First World Problems – yeeeee booiiii

Most of you reading this live in a first world, well-developed country. Not to knock that, but did you know that the first world comes with its own set of issues? I’m not talking about 3rd world country issues, like lack of sewage, fresh water, clean hygienic healthcare, education, housing, jobs and various others. Let me talk about some of those problems. Maybe you have something you want to mention below?

1) NO INTERNET/PHONE/COMPUTER – Do you ever hear people complain about not having access to the internet? What about those who cannot go a day without using their phone or computer? Do you see that they are complaining about something which ultimately contributes nothing to the world? You can live and thrive and survive without these things, which makes it a no. 1 first world issue.

2) I’M BORED – Yeah, people still go on about being bored. Do you not think they have enough surrounding them, like the above, without becoming bored? Oh, but going for a walk is boring. Trying something new or going somewhere is boring. Honestly, I’ve laughed so hard at people who say they are bored. Do you know how those starving children feel? What about those who don’t have an education or fresh water?

3) I’M HUNGRY – Unbelievable that people still say this. Granted there are struggling families, but for the most part a lot of people are well fed. They have food at their disposal, to buy whenever they want at an affordable price. That isn’t the case in 3rd world countries.

4) WARDROBE FULL OF CLOTHES BUT NOTHING TO WEAR – Oh, it must be so fucking painful. I’ll just list a few more:







Do you think you have any that might be worth mentioning? There are so many more first world problems, including not being able to go to the gym, having to wait to have your hair styled, having nothing to listen to in the car, sick of your job, feeling fed up with life and lots more!

Illinois Gal

Small town girl
on the streets of Illinois
from Chicago or Springfield
to the white house
a woman of passion
letters that tell of heart ache
a façade that decorates the makeup 
just the gal that nobody noticed
until she touched the top
and then everybody wanted to know

If you’d like to read or continue with my new romance/lustful short story ‘Discovery Avenue’ then click the link below. Part 3 has just been added, which is quite brutal. Peter is in the grips of a dark night, and his carnal desires are causing him to put his own life in danger without even realising it. Is it karma or is it fate? Each short episode or part is released daily.

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Like The Brewing of Tea

Can you feel it? No, really, can you feel it. It’s an intense crushing sensation in the lower abdomen, the silence, the stillness in the living room. Like the brewing of tea, the water gets hotter and hotter, until it reaches boiling point, at which point nothing can stop the steam. Sitting, watching another episode of Archer drag on.

He is content to let his physical problems sink into the sofa, allowing all his being to just turn to mush. She on the other hand, wants to look and to feel tonight, but is still more interested in watching the tv and ignoring her urges. What the, is happening. Stiff like deceased or stuffed bodies awaiting the shift to the cemetery or crematorium. Like a seeping waxy melt on the tip of her tasteless tongue.

‘Never mix whiskey and wizardry.’

‘Never mix love and hate’

Ian Mckellen stuck on the psychiatric ward chanting, “you shall not pass” to anyone who passed by. Stuck in a fantastical movie. As if a clockwork orange had been wrapped around the lion who doesn’t know how to be free anymore. Never mix hate and love, or love with fate.

‘Are you dead already?’

‘You are already dead.’

A chanting rhizome of white intricate structure, coursing its fragile way through perlite and soil. Tis the light it seeks, set free the small nipples of the mushroom stems.

‘Set free the stems of your nipples’

‘Your nipples are like mushroom tips.’

You no longer see a pale faintly recognisable image in the mirror. The woman is the beast. You watch a shadow approach behind, she is now a figure fleeting beside you. But the tv is playing voices and making sense again.

‘I’m on replay, or rewind. I live in the past.’

‘I am leaving.’

Complex the man who cannot find himself. Imaginative the woman who discovers herself. Two souls who entwine, make a universal rhyme. The meeting and the leaving of the world. When the sun peaks at noon, she walks from the door to the seat to the door again. He has his eyes rolling through his skull from dawn to dusk.

‘Like the brewing of my tea.’

‘I see, you want me to leave.’

You are not a stone to me

you are the sun to me

you are a good day to me

you are like a gift to me

you are a white rose to me

I am nothing without thee

I am brave enough to see

what you did for me

and forgiveness can be through actions

so too words

am I like how you expected me to be

please, see it in me

forgive me.

