Support for Mental Health

Hi all. Wizard has decided to offer a way for you all to reach out and chat if you are struggling at the moment.

You can email the Wizard on

You can contact day and night, there is no limit. Anything you are struggling with, he will listen. If you want to share that email address with someone who you think could benefit from a Wizard chat, please share the email!

Wizard hopes to create a WhatsApp group or another online support group soon where people can come together and chat informally about any struggles they have.

when you are feeling down in the dumps

turning round and giving yourself thumps

time to jump into the abyss

maybe someone will just about miss

who can blame you all for this

was coming eternal that we should be in this

Meditation Benefits~ Mind Solutions

Meditation is one of the oldest traditions in the world. Ancient civilisations and Buddhists and Africans were meditation thousands of years ago as a collective way to improve the whole of life, not just for themselves but for everyone else too.

Today in the 21st Century, meditation has taken on many modern forms. A lot of people see it as solitary, but looking back in history we can see that although you meditate alone it was not done to advance yourself to an affluent position, rather to become a better person. There are literally thousands of online resources about meditation and hundreds of meditation classes across England and Wales. A new found culture of people looking to improve their mood, to become better people, to experience some variety of enlightenment.

I am going to talk through 5 essential benefits of meditation. I want to give you an idea of how this is going to have a positive influence in your life. Sometimes things get hard or stressful, sometimes you become depressed or anxious. Other times you just want to improve yourself and feel more connected to God or the Universe. I understand. I’ve managed to use meditation to assist me before and am currently using a meditation that works for me. There are many types available, guided meditation or Samatha – calmness of the mind – are examples. Meditation can be as simple as mindfulness. You can practice meditation morning or night. I had the luxury of practicing in the garden at the weekend under a harvest moon and then in the dawn of sunrise. Both give a tranquil experience and help greatly in quietening any intrusive thoughts.

Buddhist Meditation

The above is a Buddhist position for meditation. It is used when engaging the Samatha meditation. To read a little more about how meditation affected individuals check out this link.

Benefits of Meditation!

  1. Calm Mind – There is no doubt in my mind that meditation in fact leads to a calm mind. The whole point of meditation is to calm the mind and to become better in tune with your body. At its core, you need a calm mind to meditate! Without the experience of meditation you may find your mind to be full of ‘clutter’ or ‘noise’. The noise or intrusive thoughts might be a fleeting thing, or it may plague you. Meditation over time will allow you to develop such a strong calmness that even after meditation, your mind will be clear from thoughts. Remember, thoughts come and go and they cannot harm us.
  2. Improve Depression and Anxiety – If you are sad or anxious you may be thinking about the past or the future. Depression can be improved through meditation, because you are not to be thinking of the bad things or to be thinking at all. It takes time, but simply being in the moment either alone or in a group, meditating, can be enough to help shift your depressed thinking to a higher level. Anxiety will naturally decrease as you learn to visualise other things, you stop focusing on the anxious events or things and then you forget about it. For those with pain, meditation can help shift you away from it and to more focused on your breathing for example, or the position of your feet, or simply that energy that comes from silence within.
  3. Ability to Cope – As a result of the above two, a calmer mind and reduced or improved depression and anxiety, you will thus have a significantly better chance of coping. The way you cope can be positive or negative, is can help or destroy you. Turning your struggles into a state of meditation and in turn, having a clearer mind and a stronger outcome or more certain decision you will see an improvement. Having a hard day and cannot get through? Wait… you can and that surprised you. You wonder why. Then you accept that for the last week you meditated everyday and actually it turns out it helped you through the present. Meditation can help those assisting others, we may be better in tune with our intuition and better able to help those in need. It will allow us to know instinctively what our own bodies need too.
  4. Connected to the Universe – It seems out there does it? The reality is that everything is connected, and there is no truth higher than that. You will be making a conscious effort to quieten the mind and in turn the body and soul will develop at first a low level feeling of connectivity. As you continue you may become warm after meditation and feel like you are never alone. You are simply connecting to the universe and God, and everything in it. You won’t feel alone as much. I certainly noticed this improvement after just 2 weeks of mindfulness meditation!
  5. Better Life Quality – Ultimately all of the above will improve your quality of life, or it should do. If you don’t feel like any of the above is happening, you might need to carry on for longer in your sessions, or perhaps you have not done it long enough? Everyone wants to feel better. Sometimes inner peace can bring us closer to that feeling of happiness or content. You might want a better life through being able to better understand how the world works, and maybe meditation is doing that for you? You have nothing to stop for, and everything to gain. There is no better quality of life than a clear mind.

