Sum <E|?

The sum of all of life

reduce your breakfast plate to an egg with some avocado

avoid walking in traffic at all costs

don't forget, that God is full of semen

and that a mighty sword is a jellyfish

of boiled lemon tek 

wait, did someone call my name?

Facing the harsh cold clouds of spring

there should be post at five in the afternoon

summing up – erotic/romance/love/danger/discovery short story released one part everyday. – my new post on Elephant Journal!

New album by Joe Satriani – Elephants of Mars! Genius, brilliant! Review will come sometime soon my love.

Behind your eyes

Spent so many nights

Living in the garden

In the night

In the dark

Your eyes were my light

Watching them glisten

But did I ever listen?

There was a stream down those cheeks

Lots to lose in so few weeks

I felt your skin

You broke

... with all the stoking fires

Denial like the liars

That your retina shaped

Deep eyes

Where the seat of...


Nothing left

In those screens

To accompany the poem: Powfu – dead eyes ft.Ouse (Lyrics)


Beginning my days shaving off my sins

Washing away all of those previous whims

Thinking I am the star of the Sims

Driving that car shotgun to Mr Pims

Eagle eyed fraught desire

Wormhole aging attire.

What great news has come upon the American people and indeed the world. George Floyd’s killer was found guilty of murder and guilty he was. A shift in the consciousness of the American people will sweep the world. Let’s hope that the world begins to change and help those who are most in need.


I'm an invisible human being,
blending into my surroundings,
hearing my only footsteps,
and the echoes of my brothers,
from a far,
to near,
and all held dearly,
on my heart,
in my life,
I'm crawling toward a shelter,
without eye contact,
by myself,
to the most high.

It’s Eternal

You're a virus,
you take your time to spend your life replicating in another,
living cells of another,
any life form,
forever and ever, to the end.

Came from darkness,
a thought,
a mere speck of dust,
some random hole a million miles away,
now here,
to stay,
what am I referring to?

You think you know,
it's so much to understand,
the truth is easier than the lies,
why are you running backwards,
it takes an eight ball to win,
a bullseye,
not a blinded chicken,
a shambling corpse!
A human.

What is this virus?


Tomorrow, tomorrow.
Sumptuous gaze,
bringing fresh roses neatly cut garden hedge,
for sun rises over the rivers,
a dew lingering past scent of depths unseen,

You say you want to go on,
I say the lost truth is paining me,
I saw the darkness in those eyes...

never feeding,
opening up,
tomorrow brings more empty spaces,
empty spaces to be explored,
trying not to turn back on myself,
you're sinking further into the night,
let go,
tomorrow isn't waiting for anybody. 

The Wizard is Purple

Have the courage to change,
and the faith to do it your way.

A lost light,
a lingering thought,
a fleeting hope,
the sounds of your laughter.

Torn from heaven and cast down to earth,
fallen from grace,
the path is narrow,
the veil thin,
like a river running into the ocean,
let yourself go,
forgive yourself.

Purple heart,
golden aura,
faith sheild,
sword of spirit,
a world away.

Shared dreams,
vivid connections,
dancing rainbows,
and groomed stables,
becoming untoward...

You are only as dark as your emotions,
and as light as your courage,
so pummel onward,
forgo the pitstops,
slow down, 
look around,
it's all a numbers game anyway.

Have the wisdom to embrace the day,
the intuition to face it your way,
and the deity recall your breath. 

You Can’t Keep Up

You can't keep up,
I'm smooth,
too damned fast for you,
too cool for you.

Eagle soaring,
engine roaring,
hopelessly ignoring,

My racing heart,
zooming past your stake heart,
time to start,
I know you can't keep up...

Don't let up,
to see your face,
in my wing mirror,

You can't keep up,
fast approaching the end...of the line,
your racing has been so fine,
I could do with a glass of wine,
as we bed...
our dearest race goodbye.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Super Funky Badass – Joe Satriani

Love this Joe Satriani album. It was released 2018. 2017 was a bad year for me, so to have one of my favourite artists release this fantastic creation was such a motivator! Things improved 2018, and for the better. I realised that time can heal a thousand broken hearts…if you let it. I realised a broken mind, heart, body, soul….can recover….if you nourish it. Amen.



—- end,

——— life,

———— death,

sanctimonious religion,

velvet black decrepit flat pack,

cornered and painted,

left out to rot.

Never ending kind,

seeing through the seas of time,

torn, tossed and forgotten lying cold on the sidewalk,

—- let your light shine bright,

——— put up a wall of all your might,

into the fresh new night,

night to dawn, dusk to night,

cycle of redemption,

forgiveness and regret,

a human without any blood debts.


love, amor, – life,

hate, odium, – death,

un début a une fin,

une fin a un début,

life goes on,

the circle spins,

we latch onto a wheel,

motionlessly dragged across space,

content to live our lives,

without a care for the divine.

Tout doit prendre fin,

Tout comme chaque fin doit conduire à un nouveau départ,

le cercle de la vie…

goes on,

was once found is now distinguished,

twirling supreme being,

fantasized destiny,

sky lies,

fanciful flames bouncing over an empty canyon,

sound seeks not what the world wants.