The One

Better to live a life on the edge of death

living full of heart

than to live full of pain

full of self interest

simple method is in your hands

love to the end of time

and seek no forgiveness

where purity white strikes

the sky is full of stars

eyes reflecting who you are

are you enough?

does the earth shake to the core


Honesty and meaning

can you hear it too?

chanting of the invisible crowd

sonic power that is being found

dispersed dirty dish water

you are the fool

no, says he, go forth

look into the sun

realise what is being done

you are not on the run

you are hiding beneath a gun

making of your own creation

winds picking up speed

getting to church is all I need

crashing thunderstorm

flight fancy takes hold

has to get home

run, run

before you begin to become undone

untold and rich elegant speechless merchant

rich pastel gazing mental fashion

polo gimmick stick folly

have you yet to rest my wandering feet

perhaps all you need to do is sail the sea

I have come so far

yet the stars are bright

dawn has yet to render the night


standing at the final gate

is this a lifetime or is it fate

you can wait another moment...

... the voices are settling

instinct crowds are regretting

holding hands

shaking brands

hurting to live again

see me at the dawn of the piper

say to me, 'Oh, not shall you suffer more on in'

I hear that crack

thrust backwards



hello world, I can see

all from within

hearing the outside in

where did it begin



my foolish ways

now a distant memory.

But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

Mathew: 5:44
As you know I am a Joe Satriani fan, this is one of my favourites off the new album, it is magical.

Musing <Sunday

I woke up rather late today. I also got some work done which was great. I have in fact just finished said work. I don’t like to do anything intellectual on Sunday as it is supposed to be a day of rest.

Of course, I never truly rest on Sunday. Anyway, I had to do a lot of reading yesterday which took a few hours and my brain started to hurt, soon it was 8pm and I had finished before turning the XBOX on!

Today was more reading, to do with my course you see. Last week I drafted my first ‘opinion’.. something that pays well apparently. An opinion is something that barristers write to their professional clients (the solicitor) advising them on their case that they sent, the merits and downsides etc.

It was more drafting today, but not an opinion. Instead moving onto ambitious pastures, those tutors feel we are already able to start drafting ‘particulars of claim.’ I must admit that at first I thought I would be working all day. I ended up finishing rather quickly. I do work efficiently and quicker than most people, so when someone tells me that they spent over 12 hours doing the ‘work’ last week, I was naturally skeptical. Perhaps all that early morning kaffee went to their bulging brains rather quickly! When in doubt, keep your mouth shut (as I now like to think to myself, too many times, especially when the morning train is delayed).

Well, I have about 5 or 6 hours before I bother to go to bed. I have a feeling that I will struggle to sleep as I woke up late today. Who can blame me? Oh, yes, almost forgot to mention… last weeks criminal skills started to focus on witness handling… need I say more? This is 90% of my brains thoughts at the moment. EAT, SLEEP, STUDY, WORK, PLAY, DREAM. That last one is important, one must try to escape the reality they are in sometimes otherwise they risk becoming obsolete robotic androids who can only dream of electric sheep… had to do it.

But if we take existence as we know it. To breathe, to experience, to have emotions and thoughts, and we get rid of that, then what is left? There is nothing, or is there? Is the brain the sole source of thought and consciousness as we understand? What about those people having out of body experiences when they have a cardiac arrest? Does that mean that the mind and consciousness are two separate entities capable of existing without one another? Would it be plausible to suggest that there is narrative structure to the universe and human beings? That the lives we all play out are highly detailed and scripted storylines written ourselves. To say that humans are experiencing life as we know it because they created this reality is not a new concept.

But, that is all for today. I leave you with a poem called : NARRATIVE


New to the universe
and we don't have any independence
really scared of our own existence
ready to grow and learn and love
and then we become aware
that this existence is mere square
in our minds of one
Venus's unknown suns

Joker: Movie Review

The Warner Bros Trailer for Joker


Highly anticipated and received to mixed reviews, Joker.

Released 2019 with a run time of 2 hours 2 minutes. Released 4th October 2019 UK. Directed by Todd Phillips. Gross Revenue of $1.074 billion.

Winner of 2 Academy Awards, 2 Golden Globe Awards and 3 British Academy Film Awards.

8.5 IMBD 68% Rotten Tomatoes

I watched Joker with my friend the Monday just passed. It was quite an insight into the mind of a psychopath, the Joker.

