Lock Noir

Mr. Jules entered through the rear door of the small diner and maneuvered with ease around the lifeless countertops, sliding into a pale blue booth. Morning dew spread like wildfire across the concrete jungle outside and he waited as still as a rock in that café. His eyes set on the clock to his right – eight in the morning. A few more minutes and his target- one Albert Rochell – would come strolling in with a thick eared grin.

That wouldn’t last. Mr. Jules had a job, an assignment to complete. He reached into his long black coat and withdrew the black colt pistol, placing it cautiously on the table as to not make a sound. His figure hidden in the black shadows of the booths corner. His fixated gaze dwindled, and his iron lungs rose slow, like flowers growing in the field. Suddenly, the diner door clinked to life, the bell above rang out and in strolled… one Albert.

Mr. Jules retrieved the pistol from the table as quick as a deadly viper and shot three times at the man. The first bullet pounced across his face, barely scraping his chin and giving Albert enough time to glance his way. The second bullet, seemingly swirling around the man’s ears and the third straight through his chest. He’d never missed a shot in his life. Albert was keen though, agile, and he moved forward to the counter, dropping his jacket and hyperlight lunging across the top and into the kitchen area. Mr. Jules had no choice but to pursue. He jumped up out of the booth, slid across the diner floor and hobbled around the countertops.

Albert, the sorry bastard, was nowhere to be seen. The kitchen cold, lifeless. The drops of blood had even disappeared. Mr. Jules heard a click, span fifty degrees to his right to see Albert wielding a double barrel shotgun. Mr. Jules went to shoot but as he lifted his arm Albert squeezed the trigger and a buckshot rang out splattering through his chest, sending his ragdoll body into the cookers and pantry.

“Good mornin’,” Albert whistled, as he placed the shotgun down and began to prepare for the day ahead.

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