Why you should eat an evening meal before 6pm

Everyone loves to think they are healthy and eating a healthy diet. A lot of people are, and have a healthy eating routine. However, a lot of people are not as healthy as they think, even if they eat plant based or vegan diets. I’ll tell you why. They are eating their food at the wrong time.

For the purpose of this short post, I’ll focus on the biggest meal of the day which is typically for most people and evening meal or dinner. Once upon a time people could enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner (called tea as well) and supper. There are more to this list, things like elevenses make another option. Nowadays people simply can’t afford to eat all of these and the majority of people don’t and haven’t for many years. In the past I might have breakfast, a snack for lunch and dinner.

My new routine for a long time has bypassed breakfast completely. I don’t bother anymore, because I don’t eat bread the majority of the time (if at all). I prefer to have wraps or pasta for carbs. But I think the majority of people have dinner. It is important to eat early though for the following reasons. By early I mean before 6pm or 7pm at the latest.

  1. You will find you are less hungry throughout the evening. If you tend to snack or eat food throughout the evening or late at night, you will find eating early will help to suppress those urges. I suspect it is because those late night hunger pangs are due to not eating enough and early. By eating early, you are signaling your body that it can in fact sleep without feeling like it is starving. Which in turn, will aid sleep and you should not be hungry.
  2. Reduces indigestion / hearburn. Late night food and snacks in any variety can and will cause your digestive system to be on continuously, and being horizontal will mean your food won’t be digested properly. Heartburn is common result, and you can either use extra pillows, take pills, or eat earlier. Don’t forget, you should be asleep at night, not digesting food. It can take a few hours to digest, which is why an early meal is best.
  3. Helps aid fasting. You’ll find if you eat at 5:30pm for example that by the time you wake up, say 7pm or 8pm, that is at least 12 hours fasting. Your body should fast every night as this is the healing stage, and if you are constantly digesting, you will never enter a fasting or fat burning state (although probs need to go more than 12 to be fat burning). My point is that your body will heal quicker if you fast by eating early. Most people do it without realising.
  4. Prevent weight gain and aid weight loss. Yes, late night snacking and meals after 7pm will cause you to gain weight, you might not notice, but it will be happening. If you counteract it you can offset this. Eating early kicks your metabolism inter high gear, and then into rest for sleep which is where the fasting state takes over. So, you will also lose weight, and it will be at first stored fat and glucose etc.

Can I Take Your Order? Place your order if you dare (2)

Welcome back to Café Bleu. Since we last met back in September, when my café first opened, things have changed dramatically. We originally received a meager 2 star review from the people in high visibility jackets.

Since then, we have bolstered cleaning, food hygiene procedures and quality of service and more importantly food. Now, rather than offering simple dishes like pie and chips, we branched into more exclusive dishes, such as the special house café Bleu lunch. It has proven very popular and is a best seller along with the house coffee munching elephant, a blend of the finest coffee beans in the world. Prices had to increase initially, but after 6 months we found we could lower prices and still retain a healthy profit from sales.

Have a look at the menu above and decide if you would like to order. You can order below:

We managed to scrape a rating of:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The next time we will be reviewed will be around August. Staff here at Café Bleu are keen to please and happy to welcome you to the restaurant. We provide a top class service and customer care is at the heart of what we do. We love you all coming to eat here, and will look forward to seeing you in the future. All the best, Café Bleu.

A Vegan Diet – Benefits!

It’s the 21st century and the popularity of the vegan diet has soared. Over the last 20, or indeed 10 years, there has been an explosions of vegan cafes and restaurants cropping up over the world.

The increasingly hip, cool and hot topic of veganism has attracted many a person far and wide. But, what does the meat and animal produce industry continue to tell us? What is being taught in schools worldwide? They are continuing to tell us to eat meat, pull the wool over our eyes and ignore the mass genocide of animals that happens each and every day in every country in the world.

Veganism has gained attention due to the supposedly massive health-benefits, the environmental impact and cultural and lifestyle shifts that have flooded the consciousness since technology advanced and it became cool to post about that quinoa burger or lentil soup.

Of course, moving away from supporting the meat and animals slaughter industry is hard, deliberately so. Today it costs more to eat vegan products than it does meat…go figure that out! What I suspect and many others also suspect, is that the rise of the vegan has been a pain in the ass for the big cows at the corporate headquarters.

Seriously, though, do you want to eat a diseased cow, locked in a shed, sick, stressed and pumped full of hormones or do you want to eat something else that eradicates the need for mindless killing? Strong points, but the war is in full swing.

So, here are some benefits of turning to a vegan diet!

  1. A vegan diet is loaded with nutrients: Animal products cause inflammation and disease with little to justify that. Plant based or vegan diets are loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals and generally support the body to function at its best. With a better functioning body, there is time for the organs to heal and for the brain and soul to begin to function clearly and effective.
  2. Weight loss: Meat an dairy contribute to increased cholesterol and weight gain. Meat also increases blood pressure, decreases mental awareness and lowers our energy levels. A nutrient-rich diet with high fiber (Don’t forget the b12) can increase energy levels, mental alertness and contribute and even cause weight loss.
  3. Lower blood sugar levels: Some studies have found that the increased fiber and nutrients improve blood sugar levels more than medication. This will in turn lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.
  4. Reduce the risk of cancer: Cutting out toxins and inflammatory promoting foods like dairy and meat can give the body more energy to protect itself. By adding those plant power foods, our bodies antioxidant capacity increases and our bodies begin to eliminate any and all toxins (they won’t remove them all). This may in turn reduce the risk of cancers as the body has the correct nutrition to find and kill these mutated cells.
  5. Improved mood: Naturally all that new energy and the building happiness and lightness that accompanies a vegan diet will lead to an increased sense of happiness and the feeling that you are more conscious. Why? Because those animal products have decreased your body functions and increased mental fatigue, brain fog and depression through the toxins and dangerous compounds within them.

So, with the amount of cattle exceeding the population of the human race and the food they require being able to feed the world 10 times over (you see, it’s bad), and the fact that they are degraded and tortured before death, leaves nothing for defence of the corporate bullies that are lying to us and our children.

You don’t need animal products, but you are more than welcome to indulge and live that lifestyle. The vegan life pushes it onto others which I disagree with.

You have to want to change in order to change.


A List

A magical list of food for all you to choose from. I make this list nice and happy and truthful because that is exactly how the world is, nice and happy without the sight of lies, deceit, betrayal, anger, jealousy or petty malicious aforethought.

Meat Pies

Blueberry muffins

Lemon meringue

Chocolate cake


Custard creams

Jam tarts



Mustard on eggs

Throw a pie in someones face and then tell them it’s for their own good.