take the home working, you perhaps plan your week around this, you implement changes like what you do on a Monday afternoon. What do you need to do to put that plan into action? Are you finalising a business plan? Are you preparing to buy that Porsche? Do you need to work out a few final details before you action the plan?

You need to be able to understand what is expected at this point, because many people have plans that lay dormant and then after ten years, they pull them out the trash can and decide to work with it. You need to action it now, or whenever you can, if you want to be happy now. There is a lot of reward mentally when you succeed. Creating a business can be satisfying, and with all the home working, there are so many options when it comes to virtual working and companies. Many people make a living buying and selling online.

3. Being Able To Develop and Create

Now, onto the 3rd step! You have a plan which you have actioned or implemented into your life. You can’t sit back and expect what you have done to thrive and succeed without continuous input from you. Dreams are big and they require a lot of effort and determination. You can’t be lazy when it comes to continually developing your dreams. A business can’t continue to operate and succeed without changing and developing, and you need to do it. You also need to create new ideas and new ways to enjoy and experience life and your plans. If you have gone stagnant on your dream, change it up, develop it further and create a new experience. Look at gaming consoles, look at how far they have come from the 80’s to 2022! That is massive, the creators and developers at those companies continued to develop with the times and technology, so can you.

You also need a certain set of skills and personal qualities to be able to continue and succeed. You need resilience and determination, you should be focused on your end goal and should never be satisfied with a finished product or action. If you settle when you have an online business, how will you grow into something more memorable. Sadly, a lot of businesses don’t aim high, and are content to struggle on pretending that they are happy with what they make, whilst inside the owner is scared to evolve and develop into something more, perhaps they are scared of buying a physical store, perhaps they are scared of branching into another area because they don’t have the expertise.

4. You Need To Learn

You can sometimes create and action and develop a plan without learning anything new. Take for example my recent purchase of two lovely red eye tree frogs who have settled in well and are very active at night. I had to learn about this new species, in fact I had to learn about frogs in general, then tree frogs, then this species, then its requirements and care and food, and its habitat and other things. If you want to have the knowledge you need to read and learn, you need to research, you might decide you need to embark on some variety of course of other to help you reach your goals. It’s not a bad thing if you admit you don’t know about something. When someone wants to start that business, they may need to learn about accounting or creating a business plan. When someone wants to learn how to fix their Porsche, they may need to do a course at college to save on costs of long term garage maintenance.

Whatever your dream, there will sometimes be times when you need to admit to yourself that you don’t have the knowledge and that is okay. Want to be a famous guitarist, but can’t play? You know what to do, you need to learn how to play the guitar. Your dream may be as simple as wanting to be a gardener and competing in national garden competitions. Whatever the dream, you can succeed, even if you are working from home, as the internet is the number one source to learn nowadays with thousands of online courses, a lot of them are free.

What do you think about the 4 steps above? Do you agree or disagree with any? There is more to pursuing anything than the above 4 steps, it takes character and drive, it takes a soul that cares. It is easy to sit on the couch and watch tv and eat potato chips, when you could be busy creating a plan and working towards the end goal. The amount of time it takes to succeed is entirely based on what you want, it is subjective. When you decide you have done what you set out to do, then you can say to yourself, ‘wow, I did it.’

Thanks for reading