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

Lao Tzu
Amethyst crystal to hold during meditation

Holding a crystal during meditation can help better focus on your aims. If you are looking to heal you could hold Amethyst (pictured above). Rose quartz can be used where you want to heal the heart. There is so many choices when it comes to healing crystals. Always treat your body with respect and the crystals because they can be powerful things.

*Never substitute real medical advice with alternative practices where the medical advice is going to save your life. Only ever use alternative practices like crystal healing and meditation where it is safe and where it is a complimentary addition to any potential real medication or treatment. Always check with an experienced practitioner if you are unsure whether it is safe to do so.*

Thank you for reading and I hope that you give meditation a try! Namaste.

Song of Hope, the Song of Joy

This is the song of hope and joy

fatal slipping through

carcass and abyss

surrounded by evil beings

not to be point

but to be pointed at

repentance and sin

brutally washing away





come along

join the fun

a broken mind that sees disaster

all of the bad people


you pray for them

be well

taking forces on that cannot care

will not

wither in your ways

live life in the way

sunrise and sunny days.

Autumnal Blues

Blues is good. Jazz? Even better in Autumn.

The autumnal leaves that create a golden orange hue along the cracked pavements of English suburbs.

Photo by Timea Kadar on

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  1. Persistent low mood
  2. Loss of pleasure or interest in normal everyday activities
  3. Irritability
  4. Feelings of despair, guilt or worthlessness
  5. Feeling lethargic, and sleepy during the day?
  6. Sleeping for longer than normal and finding it hard to get up in the morning
  7. Craving carbohydrates (or anything) with potential weight gain?

It’s called seasonal affective disorder. It starts to become noticeable around the beginning of autumn, more so when the days become shorter and colder.

The above symptoms seem a bit extreme. You might just feel run down, not feel like doing some stuff, spending day on sofa or bed and not getting dressed. I don’t know why weight gain is on the list. You might eat more when it gets colder and this is probably more of a biological need in preparation for winter than anything. Feeling ‘low’ can also cause you not to have an appetite. I experience the sleep issues more in autumn and winter. I have a tendency to sleep on the sofa in these months. Not all the time of course, but when I find myself brining my blanket to the sofa at night to watch tv, I know that something is starting to happen and I am getting ready for winter.

My tips for maintaining mental health and fostering personal welfare include:

a. Keep warm

Wrap up warm at night. Wearing adequate clothing in the day, including hats and gloves. Keep that house or apartment warm by turning the heating on. Don’t be afraid to wear socks in bed, nobody cares.

b. Eat what you ******* want

Yeah. Eating more can make you feel better. If you are hungry then eat. It’s cold outside and you want to feel better by indulging in hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken and fries. Good. Maybe you just want to make yourself a hot chocolate with some cinnamon?

c. Enjoy your time inside!

Yes you may sleep more and stay inside more often, but it’s autumn, cold and getting to be near 0 Celsius! It is expected that in cold weather you will stay inside the home more, and that in the autumn and winter seasons you may spend most of your time inside. Use that to create a routine and enjoy the little things! Read, write, paint, watch tv (there is an endless source of entertainment available!) play games, video games, cook, exercise, work, study, blog, take photos… endless.

It wouldn’t be a full circle without this ending.

Das Leben ist das, was du daraus machst, ja?


Today I saw the sky from my living room window

Today I saw the clouds from my living room window

I, however, could not see a point in living… so I gave up.

Cold meat give me my strength back.

Oh, wicked cold meat

You are so dastardly to eat

I cannot comprehend such a feat.

Dear my house cleaner



Now I feel like killing people

That is what my client said

My psychologist

The local bar

Price for a day to heaven

Two pounds.


I miss you,
I am here still,
the world spins,
to the dreams of the dead.

A broken sound,
your black eyes,
there is no road,
we are still here. 

My baby royal python Ruby. A normal 100% het albino. Less than a year old. I hope to produce some albinos royal pythons in a few years.

I am tempted to start a page dedicated to my royal pythons. If I start the page it would be a photo journey of the snakes as they grow and of my current breeding project. Loving the snakes, they are very happy and healthy, exception would be my bumblebee ball python who has some retained eye caps at the moment.


It's a lockdown,
a cock down,
a cock up,
inside and sinside,
all the women,
paid with fools gold,
driven away by my greedy soul,
trapped in this box,
now called home,
given too much to live for,
and yet letting it go,

I'm a bachelor,
living it large,
can't handle your voice,
rather sit in remorse,
drinking that fine liquor,
seeing my games,
thinking about life,
and wasting away.


Black and closed,

sacked and dosed,

racked and morose,

drained and close,

supine and disposed,

desperately healing without a healer,

no stick sword to tackle the blackness,

an empty picture frame stuck in a box,

locked in that closet for all you forgot,

despair the night turns to day,

yet I am so far away,