Sometimes you kick a stone against a rock

sometimes you begin to just...drop

there's a crow coming along...with flock

knock, knock

fetted behemoth lock

how you shine your dusty cobwebs off

crown and gown and say aloud



dynasty days

my weeping flower

drifting away



the sacred mountain.

Trust no one

Not one soul built the land,
but a gang,
that built all of our land,
and that hand,
the hand of our nemesis,
the renegades,
they wither,
slumped in dark holes,
hiding their malicious goals,
so trust nobody,
they lie through their eyes,
they see al they want to see,
being a bee,
for they,
are alone.


No matter how small you get I'll find you,
no matter where you hide, I'll reveal you,
where I see a light your life will be light,
merging currents transcending the seas,
pulling me all the thee,
a harsher punishment is awaiting you both,
charged with love and seeking the truth,
there is a narrow passage, 
through which no key can pass,
until you brace yourselves,
for the eternal blast. 


7 days of pain,
every night and every day,
worth slipping away in a thousand ways,
slipped into the seas,
dropped out of my mind,
couldn't find what I was looking for inside. 

The seven wounds of the knife,
the seven seas of the times,
7 days to live out your life,
forget about all the strife.

Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune,
not bothered by what you do,
by what you say,
I say, forget the 7 wonders,
the 7 hours,
of your ways,
give up those fiscal wounds, hear my cries,
try not to deny,
any existence,
the perfect resistance,
of your life.


"Can't go on, to face another day."
"I never said it was easy."
"So, we'll be together?"
The sun rises.
"That's all that matters."

Your cold stare,
I'm scared,
we're all in this together,
until the end.

Phrygian dominant, 
too many notes to hit,
too many to concieve,
guitar peeve.

"Fantasize me until you die."
"You know I'd never give you up."
Day breaks, cold wind.
"I'll never let you give me up."

Time for a desert roll,
sinking fast,
hidden city,
remnants of Atlantis,
poorly condescending wriggle worm...

"Try to escape my grasp, I could hold onto you for eternity."
"Can't slow down, loosing my grip on your cairn."
"Loosing my patience."
"Love eternal."

Shady patches covet the fields,
ground opens to the stars,
ancient secrets pouring out,
look out,
it may cause a drought!

Wait, this fantasy,
delusioned experience of mine,
a wizard of my time,
trying to turn around,
to let go of you,
all of your days chasing after me,


She struggled to find happiness in her life. She wouldn’t leave her home for weeks at a time, and when she did, she’d walk alone. Her life hit a wall, and she took a step back, faced herself in the mirror, and braced for change. She took a leap of faith, not to let fear rule her life.

She is anonymous> labelled X. X has been changing for a month, and in that month she has made a lot of connections, and met new friends. She’s had my help the entire time, she has been leaning on God for the courage to change and to do it her way.

She sits at the window and quietly thinks,
"Oh, what a life I am missing out on!"
No amount of television,
no amount of cursed days inside,
she has to get out of her own way,
the birds in the trees,
the jasper on the iron,
she sees the light.

Her hand guided by fate,
her heart torn by withering faith,
past the gate, a thousand pains,
leads the way,
out of the stone,
into the sea,
a droplet of water to you or me.

Eyes in the sky, to you or I.
an out of body experience, to thy,
her humble journey of self resentment,
our noble ambition to help her find her way.

At first, the lights are too bright,
at first, she is tempted not to start this fight,
alas, the fear has passed,
she's merely setting foot on the grass,
now she focuses on the day long passed,
as she faces the moon of the light of her candle bright.

Figure: "Fear, fear is a tool, not to be messed with."
She: "I have no courage, to change the day."
Guide: "Surely, as the sun rises in the sky, 
it must set again, leaving us in darkness. 
Surely, as the night meets the day, the sun will rise once again."

Let those reptilian thoughts melt into a pool of regrets,
get every single one out of that magical head,
decide not to live in mirage of dread,
your life is just beginning.

Guide: "Whatever awaits the end of this dark and lonesome path, 
will surely have you coming back. Your heart is a thousand soldiers marching through battle, likely you'll feel heavy metal.
"The journey is done, all the evil is gone. 
A sad day, a rainy night, no more cold lights inside your mind. 
You cease the day to embrace the moment, you see it through to the bitter end, coming at every sunrise...back once again."