Acted and played out brilliantly by capable Joaquin Phoenix, and well supported, including by legend Robert De Niro. A somewhat slow paced crime thriller, bordering psychological thriller. The film certainly delivers the elements of a serial killer movie developing through emotional distress and being shunned by society.

I kept watching to see whether we would learn anything interesting about the Joker or his background. The only things we learn are that he had a crazy mother and that he’s magically middle aged whilst Bruce Wayne is a child? Come on, that is a major inconsistency….making Joker a pensioner in the Batman films….which he clearly was not, especially in The Dark Knight when portrayed by Heath Ledger.

He has a maniacal laugh, later suggested is not a medical condition, which I suspected, but is a part of his psychopathy. Treated badly as a child, raised and ignored and made a laughing stock of on national tv by his presenter hero De Niro. Of course, this sets in motion a series of events that unintentionally lead the Joker to creating a massive clown masked revolution without really doing much at all. Started by the killing of three men in suits in the subways. Small ideas are thrown into the public eye and they eat it up quick enough, quick to cause carnage…a great and accurate representation of the world today.

As a literal clown for a job, he is invited on a tv show to showcase some of his work. He has it all planned out, after committing a series of murders on former work colleagues. The whole time we can see his mental health deteriorate as he slowly loses his grip on reality. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, as he has had a terribly abusive past and was lied to and humiliated consistently from start to finish. I am not surprised he did what he did. That might be why critics were riled and mixed reviews/poor reviews about promoting violence came through.

The finale sees him on the show where he brutally murders, by shooting the tv host. His actions come after a rant about his previous murders of the suits. Here we see some movie magic but also a dangerous film mechanic. Suggesting that the societal mentally sick are somewhat righteous to go and kill the wealthier is absurd. When Joker shoots the host, of course that is the start of the riots and mass criminal activity. Thousands called on by this self entitlement that the Joker seems to display throughout.

An okay film, with brief but not overly detailed insight into the Jokers mind. Due to the themes and suggestive nature of the film and the violence associated with this, I have deducted half a star for the final rating.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

3 and a half stars. Not too bad, worth a watch, very controversial content surrounding mental health and the poor rich divide. Good luck watching this.

Sherlock Holmes – Movie Review


An awesome movie, watchable multiple times, late at night, a feel good comedy, mystery and thriller.

Run time: 2 hours 8 mins.

Director: Guy Ritchie. Budget: $90million

26 December 2009.

7.6 on IMBD & 69% Rotten Tomatoes

Starring Robert Downey Junior as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Watson. This modern film adaption and reboot was exactly what the series needed. Well acted, perfectly filmed, directed and plotted and led smoothly from this film to Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Our protagonist Holmes (Robert Downey Junior, Iron man), with sidekick Watson (Jude Law, The Talented Mr Ripley) are first sighted together at the opening of the film and we are thrust into this occultish sacrifice in the opening scene with Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong, Kingsmen) apparently leading some sort of dark art murder.

It doesn’t take long for them to detain him but the mystery and the film really pick up when Holmes and Watson learn that Lord Blackwood has escaped from the grave, supposedly risen. They are drawn into the world of the Order, a secret society that condemns Lord Blackwood as evil and capable of great dark, black magic.

We are learning and seeing the characters develop during this time, and the parts are acted superbly. Holmes with his ingenious detective skills is soon luring Watson down a deep dark investigative path. The action, drama and thrills are tightly paced, and yet keep you longing for more. There is something extremely nostalgic and comforting about this movie.

The action accumulates when Lord Blackwood seemingly convinces the Order that he will reign dark days and death of the world. The murders that Holmes and Watson have been investigating have come to this. Holmes and Watson uncover the plot that will be Blackwoods final malicious act in Parliament.

The use of the dark symbolism during the movie is rather disturbing, but me, as many others, will recognise and understand that it is just a movie and provides a great film plot. Ultimately, as Holmes sees through Blackwoods lies, so do we, and the mysterious dark powers are not supernatural at all, but rather science and fear based.

The conclusion also leads very elegantly into the sequel, hinting at Professor Moriarty being the next antagonist and ending strongly.

A family movie, yet dark enough to keep new age movie fans happy. I rate this gem, which is one of the best movies ever made: Rating 5/5

The sequel Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows continues the tradition and humour, glorious film rendition of a classic. MUST SEE.