A heart so cold, turned to gold,
your closed cabinet, open book,
a tainted thought turned into gemstone,
a twisted mind forced to look inside,
with each beaded sweat...
with each falling heartbeat...
every drop of blood...
every lonesome soul...
each pervaded goal...
each and every gasped breath...
your struggling steps...
the sunset...
the nightfall...
a coined tilted all heads...
once barely able to get out of bed...
every bitter end...
latched onto a better way...



Valley hidden deep outside the bubble of society,
beyond my reach and out of sight,
out of your mind, you seem to discover a surprise.

It hertz, because it burns,
but you see the flower through all your hurt,
into the honeycomb maze,
crystallized spaces,
our secretive pagan races.

Plants guide the way, they've know it long enough,
taunted along the back wood,
hunched path,
a thud with each step.

Sun is glorious today,
showing me the way, 
as it slithers through broken branches,
catching the birds and bees,
off guard.

Vibrate with me,
get on my frequency,
you belong in my Valley.  

This Life ~ Grand Finale

This life, a curse so beautiful,
A handful of roses,
Whirling seas of fortune,
The end currents of time,
Your hopelessly surreal soul,
A crying new-born,
Elephant tusk on wall,
Earth globe seen from afar,
Tears running down your cheeks,
Falling off your feet,
This beautiful life.
As I breathe life into you,
Full blooming fields,
Rain through sunlight,
Night burn day,
Your hand on your heart,
Do it your way.
Each breathe a stone,
Cast to the seas,
Please let the suffering benign.
As I slowly drift away,
My mind latches onto the hallway, of memories,
Slipping passioned existence into the river,
As I lay dying.
Nothing to be frightened,
Was a mere dream,
Illusionary fantasy,
Waking from that slumber,
Crashing waves,
Screeching crows,
Watch it all go,
To the river.
This life,
A life so fragile,
A gifted surprise.
Hellish torment,
Nothing left to say,
They’ll never truly change their ways,
In this life.
Your life, my nightmare,
Seen the seeds planted deep from birth,
Grown adolescence,
Pained youth,
Traumatically boring life…
Passive existence,
In this life.
Even if you watch the sun rise over the mountains,
Or the moon dwindle behind cold lanterns,
You’ll never truly know,
This life,
This lie,
A weeping sorrowful existence,
Pained for you and I.
In this life,
This fight which seems to take all night,
Leaving you with nothing,
No ambition or delight,
Just a sagging wrinkled foresight.
Is this the end of heartache?
Is the way we seal our fate?
When darkness falls.
Grow old with dignity,
In this life,
Frail bones are scattered cosmic remains,
Remains of a day to be seen.
This fire burns, and embers rise…
Hold onto that light,
Your light so, so bright,
It could cast all the demons from your life,
Let the right one inside,
Take stead, look around,
Wake up in bed,
In this life.

“Insert inspirational quote,” she says.
“This Life.”
Resume transmission,
Temporary mission,
Through space and time,
Your heart becoming more kind,
Battling the entwined faith,
In your soul.
A turquoise ember,
Spilt sorrow on your chest,
An empty regret.
And who could of thought that all that existed,
And all that you felt and enjoyed,
All that will be and all that ever was…
Was just passing by.
Lucky to taste the salt air,
Lucky to feel the skin,
Lucky to hear the cries,
Fortunate enough to embrace the tides,
Crushing waves of yesterdays…mistakes.
Look up and spot the sun,
Absolutely fortunate enough to have done,
No amount of time can take that away,
No amount of disease or hurt can take that love from your life,
No amount of anger can make things…right.
This life,
Sorrowful existence,
Passioned existence,
Trillions of lightyears toward the blackhole,
Millions of light words towards your soul.
Open up and chase your dream,
Doesn’t really matter what it all means,
Because this life so faint,
Fleeting and merely spiralling out of control,
Is all you will ever know.
He holds her hands. “This life so beautiful, your face the glow of an angel.”
She reciprocates. “Your heart so courageous, strong enough to carry on.”
Day is winding down,
Setting sun,
Burned fun,
Left out…to dry.
Can’t keep running from,
Thousands of miles a day,
Looking in the mirror,
I’m calling it a day.
Thanks for reading. It is my hope that we can make something very unique, but it needs the help of all you fantastic readers.
I would like you to contribute some words about life toward this poem. I will post those comments below the writing. It is my aim to collage a lot of life perspectives to make this a grand finale piece.